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Your Path to Lasting Change

Your Path to Lasting Change

9 – 18 week Live, Online IRF Training Program
Live Weekly Webinars, Partnership Exercises, + Online Community

Are you looking for a long-term solution that really works to bring greater happiness, clarity, and freedom from suffering? With our in-depth training program, you’ll come away with a process to support you in any part of your life: your relationships, your career, your community, and beyond.

After this course, you’ll be eligible for our advanced trainings, including our Certification program and Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin’s groundbreaking Untangling® work.

Our next program starts in October

$947.00$1,797.00 | Payment Plans Available


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Helps with: stress | overwhelming feelings | emotional overwhelm | inner critic | tuning in to your body’s wisdom | increasing self-compassion | Focusing partnership




Interactive Video-based Training + Online Community

This program will teach you the Focusing process and how to apply it to your daily life.

In SHIFT, you step into Ann’s video classroom where she takes you through learning Focusing in simple steps. You learn how to pause and get a larger sense of what’s happening in the moment, bring acceptance to the things you experience throughout your day (feelings, thoughts, etc), and apply the process of Focusing to decisions, releasing blocks, inner critics, and more.

Available at your convenience as soon as you register, from anywhere you can connect to the internet.


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Helps with: stress overwhelming feelings | making decisions blocks to action inner critic


Learning Focusing Audio Set

Learning Focusing Audio Set

2-Part Downloadable Audio Course

With this audio set, you’ll have a process that helps you listen in a Focusing way so that your stuck emotions and thoughts start to loosen their grip with less effort on your part.


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Helps with: stress overwhelming feelings

Looking for Help with a Specific Issue?

We have courses that will help you with a number of different issues you might be facing – from dealing with loss and change to help with developing healthier boundaries.

(These buttons will take people to separate pages. Live online courses include Path, Demo, Getting Free, Cert. On-Demand includes all on-demand, FiDL, and Audio courses. Books + manuals – pretty self explanatory)

What is Inner Relationship Focusing, anyway?

Focusing is an awareness process – something you do internally – that is based on the idea that a certain kind of body sense called a “felt sense” can help us discover and follow the best next steps of our life.