Marcella Calabi

Marcella Calabi


Marcella Calabi helps people find their voice and live from it.

As a teacher, Marcella is dedicated to being clear, empathic, and adaptable to each person’s needs. Her experience is many-sided, braiding together several strands of what it means to have a voice:

Marcella began singing classical music as a child. At Harvard, she studied with Luise Vosgerchian who showed her how music-making is a manifestation of the whole person, mind, body, and soul. She went on to obtain graduate degrees in Music Theory and Voice and to perform oratorio and chamber music, including collaboration with composers and several world premieres.

She began teaching voice at Vassar in 1987 but soon turned to private coaching for both singing and speaking. Her clients attest that freeing their voice can be a life-altering way to overcome fear and achieve self-actualization and self-expression.

In 1998 Marcella created a practice called Clarityworks, consulting in decision-making, negotiation and conflict resolution. She took Roger Fisher’s program at the Harvard Negotiation Project and courses at the NYC Bar Association (Mediation) and Columbia (Social Psychology, Decision Science). She was a contract mediator for the U.S. EEOC and played a role in resolving numerous public and private disputes. However, she prefers helping individuals make decisions and interact successfully with their families, colleagues and neighbors, the people who matter to them most.

For Marcella, Focusing is the best way she has ever encountered to bring forth and engage with the inner voices that influence all our choices and to learn empathic listening which – almost ironically – is key to having an authentic and effective voice in the world. She certified with Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara in 2013 and has also taken courses with Robert Lee, Evelyn Pross, and Karen Whalen.