Other People: Relationships as a Source of Change


Relationships as a Source of Change


Even our most difficult relationships can become our teachers.

Relationships of all kinds — partners, kids, parents, colleagues, friends — can be sources of discovery and healing — even the tough ones.

In this Advanced Focusing course, let us show you how…

Discover How You Can:

  • Start with how it “should have been” – finding out what your body knows about being welcomed, held safely, and nurtured by other people
  • Learn how other people’s feelings and expectations about us – from envy to criticism – can be used as a treasure map to our own missing resources
  • Discover how our  feelings about other people – from admiring to disliking – can become a springboard to contacting our own needs and strengths
  • Practice a process of awareness in the presence of other people that allows us to have good boundaries with an open heart
  • and more!

People loved this course last year. Working with these evocative topics can really wake up your Focusing!

Class size is limited to 30

 At A Glance


For those looking to understand how relationships (romantic, platonic, familial) can be rich sources of personal discovery, growth, and transformation.


Explore how our interactions with other people can show us our most stuck and exiled places. This is a ten-week course with partnerships to engage with this important issue, using Focusing. The emphasis in on how your relationships with other people can illuminate your own emotional healing journey. Full Course Description


Live Online Course – join us from anywhere in the world!


Other people can be the worst and the best for us. Other people may have shamed us, abandoned us, rejected us, criticized us or worse… and we carry the scars from that.
Other people can also inspire us, awaken us, nurture us, collaborate with us, play with us. Let’s open the door to more of those kind of relationships!

Course Information

About the Course

We are not alone. Everything we feel and do is with and in the context of other people. Other people are our mirrors – they show us ourselves, including our stuck and exiled places. Even our most difficult relationships can become our teachers. Not only our intimate partnerships but also parents, children, friends, employers and employees, clients and colleagues – all can be sources of discovery, growth, and transformation. Amazingly, as we change, so do the relationships and the other people.

What’s Included

  • Great new handouts!
  • Ten, two-hour meetings for a total of 20 hours of class time.
  • Focusing partnership in between class meetings to practice skills and exercises taught in class.
  • Access to digital recordings of every class so you’ll be able to download them and listen to anything you want to hear again.
  • A private web page where you can access homework, recordings, and other important class information from any web browser.
  • Email and/or phone support.

About the Teacher

Ann Weiser Cornell:

Ann Main Headshot Crop

Ann Weiser Cornell, author of Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change, The Power of Focusing, and The Radical Acceptance of Everything, has devoted her life to helping people learn Focusing easily. Ann learned Focusing from its originator, Eugene Gendlin, in 1972, and worked closely with him for years. Today Ann is internationally recognized as one of the leading innovators and theoreticians of Focusing. She has taught Focusing in twenty countries, and her Focusing books and manuals have been translated into eleven other languages.

What People Are Saying

  • Martin Whelan
    "I came to Other People hoping to gain a better understanding of my responses and reactions to others. I've tried mindful communication, and NVC (non-violent communication). While they were helpful, they didn't unpack the real why of my reaction patterns. Other People helped me come into relationship with something inside that was looking for my attention. It also showed me how to communicate with and listen to my own experiences of joy and pain. In the very first class, we allowed ourselves to experience what might have been missing in our interactions with others. Now, I am able to come into relationship with and unpack/understand the various reactions I experience. I'd certainly do the course again in the future. It's everything I wished for and it gave me so many other perspectives for navigating the path of life. If the only line I remember from the course is, “...sense what the something is worried will happen to me if the other continues with their behavior,” it was worth the financial investment. Such a rich course. I highly recommend."
  • Jennie St. Clair

    Jennie St. Clair photo"I came to Other People feeling very busy and tense inside. I wanted to become more myself AND to be present and supportive of the intrinsic want of others to also be themselves. I've tried other modalities of personal growth, but they've never quite touched the level of deep listening and being heard the way that Focusing does. Over the ten weeks we worked together, Other People enabled the group to build a deep sense of safe connection and that facilitated some beautifully vulnerable moments in the group. It was an amazing experience. Now, I have a widening viewpoint of others. I'm better able to recognize when my perspective is narrowed or I am identified with pointing the finger at someone else."

  • Laura Dickinson
    “There was so much rich material in Ann's Focusing class about Other People. I was grateful to be invited to look at my expectations about how other people see me, to look at how that had developed, and to use Focusing to bring access to shifting these expectations now that, as you might guess but parts of me didn't know, I'm not actually a child anymore. Of course there was so much in the class. There was the chance to practice with real and present other people, not just the partial ones that live in my parts' imaginations. There was safety for the youngest parts to live again, to hear what would have been right to hear.”
  • Dave Potter
    DavePotter"I'm GREATLY enjoying the course!  The material, and the experiences, have been very useful, even profound, for me.  The very first exercise, when you had us recall a time when we were young and when our bodies were ready "to be cared for and delighted in...", when our bodies KNEW that would be right, and that our bodies could show us what it would feel like to be welcomed, and your body was ready for "bigger people to help handle and contain" fear, sadness, anger, etc" ---  was deep for me.  My focusing had gotten sort of perfunctory, often working on little things because I wasn't encountering any significant road bumps, but this process really connected me with my growing up years and there was a significant shift and a healing, not to mention a much greater understanding of growing up in my family.  Thank you SO much for taking the time with us to articulate and share these learnings with us."

Upcoming Courses and Registration

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Additional Information

How Online Courses Work

We use Zoom, an online video conference platform, to connect you to other students and the teacher. Before the class starts you will receive a Zoom link to use each time the class meets. You can join us via your camera-equipped computer, tablet, or smart phone. Prefer not to be on video? You can turn off your camera. Don’t want to call via computer? You can call in by phone. Zoom is free and easy to use. You will be able to sign on in advance to make sure you can access it, but we’ve had very few problems with it. Students also receive access to a private webpage where course materials can be found.


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Continuing Education Credit & Course Completion Certificate

Course meets the qualifications for 20 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Focusing Resources, CAMFT Approved CE Provider #62524

Focusing Resources is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs. Focusing Resources maintains responsibility for this course and its content.

There is a $25 administrative fee for CE units. Course completion certificates are awarded at the end of the course upon completion of all requirements and the course evaluation. (If you don’t want CE units but would like a completion certificate, the $25 fee does still apply.)

Eligibility for CE units requires at least 80% live attendance. Missed classes must be made up.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Up to 14 days before the first day of class:

We will refund your course fee less a $35 cancellation fee. You can waive the cancellation fee by applying the entire course fee towards a future class with us.

Cancellations received 13 days or fewer before class begins: No refund.

When Something Doesn't Go As You'd Hoped...

We are always open to discussing experiences with our courses that didn’t work for you or didn’t go the way you expected. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to email your course instructor, the staff member in charge of your course, or Ann Weiser Cornell. Email addresses for all these people will be supplied on registration. We will work with you to find a way to meet your needs.



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