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Focusing Resources – Inner Relationship Focusing

Quiet Your Mind

Calm Your Emotions

Move Forward Effectively

You might be feeling triggered all the time…

That makes so much sense given the challenges we’re all facing these days. Triggers are hard and can take over your day.

But you don’t have to be hijacked by your emotions. There is another way…

Find out how to come back to calm quickly, even when stuff really hits the fan.

With our programs, you’ll:

  • Stop losing hours being stuck in difficult feelings
  • Know exactly how to slow down and get present
  • Communicate better with the people around you
Start Your SHIFT with Our On-Demand Course

You Can Create More Calm in Your Life…

Get Calmer

Learn How to Pause Before You React

Say goodbye to feeling guilty for losing it or pulling away when you experience stressful emotions.

Develop a Skill that will Change Your Life

You’ll have simple steps to use anywhere, any time you need to come back to center.

Become the Calmest Person You Know

Because when you’re calm, you’re clear. You, communicate well, feel better, and you know what to do next… We think that’s priceless.

Imagine being able to listen more empathically, to yourself and others, in a way that creates real conditions for change…


Start Your SHIFT with Our On-Demand Course

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If you experience emotional stress, you can benefit from Focusing.

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Presence Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell

Presence: A Guide to Transforming Your Most Challenging Emotions
by Ann Weiser Cornell

Difficult Emotions Don’t Have to Rule Your Life.

Presence can help if you’ve suffered through shame, anger, depression, self-criticism, relationship issues, fleeing from happiness, or even had a hard time taking action in your life.

The practical, compassionate insights in this book are roadmaps to help you feel calmer, clearer, and happier.

Get Help With Your Challenging Emotions Here

Picture This:

Being able to take a breath when you first feel the impulse to yell so you can respond calmly instead.

Going home at the end of the workday feeling happy about how you communicated with colleagues during a difficult meeting.

Your relationships are thriving because you’ve learned how to listen in a way that fosters genuine connection.

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