The Focusing & Thinking Series with Eugene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell

The Focusing and Thinking Series is a series of phone seminars that explore the implications of Gene Gendlin’s Philosophy of the Implicit and the Focusing process to a broad range of topics including relationships, creativity, social change, psychotherapy, dreams, and thinking.

These courses present the wealth of wisdom that Gene has to offer on a variety of fascinating topics. His long-time student, Ann, is along for the ride to offer her own insights and to help shed light on Gene’s more complex thoughts. They began offering these courses in 2010. A number of them are now available as MP3 downloads. More will be released in the coming years.

What People Are Saying...

  • “I don’t think I have ever experienced that kind of really deep agendaless listening.”

    Joan Hitlin
  • “Hearing Gene for the first time in ten years was a treat – he displayed his usual talent for welcoming everything and then taking it farther. Having him paired with Ann, who brings not only her extensive experience of teaching Focusing, but her gift for a process that’s both personal and effective, seems ideal. Ann’s facilitation was masterful, managing time and the mechanics of participation well, elaborating where she felt it was needed. Gene showed both his almost impish joy in living and his pointed and discerning mind when it comes to Focusing – a wonderful teaching combination.”

    Dick Ridington

Courses with Ann and Gene

If you’d like to purchase one of our past courses, have a look at our course history below. We’ve turned a number of these courses into products. Order one now and enjoy the ability to listen to the rich content again and again, from the comfort of your own home, any time you want.

Past Courses


Unfolding the More:
From Being Stuck to Finding New Possibilities – January 2014

This course with Gene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell was about how we can find new possibilities for life moving forward at the very places we are now stuck.

For each of some specific ways of being stuck, we have specific processes that we shared. We demonstrated how to go from the experience of being stuck to a place where we can freshly feel the whole of our situation. Just at that spot is where the stuck can open and develop further. Being with this is implicitly already a new way of living forward. Further steps can arise from there.

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There Will Be A Way:
How to Get the Positive Implying to Come (While Not Squashing Doubts and Fears) – September 2013

Every stuck situation has an implying of steps toward solutions… but the negative implications of what has already happened can crowd out the positive implying. We can make a separate space for the positive implying to come, and still keep a space for recognizing the doubts, fears, and tough circumstances. In this course, Gene and Ann used examples, experiences, and demonstrations to show how to let the positive implying come freshly in your body (and how to help another person do so as well).

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ButterflyGeneReading A Process Model
with Gene Gendlin – May 2013

In this course, we read and discussed Gene’s book, A Process Model. A Process Model both demonstrates and creates concepts for a whole different kind of thinking where there is development and emergence of what was not yet formed into conceptual structure, without the sacrifice of the existing conceptual structure. Each week, Gene worked with one of the course participants to better illustrate how the concepts discussed interrelate with what emerges within us.

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ZigZagGeneSmallThe Zigzag Between Concepts and Felt Sense: How Philosophy and Focusing Carry Us Forward – January 2013

In going from concepts to felt sense, and from felt sense to new concepts, each carries the other forward. Concepts make distinctions and bring clear understanding, which brings us something more. The felt sense of this brings more as well. When there is a zigzag between concepts and felt sense, new possibilities emerge. In this phone seminar based on Gene Gendlin’s latest version of his philosophical model, we discussed eye-opening ideas and worked with personal problems.

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New Ways
New Ways to go Forward
with Focusing – November 2012

Our bodies are always implying life moving forward. But sometimes we feel stuck – it’s hard to take action – we can’t decide what to do or we don’t know how to do it. Focusing should help us toward a flowing kind of action. But how? In this course, we explored four interrelated specific new ways in which Focusing can carry life forward, using recently developed practices. These are exciting new twists on the usual ways of approaching decisions, actions, therapy, meditation… and they can get us moving and expanding.

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Dreams and the Life-Forward Direction – September 2012

This course was about the philosophical basis of working with dreams, and why working with dreams can bring life change that can be immediately experienced. A dream is what Gendlin calls an “unfinished object.” It is not over and finished, it is in a real way alive and wanting to be carried further by our interaction with it. Every dream brings help and every dream is made from the body’s life-forward direction. This seminar will emphasized finding the help and the life-forward direction, especially in dreams that the dreamer doesn’t like.

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How the New Can Come:
In Philosophy, and in Practices Like Therapy and Art – May 2012

Art doesn’t work unless something new actually comes. Neither does philosophy. Neither does therapy. In this course we explored this question: How does one make a space where something new can come? We visited thinking (philosophy and concept creation), art, and therapy as examples, in addition to many other areas where the new is needed.

