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Cultivating Happiness

Awakening the Essential Self

The Great Matter


Living From Your Inner Voice

The Power of Wanting


Listen in as Ann discusses a number of Focusing-related topics, from working with Action Blocks, to working with pain and other physical issues, to working with clients in a therapeutic environment.


Get Clear and Move Forward with Focusing

Get Clear and Move Forward with Focusing Remarkably, it’s in the very places where we feel uneasy and unclear that we can find the energy and wisdom to move forward. This introductory seminar includes a guided Focusing exercise that has been described as “transformational.”

Focusing and Action Blocks

Focusing and Action Blocks “I want to get that done… why don’t I?” Why do we spin our wheels and get nowhere? You know you can do it – so what’s stopping you? Find out how Focusing lets you be gentle to all the aspects of yourself so that the blocked system can release.

Focusing with Decisions

Focusing with Decisions Are you facing some tough decisions? Find out how Focusing can help with decisions by letting you honor all the sides of the decision without getting bogged down or stuck.

Using the Focusing Method to Manage Pain and Overwhelming Emotions

Chronic pain is hard enough on the body, but then it gets compounded with the emotional turmoil that comes from living with pain. Life can become a real struggle.

The experience of living with physical pain can bring with it a whole messy list of challenging emotions. Anxiety. Guilt. Shame. Sadness. Grief. Despair. Fear. Disbelief. Anger. Just to name a few. It can be hard to know what to do when these emotions come up, right? That’s where Focusing can help.

Listen to the full Painiac Podcast with Ann Weiser Cornell & Shelly Jackson. Discover how the practice of Focusing can help you manage the overwhelming emotions and strong physical sensations of pain that disrupt your overall sense of well-being, and your ability to live life with ease.

Soothing Restful Sleep

Sleep can be a challenge for many people. Here’s a 17-minute recording designed to help in those moments where anxiety, restlessness, and a host of other thoughts or emotions might be interfering with your ability to fall asleep…

Soothing Restful Sleep by Ann Weiser Cornell

The Power of Empathy and Focusing

Empathy can move mountains. The power of empathy to open a space where something new can happen is enormously impressive. Empathy (and Focusing) can change the world!

Click here to see an interview with Ann Weiser Cornell and Edwin Rutsch as they discuss the Power of Empathy & Focusing.

To read a transcript of the interview, click here.

Focusing through the Holidays

Focusing Through the Holidays Holidays are meant for celebration and the reality is that, for many of us, they bring about a mixture of delightful and challenging feelings. Being with family can be joyful and complicated. Buying gifts is a pleasure and maybe a place that evokes some “will I get the right thing?” anxiety too. Getting everyone together is fun and hectic. And Focusing can help with all that.

If you need a little boost to help you move through the holidays, listen in to this very special one-hour call recording where Ann shares her best tips for Focusing throughout the holiday season.

Get Bigger Than What's Bugging You

Get Bigger Than What’s Bugging You Five simple and powerful practices for getting calmer, getting smarter, getting bigger than your problems, taught by Ann Weiser Cornell and Lucinda Hayden in a one-hour phone course with guided exercises and lots of examples, for beginners and experienced Focusers alike.

The Great Matter: Finding Our Way with Death, Dying, and Grief

The Great Matter: Finding Our Way with Death, Dying and Grief Learn how Focusing can help you explore your attitudes, beliefs and wonderings about death; how to communicate with and support those at the end of life; and ways to get in touch with your own timing and process of grief using Focusing skills and practices.

Focusing and Pain (and Other Symptoms)

Focusing and Pain (and Other Symptoms) Focusing has gifts for people in pain, whether acute or chronic. If you’re enduring symptoms of any kind of illness or condition, Focusing is not a cure… but it can help you tap into your body’s resources for healing and relief.

Working with Clients Who Are Experiencing Traumatic States Like Overwhelm, Panic Attacks, or Anxiety with Ann Weiser Cornell & Glenn Fleisch

Working with Clients Who Are Experiencing Traumatic States Like Overwhelm, Panic Attacks, or Anxiety States of overwhelm (traumatic states) can arise at any point in therapy, from the very beginning to experiences that emerge once a therapeutic bond has been established. In this seminar you will learn seven specific ways to use Focusing to allow people to find relief from and healing in states of overwhelm such as anxiety, panic, and trauma.

