“I’m not getting any messages from this part…”

“I’m not getting any messages from this part…”
September 6, 2017 Ann Weiser Cornell
Not getting any images or sense of story.

Tip #575 – They say your inner “felt sense” has meaning and is supposed to tell you something… but what if it doesn’t?

A Reader writes:

Doing an exercise about a block to action, I invited the part that was blocking me, and got a bit lost. The invited part was present as subtle movements in my head and neck and some sensations of a pressure or presence externally in the same area. There were brief expressions of grief (I think), but no images or sense of story. I am none the wiser and not at all sure that this was in any way connected with the block.

Dear Reader:

It sounds like the invited part needs to get a bit stronger and more clearly there before anything else can happen.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. It might need to be invited in a stronger way. Not just asking it to come, but actually picturing yourself doing – or starting to do – the action that is blocked. This usually brings up more strongly the part that doesn’t want to do it.
  2. The part that doesn’t want to do the action might be hiding from you because it is expecting that when it shows up it will be judged or criticized by another part of you. You might check if you have become subtly identified with this other part… and say Hello to it.

However, having said that, to have subtle movements in your head and neck, and a sense of a pressure or presence in the same area… sounds good!

My guess is that it needs for you to take longer – a lot longer – just being with it and forming a relationship with it… before more will come.

People who watch demonstrations of Focusing are often surprised at how much time and patience some parts of us need.


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