Focusing and Self-Acceptance

Inner Relationship Focusing & Self-Acceptance

Here’s a look at what becomes possible with Inner Relationship Focusing.

Being human is complicated. You might feel like you’re constantly juggling who you want to be with other’s expectations. That inner battle can do a number on how you feel about yourself, which can lead to a lot of self-judgment, doubt, and anxiety.

Inner Relationship Focusing offers a way to not get so caught up in uncomfortable feelings. At its simplest, IRF encourages us to approach ALL of our parts and feelings (even the uncomfortable ones) with kindness and curiosity, not with fear, judgment, or criticism. This approach allows our parts and feelings to speak, and to shift.

And this might sound impossible, but this radical acceptance of all you is absolutely possible. If you’re struggling, this page offers a number of resources that can help you foster more self-acceptance.

Embracing what you feel is the beginning of a radically different life. Inner Relationship Focusing shows you the practices and processes you can use to accept everything you feel, even the tough stuff.

Courses to Help With Self-Acceptance

Keep Calm & Carry On? Doesn’t Work, Does It?

It absolutely doesn’t work to try to stuff our feelings and impose calm. “Get over it.” “Think lovely thoughts.” All those positive thinking methods share the same problem: they ignore what is so.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to be calm and cool…no matter what’s going on? The secret is to get bigger.

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The Urge to Indulge

Live, Online Course

A course for changing behaviors around the urge to indulge without evoking shame or inner critics so you can have a more peaceful, empowered life.


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Self-in-Presence…and Parts

7-Module Interactive Video Course + Community

Nourish your ability to be resilient and calm no matter what life throws at you. Even when you get triggered, you can get bigger than your stressful feelings with the practices in this course.


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Loving the unlovable

Loving the Unlovable:
Transforming Shame and Self-Blame

3-Module Interactive Video Course + Community

If you suffer from shame or lack of self-love, even occasionally, this course can help you shift how you view (and how much you appreciate) the most “unlovable” parts of yourself.


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Interactive Video-based Training + Online Community

This program will teach you the Inner Relationship Focusing process and how to apply it to your daily life. Learn how to pause and get a larger sense of what’s happening in the moment, bring acceptance to the things you experience throughout your day (feelings, thoughts, etc), and apply the process of Focusing to inner critics, decisions, releasing blocks, and more.

Available at your convenience as soon as you register, from anywhere you can connect to the internet.


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Your Path to Lasting Change

Your Path to Lasting Change

9 – 18 week Live, Online Inner Relationship Focusing Training Program
Taught 3 times per year

Are you looking for a long-term solution that really works to bring you self-acceptance, greater happiness, clarity, and freedom from suffering? With our in-depth training program, you’ll come away with a self-directed process to support you in any part of your life: your relationships, your career, your community, and beyond.

After this course, you’ll be eligible for our advanced trainings, including our Certification program and Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin’s groundbreaking Untangling® work.

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Articles, Tips, and Videos About Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion

Tips to help with Increasing Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance

6 benefits of self acceptance

Six Benefits of Self-Acceptance

What is self-acceptance, really? And how do you get more of it?

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loving the unlovable

Have you ever felt unlovable?

Ann’s journey to self-acceptance, plus an exercise for you so you can feel a bit of self acceptance for yourself.

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You do not need to accept every outer circumstance in your life.

Accepting Everything You Find Within

The entire spectrum of your emotions, experiences, and thoughts can be welcomed…by you.

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It's hard for me to have radical acceptance for myself

Focusing Tip #583 – “There is often an internal struggle in me where one part is saying ‘OK, we have to have radical acceptance of all parts of us…’.”

If you struggle with a radical acceptance in that another part that simply wants to “fix” the parts that are in pain, here’s a tip for you.

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Focusing Tip #653 – “Is there more I can do other than accepting my vulnerability?”

Focusing Tip #653 – “Is there more I can do other than accepting my vulnerability?”

After you get better at changing how you respond when you are triggered, is there more you can do? Read on…

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What can we do to turn around self-hatred so that we love ourselves instead? Read on...

Focusing Tip #662 – Teaching someone to love themselves

What can we do to turn self-hatred to self-love instead? Read on…

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your inner bully

How to Stop Being Bullied – by Yourself

No, you don’t have to keep putting up with being bullied by yourself.

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How can you change negative beliefs about yourself?

Focusing Tip #598 – If you have a negative core belief about yourself, how can you change it?

If you struggle with feelings like “something in me believes I don’t know anything” or “something in me believes I have nothing to say,” how do you go about changing them?

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Focusing Tip #810 - "This part seems to hate me"

Focusing Tip #810 – “This part seems to hate me”

What can you do if a part of you attacks you viciously for making a mistake? Read on…

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Focusing Tip #746 – “Why do things change just because you give them attention?”

Ever wonder why simple awareness can bring profound change? Read on…

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Get free from what's holding you back

Focusing Tip #574 – “Even though I get hopeless and impatient I do enjoy being compassionate with myself.”

Wondering how long it takes to start experiencing more self-acceptance?

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“I am still engaging in self sabotage and still feel horrible about myself and hopeless.”

Focusing Tip #812 – “I’m still engaging in self-sabotage”

What if understanding that your parts are protecting you hasn’t helped you change? Read on…

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