Does it feel like you’ve been searching forever for
something that really works to bring change to your life?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a process for change that really works, that
you can learn, that you can have with you every day?

You can! Let us help you get started.

Learn this process by phone or in-person, by audio set, by book, or with individual sessions. Read on to find out more.


Your most difficult emotions do not have to rule your life.

Being with your emotions, rather than being your emotions, allows them to change.

Your feelings – even your most challenging feelings – no longer have to be the enemy inside. 

We have several free* mini-classes by phone that can help you start to make the inner shift from emotion wars to a wider perspective.

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Focusing is a way of tapping into your vast emotional intelligence through the messages of your body. With Focusing, you return to a source of knowing that’s always belonged to you. Focusing gives you access to your inner compass, where you know the right direction for your life. Focusing works because life naturally wants to move forward and find new possibilities. Sometimes we get stuck because we get cut off from that natural life forward energy.

You learn Focusing for yourself – as a process you can use any time you need it, in stressful times, in challenging relationships, to transform frozen patterns and beliefs, for emotional and physical healing, any time.

Focusing is simple, natural, and in a way also revolutionary – because you are learning to trust your own inner knowing instead of relying on other people’s opinions.

Hear about Focusing from Ann Weiser Cornell in this 3 minute video.


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