21 Days to Healthier Boundaries On-Demand Course

21 Days to Healthier Boundaries On-Demand Course

21 Days to Healthier Boundaries On-Demand Course


21-day on-demand video course
previously called Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Life
Cost: $97 for unlimited, lifetime access to the online course
Plus access to our online forum

Also available: ebook version of the course: 21 Days to Healthier Boundaries
Special price: $11 (normally $21)
Same content as the on-demand course provided as a beautiful/downloadable PDF

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The 21 Practices

  • The most important boundary to set first
  • Your right to honor your own needs
  • Setting boundaries without anger, blaming, excuses, or apologies
  • Being aware, in the moment, that there is a boundaries issue
  • Saying no without fear of being abandoned and alone
  • Saying yes (and no)
  • Creating time and space for your own self
  • The question of how much to share (personal info, etc)
  • How healthy boundaries help us connect well with others
  • The hardest person to set a boundary with
  • When wanting people to like you stops you from setting boundaries
  • Saying no (and yes) without feeling guilty or selfish
  • Standing your ground when the other person is angry or critical
  • When your trauma history is involved
  • Separating the other person’s feelings from your own
  • How introverts can set boundaries
  • When people are intrusive
  • Setting boundaries with yourself
  • How to lovingly connect without giving up on your needs
  • Experiencing yourself as a separate being from others
  • Clear communicating that takes the other into account

Hear From Happy Students…

“My biggest challenge before the Healthy Boundaries course was knowing that my needs matter as much as the needs of others and that left me feeling ugh–frustrated. I got some really great tips for setting boundaries and realized that people want to know what we need and what our boundaries are (I’m still working on taking that in!). Ann is amazing and wise and I LOVE the practices!”
~Annie Mahon

“After the Healthy Boundaries course, I can maintain needed boundaries and I have tools to work with the parts of myself that are still inclined to give in to requests I’d rather not comply with. One of the best things about the course are the experiential exercises that help you develop your ability to state your boundaries firmly and compassionately.”
~Charles F. Herr, Ph.D.

“Taking this course is one of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself. Before the course, I didn’t know how to set boundaries. Now, I’m more aware of who I am, what my needs are, and that I have a right to have my needs met…just as much as anyone else. I’m more at peace and confident in my choices and in my interactions with others. This course opened up so much for me.”
~Micheline G.