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Manage Your Urge to Indulge

Embrace Yourself for Who You Are

Release Creative Blocks

Working Through Chronic Pain

Tame Your Inner Critics

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Working Through Anxiety


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In this first seminar on Focusing in Daily Life, I cover how to use fast, “first-aid” Focusing at the times when you feel overtaken by anxiety in the midst of life. You’ll come away with powerful and practical moves you can use immediately to feel more at ease, more balanced, more clear.

Finding the Gift in Anger without Losing Your Head


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Wouldn’t it be great if we could channel our anger into effectiveness without dissolving into overwhelm and feelings of powerlessness? In this seminar, I will show you how to use Focusing when your anger flares up and when your despair knocks you down, to shift from powerlessness to empowerment, and from inner suffering to inner strength.

Reaching Across Differences


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In this seminar, I offer some ideas about how to use Focusing when you want (or need) to have conversations with people who have different values and different assumptions from you. I was be joined by some people who have experience in this area, and I was truly inspired by what they shared. You’ll come away with more hope and more possibilities for life-changing dialogue.

The Urge to Indulge with Ann Weiser Cornell

The Urge to Indulge


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“Why did I eat that cookie?” “Why did I take that third glass of wine?” “Why did I stay online so long and get to bed so late?”

In this seminar on Focusing in Daily Life, I will show you how to move into a new relationship with the part of you that reaches for the cookie and the part of you that makes you feel bad for doing it. You’ll come away with powerful and practical moves you can use immediately to give yourself genuine care and soothing instead of getting carried away by old habits.

Proudly Imperfect

Proudly Imperfect


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Do you beat yourself up for making tiny mistakes? Are you on a constant quest to be perfect?

What if we don’t have to actually be perfect? What if we could just embrace the fact that we make mistakes. That sometimes we’re too tired to go to the gym or cook an amazingly healthy meal. Maybe we accidentally reply-all in a work email and embarrass ourselves or we space out and miss a date with a friend. It happens. Life happens.

In this online seminar, you’ll discover new ways to shift the part of you that demands perfection.

Being Alone

All By Yourself – Dealing Positively with Being Alone


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Do you have a vague feeling that you’re less worthy because you’re alone?

I’ve been getting societal messages ever since I was a child that there is something odd and unfortunate about people who are alone. Whether being alone is by choice or involuntary, the way we’re perceived by others can have an impact on our own mood and self-perception.

In this online seminar, you’ll discover how to deal with those messages and the related feelings in positive ways.

Obsessive Thoughts

Get It Out of My Head – Obsessive Thoughts and How to Change Them


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Why do obsessive thoughts take hold of us, and why is it so hard to replace them with more positive messages? Why do we keep going around and around with these intrusive ideas?

In this seminar, you’ll discover the surprising reason why trying to replace your negative thoughts with something more positive usually doesn’t work very well. And practice what does work instead.

Focusing and money

Healing Your Relationship with Money


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Does any topic evoke more anxiety and shame than money? Anxiety… because it feels like our very survival may be at stake. Shame… because we are supposed to “have it all together” around money.

In this 90-minute webinar, I’ll help you process the feelings about money that come up in the midst of daily life. I’ll also show you how to create safe conversations about money with the other people in your life. When our feelings about money can change, everything can change.

The busy trap

The Busy Trap


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“Busy” isn’t just a temporary state any more.

For too many of us, it has become a semi-permanent condition… over which we have no control. “Busy” seems to be shorthand for “so overwhelmed I’m unable to give attention to anything except what’s right in front of me… and sometimes not even that.”

In this 90-minute webinar, I‘ll show you how to turn toward the feeling of “busy” and explore what it means and what it really needs. As a result, you’ll feel like daily life has more space in it, even without new time management techniques!

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