Lucinda Hayden

Lucinda Hayden


Lucinda Hayden is a gifted, warm teacher who inspires and connects in order to bring out the life-forward direction in each of her students.  She has been working closely with Ann Weiser Cornell for many years, first as a student, then as an assistant, and finally as a trusted colleague.

Lucinda was the first teacher that Ann invited to join her when she started expanding her team at Focusing Resources in 2008.  She currently teaches Levels 1 and 2, “The Power of Wanting” (an advanced Focusing course about how our dearest dreams can become our largest life), and now Tango & Focusing: Presence in Motion, which brings the embodied component to Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF).  In addition to her tele-courses with Focusing Resources, Lucinda has taught IRF internationally: in Argentina, Uruguay,  and Switzerland.

Lucinda did her double undergraduate studies in Cultural Anthropology/Psychology and Literature/French at the University of California at Santa Cruz, including study at the Sorbonne in Paris.  She holds a Master’s degree in Teaching from California State University at San Francisco, where she taught English, ESL and Writing for seven years.

In 1988, she started a private practice as a hypnotherapist, incorporating Focusing in 1999, into a program that she had already developed: Inner Golf (a program to master the mental game of golf that generated significant media interest including numerous articles in newspapers and magazines as well as television and radio interviews) and then later as she got interested in fitness and nutrition, she developed Lighter You (a program to help women improve their health and fitness using Focusing to find ways of eating and moving that fit for them).  Simultaneously, she taught yoga and Pilates classes at the YMCA and was also a Personal Fitness Trainer there for 10 years.  Her signature class that she created blending yoga/Pilates and Focusing was one of the most popular classes that the Y offered during her time there.

Lucinda has co-authored a research paper for the Mayo Clinic for a project she helped design, “Inner Relationship Focusing Increases Medical Student Self-Confidence in Clinical Interpersonal Skills: A Pilot Study.”  For this project,  Lucinda mentored a Professor and his colleague at the Mayo Clinic in learning Focusing and who then assisted her in teaching Focusing to a group of medical students in 2010.

Lucinda’s passion is helping people grow a relationship of unconditional love, support and friendship with themselves which allows all the ‘somethings’ inside to begin to contribute their energy in positive, life-enhancing ways.

Lucinda lives in San Francisco, and also has a charming cottage retreat in Joshua Tree, in the High Desert near Palm Springs, CA.  She loves dancing Argentine Tango, sailing on San Francisco Bay and traveling the world, practicing the languages she is studying.