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At Focusing Resources, we believe that every person deserves greater self acceptance, better emotional balance, and more satisfying relationships.

We believe that learning Focusing will bring you skills that will vastly improve your quality of life.

We believe that if everyone were to learn this simple skill, the world would be a calmer, clearer, better place, so we’ve made learning Focusing possible for those anywhere, anytime, and in any economic situation.

What is Focusing?

Lighthouse-Get-StartedFocusing is a way of tapping into your vast emotional intelligence through the messages of your body. With Focusing, you return to a source of knowing that has always belonged to you. Focusing gives you direct access to your own inner compass, where you know the right direction for your life. Focusing works because life naturally wants to move forward and find new possibilities. Sometimes we get stuck because we get cut off from that natural life forward energy.

You learn Focusing for yourself – as a process you can use any time you need it, in stressful times, in challenging relationships, to transform frozen patterns and beliefs, for emotional and physical healing, any time.

Focusing is simple, natural, and in a way also revolutionary – because you are learning to trust your own inner knowing instead of relying on other people’s opinions.

Can Focusing Help Me?

Help-Me-Get-StartedFocusing can be used to address a wide array of issues. Is this you? When we feel upset and agitated, we typically turn to our intellect to solve the problem. This works well… until it doesn’t. Life’s toughest problems, especially those involving emotions and other people, can’t be solved this way. Do you feel stuck? Like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked? It’s not that there’s something wrong with you, it’s that the way our culture is set up leaves us cut off from our bodies, a powerful source of wisdom. If you suffered traumatic experiences or come from a dysfunctional family, that makes it even harder to stay in touch with yourself.

With Focusing, you bypass the intellectualization and go directly to where you have a deep body-knowing about the situation. What is this body-knowing?  It is the internal wisdom which we tend to ignore. Our bodies are able to sum up a whole situation into a special kind of experience called a felt sense. Felt senses are fresh; they look ahead; they are about what’s needed. When you learn Focusing, you learn how to get felt senses, be with them, and listen. From there, your whole life can change.

3 Things That Set Focusing Apart


It’s research based.

Focusing has been linked in over 50 research studies with positive outcomes in therapy.

Typical outcomes from Focusing include greater emotional regulation, more satisfying relationships, and increased self acceptance. 


Listening is the key.

In this noisy world where everything is constantly vying for attention, people learn to tune out to survive. Focusing helps you tune back into the most important thing – You! Not only do you become more attuned to yourself, but you get to work with someone who is right there with you deeply listening to your every word.


You’re the expert.

As the person doing Focusing, YOU are the expert. We believe that you know YOU the best. That’s why, with Focusing, you don’t need an expert. Many other methods require a practitioner to facilitate, but not Focusing! Focusing empowers YOU to make your own choices and get in touch with your own truth.

Focusing was discovered in the late 1950s when Professor Eugene Gendlin of the University of Chicago researched the question: “Why is psychotherapy helpful for some people, but not others?”

Gendlin and his colleagues studied recordings of hundreds of therapy sessions and made a fascinating and important discovery: successful therapy clients were able to do something more than worry about the future or react to the past. They could pause and pay attention to what was happening in the present moment, in their bodies, in response to the problem at hand. Sometimes in ways that words could not easily convey. Gendlin called this a “felt sense,” and developed the method he called “Focusing” so that anyone could learn this profound way of experiencing breakthroughs in whatever has been holding them back.

Focusing allows you to get past what has been making you stuck, using the body-mind’s inherent ability to heal and live forward into new possibilities. Inner Relationship Focusing is a further development of Focusing created over many years of work by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin.

Would You Like to Move Forward?


Focusing can be difficult to learn on your own. Ann was one of many who benefited from the help of Focusing teachers, groups, and partners. Her experience led her to set up the Focusing Training Program. It’s the most affordable, efficient, and effective way to teach you how to use Focusing in every situation where you need it.

We offer courses online and in person. Find out when our next class starts and get on your way to learning Focusing!

Take a Course


In a one-to-one session, you are guided through Focusing. You don’t have to know the process. We take you through it, with respectful and compassionate suggestions. You can expect to feel deeply understood, with your concerns and your goals at the center of the work.

It’s possible that just one session can bring relief and insight. We offer sessions at every price range, from free (with a trainee) to $185 (with Ann Weiser Cornell).

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Perhaps you prefer to explore at your own pace. Do you like to learn by reading? By listening? Would you like to stay in touch through our famous newsletter?

Whatever your purpose, we have a book, CD set, or video for you. Our products are based on over 20 years of experience helping all kinds of people learn Focusing. If you’re just getting started, know that our books are easy to read, practical, and accessible for those at any stage of their Focusing journey.

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How Focusing Has Helped Others

  • “I do use focusing daily and this has helped me be much less reactive and “big” enough to hold my emotions and fears. Just the simple expression of “Something in me feels afraid” and “hello” provides me with the self-acceptance to move forward to the next thing. I notice that I haven’t used xanax at all in the last few months. It feels really good to be able to help myself through the anxiety. I am so grateful for this tool of focusing.”

    Susan Graves, Delaware
  • David Battistella

    What I am discovering is that checking in, asking the body, can have a great effect in finding a path that is completely correct for me. It also means I consult my body on simple things like food choices. Pause and reflect on how to structure and restructure my day as it unfolds, listen when I need to relax for a mere five minutes.  Breathe before an important phone call. Connect to people on a deeper level when we are engaged. Be in contact with that unique thing that is me while respecting an honoring that everything “out there” has its own unique qualities. These are just some of the ways I have brought focusing into the experience of my life.

    David Battistella, Italy
  • Jane Treuhold, New York, NY

    Focusing has changed my life! Now I am able to navigate the highs and lows of everyday living …. especially of course the lows. I am able to put into perspective those feelings that would taken me over, recognizing them as coming from parts (or somethings in me) that want to be heard and acknowledged. In that process, I can almost always find my sense of self, or felt sense, of a positive being with a purpose. That’s how powerful the Focusing process has become for me.

    Jane Treuhold, New York