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Focusing Resources – Inner Relationship Focusing

Learn a Skill That Can Profoundly Change Your Life

In SHIFT, a 6-week online course, you’ll get a powerful awareness practice to:

Cultivate More Self-Awareness

Stop trying to “fix” yourself. Pause. Listen to your body.

Embrace Yourself Just as You Are

Improve your relationships, reduce stress, and navigate tough decisions with greater ease.

Live an Extraordinary, Fulfilling Life

Ignite powerful change in your life. Become the person you’ve always had the potential to be.

Get the Power to Change

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Life is too short to be stuck in confusion and self-doubt.

Get the clarity and self-acceptance you need to move forward.

Find your inner calm.

When you’re calm, it’s easier to stay centered and open to what’s right for you. Get the skills to find serenity in times of stress.

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Hi! I’m Ann Weiser Cornell.

I know what it’s like to be confused and unclear, to have so many voices coming in from the outside that I just can’t find my own. I also know what it’s like to be so out of touch with myself that it was easier to tell how another person was feeling than to know my own feelings.

Then I learned Focusing and finally had a way of knowing, of checking, what was really right for me. I also learned how to work with and release old emotional patterns that held me back from living my life.

Through the practice of Focusing, I discovered that our bodies are always ready to give us guidance. It’s the times in my life when I’ve ignored the whispers from my body that I’ve gotten into trouble. When I’ve stayed in touch with that deep body knowing, I’ve been able to make courageous choices that took my life to new levels. I want that kind of confidence and clarity for you too.”





What IS Focusing?

Struggling with Specific Issues?

Sometimes you already know you want help with a specific life issue like the Urge to Indulge, Healing Your Relationship with Money, Obsessive Thoughts, and more.

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