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Philosophy, Focusing, & Changing the World – March 2012

This course is for anyone who wants to engage with the challenging fact that our mainstream social institutions don’t yet match what we know about what human beings actually are. Eugene Gendlin brings insights from Focusing and the Philosophy of the Implicit to bear on an understanding of societal change, offering a hopeful yet incisive analysis of economics, finance, government, and more.

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Philosophy, Focusing, & Dreams – January 2012

A course for anyone who wants to discover the richness in dreams. Even dreams that seem only negative turn out to have gifts of forward life energy waiting to be tapped into, using the methods taught in this seminar. Starting with how to remember dreams if you usually don’t, this seminar takes the listener through a way of approaching dreams that includes getting the “help” first rather that going first to the “charged” part of the dream. Methods for “bias control” help the dreamer not bring habitual life patterns to the dreamwork process.

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On Relating – In & Out of Therapy – September 2011

A course for anyone who wants to explore different ways of relating with other people. We discuss each topic first in therapy settings and then in the more complex realm of close personal relationships. So many difficulties in relationship occur when we express feelings with trust and honesty, yet the other person feels hurt or angry, withdraws or attacks. Just as we can’t survive without air and food, we also can’t develop as persons unless we interact and are interacted with, from the very start.

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Focusing, Psychotherapy & The Implicit – May 2011

This was a course to support psychotherapists and other healing professionals in being with their clients in a Focusing-oriented way. Among the topics covered: being a peaceful therapist (one who knows how to move the process forward, effective ways to help a client move past being stuck, what to do about clients who seem unwilling to go into body awareness, and how to listen for and support the life-forward energy in the client’s process.

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Sitting with Gene at his Leading Edge – March 2011

This course was a close reading of Gendlin’s 2012 paper “Implicit Precision.” The course and the resulting CD set are well suited for anyone interested in seeing our world as having living process at its center, a world we belong in and which we participate in re-making. “Implicit Precision” is a key article in Gendlin’s recent work, that both builds on and goes beyond A Process Model. It’s an exciting and hopeful vision of interconnectedness and wholeness, with fresh creative possibilities arising from who and what we are at every moment.

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Why Focusing Works, and What Else We Need – January/February 2011

This course explored five topics that especially relate to what makes Focusing work and what Focusing needs to be even more effective: What’s REALLY Different about Focusing? (Hint: It isn’t the body…); Is Focusing Enough? – Part One, Relating; Is Focusing Enough? – Part Two, Action; Focusing and _________: How to Combine Focusing with Anything Else; and A Focusing View of Neuroscience.

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How Focusing Engages What Matters – October 2010

This was the first course with Gene and Ann co-presenting. Each week, they discussed a different angle on the applications of Focusing in order to give the listeners an integrated picture of the whole Focusing approach. Some of the topics covered include: How is Focusing going for you? Are there places where you get stuck, get only so far and no further? What can you do when you feel overwhelmed or under “critic attack”? Why is it so challenging to live intimately with another person?
Why is it that we can listen to a client easily but not so easily to our nearest and dearest? What dreams bring, that Focusing doesn’t bring… and how Focusing with dreams allows the dream to carry forward. And more!

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About Gene and Ann

Gene Gendlin:
genegendlin-for-workshopEugene T. Gendlin received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Chicago and taught there from 1963 to 1995. He is internationally recognized as a major American philosopher and psychologist.  He has been honored four times by the American Psychological Association. He co-founded the Psychotherapy Division of the American Psychological Association and received the APA’s first Distinguished Professional Psychologist award in 1970. His book, Focusing, has sold over 500,000 copies and is in seventeen languages. His other books include Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams, Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, A Process Model and Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning. He’s also a warm brilliant man who lights up a room with the quality of his listening.
Ann Weiser Cornell:
Ann Weiser CornellAnn Weiser Cornell was getting her PhD in Linguistics at the University of Chicago when she met and studied with Eugene Gendlin, starting in 1972.  In 1980, Gene invited Ann to assist with his Focusing workshops. This started her on a path to become a Focusing teacher, and in 1990, Ann became the first person to support herself full-time as a Focusing teacher.  Today Ann is internationally recognized as one of the leading innovators and theoreticians of Focusing. She is the author of The Power of Focusing, The Radical Acceptance of Everything and Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change.



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