50 Benefits of Focusing

“By learning Focusing, you’ll better be able to _________.”

  1. Know what your ‘gut’ is telling you
  2. Make decisions that fit you
  3. Trust yourself
  4. Be gentle with yourself
  5. Get in the flow
  6. Get past blocks
  7. Honor what you want even if you don’t know how to get it
  8. Hang out with the unknown
  9. Have the knowing that you can’t articulate easily
  10.  Tap your true creativity
  11.  Speak from your genuine self
  12.  Move past inner conflict
  13.  Find the treasure in inner conflict
  14.  Find the gift in your symptoms
  15.  Get off the beaten track
  16.  Forge new trails
  17.  Resolve physical pain
  18.  Be brilliant
  19.  Be yourself
  20.  Get past shame, embarrassment, guilt
  21.  Feel peaceful
  22.  Be really helpful to your friends in crisis
  23.  Wake up to the subtle cues
  24.  Transform your inner critic completely
  25.  Radically accept everything in yourself
  26.  Fully inhabit your wise body
  27.  Listen to your kids—outer and inner
  28.  Stop addictions without forcing yourself
  29.  Resolve trauma
  30.  Have good boundaries
  31.  Know that you are process not problem
  32.  Heal more quickly from illness and injury
  33.  Get connected to what is
  34.  Listen to yourself
  35.  Have your feelings
  36.  … but your feelings don’t have you
  37.  Be really free of the old stuff
  38.  Tune in
  39.  Be undepressed
  40.  Be undistracted
  41.  Be unanxious
  42.  Sense what your body really wants to eat
  43.  Fall asleep more easily
  44.  Give a calm steady presence to your own feelings
  45.  Live your own life
  46.  Break out of the mold
  47.  Dare to be yourself and love it
  48.  Be exuberant and calm at the same time
  49.  Let life knock your socks off
  50.  Love who you are