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Published since 1984… six times a year… with short practical articles to support using Focusing in your life. Subscribe to receive your copies digitally, as downloadable PDFs…it’s easy and eco-friendly!

Our subscribers have learned about such interesting topics as:

  • Focusing and Dreams
  • Focusing with Children
  • The Inner Focusing Partner
  • Touch and Focusing
  • Focusing with Anger
  • Focusing and Meditation
  • Focusing and Writing
  • Focusing and Pain/Physical Symptoms
  • and much more!

Additional Information

Editor and Publisher

Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD is the editor and publisher.
The Focusing Connection has a stellar editorial board of Focusing teachers from eight countries.

Sample Articles

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Also in the Newsletter:

  • news of classes and workshops
  • notices from free Focusing groups
  • reviews of books, CDs, and videos about Focusing
  • letters discussing views and controversies of Focusing
  • and more!

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The newsletter is no longer in print. Back issues can be ordered here.

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