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As these uncertain times continue to challenge us in unprecedented ways, our need for connection and emotional support is greater than ever.

This is a 30-minute free webinar (with Ann Weiser Cornell) with warm, positive tips for emotional self-care no matter what you’re going through.

Our hope is that you’ll leave the webinar with a greater sense of resilience and some relief from the stressful feelings you might be having. And that you’ll know you are not alone.


Once a month we create a lovely oasis
where your feelings are welcome and you are not alone.

Get help navigating the challenges in your life…

All of us had our world turned upside down a few years ago. And it’s not back to “normal” yet—if it ever will be. It seems that these days people are more stressed and exhausted than ever. One thing is for sure, we are in times of unprecedented change and that can be a hard place to be.

I’m always looking for ways I can help you navigate the changes and challenges in your life. And I realized the best gift I can give is something to help you tap back into your sense of calm. Because even with all that’s going on these days, it is possible to be in touch with a calm place inside.

As a calmer, more balanced person, you can make the best possible decisions for yourself and the ones you love.


Our 2024 Webinar Dates

Each 30 minute webinar begins at 8:30 am Pacific time:

May 15
We’re skipping June
July 17
August 21
September 18
October 16
November 20
December 11

*And if you can’t join me live, sign up anyway to receive recordings of each webinar.

Together let’s explore practical skills that’ll help you access your greatest inner resources: resilience and calm.


Our Mission, Our Vision

The mission of Focusing Resources is to meaningfully contribute to personal, community, and global emotional health, with the understanding that positive emotional health impacts how fairly we treat each other, how well and quickly we recover from stress and trauma, and how wisely and collaboratively we meet the serious challenges we are all facing.