March 22 2005

March 22 2005
October 26, 2005 Ann Weiser Cornell

This weekly email newsletter is offered to support your Focusing process. Focusing is a way of listening more deeply to yourself. It’s an inner relationship… a nurturing and supportive one. Let’s care for that relationship.

Tips for Focusing Alone

We talked last week about bringing the qualities of Focusing partnership into your time of Focusing Alone. I’ve identified three main qualities that we receive from partnership:
The Quality of Containment
The Quality of Staying on Track
The Quality of Friendly Acceptance
If we can find methods and processes that support these three qualities, then we can enhance our Focusing Alone.

Next week, more on the Quality of Containment…

Tips for Focusing with a Partner

If your Focusing partner is a friend, or someone you’re getting to know (and that pretty much covers all the bases!), it can be tricky to move into Focusing from the friendly chatting. I’ve known people who spent the whole partnership time just talking! Could that be a part of us that’s reluctant to get into the Focusing? Of course it could!

The good news is that all it takes is for one person to say, “How about if we start the Focusing?” Once you’ve decided who’s going first, you can formalize your move into Focusing time by having the Companion start with the three questions. They are:
How is this distance between us? (or on the phone: Are you sitting comfortably? Can you hear me OK?)
How many minutes signal would you like before the end?
What would you like from me as your Companion? This makes a clear distinction between the “friend” time and the Focusing time


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