Working with Clients Who Are Experiencing Depression or Lack of Affect with Ann Weiser Cornell & Glenn Fleisch

Working with Clients Who Are Experiencing Depression or Lack of Affect One of the most challenging situations for a therapist is when a client is disconnected from or unable to access their inner feeling life, or is experiencing a depressive state of low energy. In this seminar you will learn Focusing-based interventions for facilitating a client’s initial and deeper levels of contact with present experiencing, and ways that Focusing can help activate life-forward energy that seems to be missing or unavailable in depressive states.

A Chat with Ann Weiser Cornell at Future Primitive

Listen to a January 20, 2009 online audio interview of Ann Weiser Cornell hosted by Joanna Harcourt-Smith as part of her Gaialogues series at Future Primitive. Includes how Ann got started with Focusing, and what her work called “Inner Relationship Focusing” has added to Gendlin’s Focusing.

Next step: How about trying Focusing for yourself? Our One-to-One Sessions give you a way to experience a Focusing process applied to exactly what you are wanting to change or learn more about in yourself.

Our Free E-Course

Keep Calm & Carry On? Doesn’t Work, Does It?

I know this: it absolutely doesn’t work to try to stuff our feelings and impose calm. “Get over it.” “Think lovely thoughts.” All those positive thinking methods share the same problem: they ignore what is so. Wouldn’t you like to be able to be calm and cool…no matter what’s going on? The secret is to get bigger.

Ann Weiser Cornell has created a free e-course to help you Get Bigger Than What’s Bugging You. You can sign up below and start the course right away. What is an e-course? It’s a course that comes by email, and you read and practice each lesson at your own pace. One day later, the next lesson arrives. It’s also easy and free to pass this along to your friends and family.

Get Bigger Than What’s Bugging You


The following articles are available online for those interested in learning more about Focusing. The Library section is frequently updated with new material, so you may want to bookmark this page so you can easily return. This page shows articles in English. We also have articles in these languages:

Chinese (中文) German (Deutsch) Spanish (Español)

French (Français) Italian (Italiano) Dutch (Nederlands)

Norwegian (Norsk) Portuguese (Português)

The Seven Secrets to Getting Unblocked By Ann Weiser Cornell

Ten Ways to Use Focusing in Daily Life by Ann Weiser Cornell (PDF 520 KB)

Something New Here & Now: Breaking Free of the Habitual by Ann Weiser Cornell

Inner Relationship Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell & Barbara McGavin

Treasure Maps to the Soul by Barbara McGavin and Ann Weiser Cornell

What is the Difference Between Focusing and Therapy? by Ann Weiser Cornell

Inner Relationship Focusing: Strengthening Attachment and Interpersonal Neurobiological Integration by Carol J. Sutherland Nickerson, L.I.C.S.W., C.F.T.

Self-in-Presence: The Transformative Agent in Healing Chronic Pain (PDF 101kb) by Cathy Rowan

Fragile Process by Margaret Warner

Radical Gentleness: The Transformation of the Inner Critic by Ann Weiser Cornell

Focusing is Great! An article on using Focusing to help with Obsessive-Compulsive disorder by Lyman Griffin

Five Reasons Why Focusing is Not Better Known (Yet) by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD

The ‘Victim,’ the ‘Critic,’ and the Inner Relationship: Focusing with the Part that Wants to Die by Barbara McGavin

Three Key Aspects of Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell

Relationship = Distance + Connection: A Comparison of Inner Relationship Techniques to Finding Distance Techniques in Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD

When Your Felt Sense Speaks to You…What to Say Back by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD

The Radical Acceptance of Everything by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD

The Origins and Development of Inner Relationship Focusing By Ann Weiser Cornell

Right in Their Hands: How Gestures Imply the Body’s Next Steps By Glenn Fleisch

Thoughts on the Radical Acceptance of Everything: A New Perspective on the Nature of God, Evil, the Soul, and Human Existence by Laurence Letich

The Power of Listening by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD

Some Notes on Language by Ann Weiser Cornell

Questioning Questions by Ann Weiser Cornell

The Attitude of Not-Knowing by Ann Weiser Cornell

How to Tell If You’re Focusing by Ann Weiser Cornell

Focusing with Small Physical Ailments by Barbara McGavin

A Remarkable Focusing Session with Pain from Severe Physical Damage by Bev Stevenson

Safe Focusing with (Almost) Any Partner by Ann Weiser Cornell

How to Use Focusing to Release Blocks to Action by Ann Weiser Cornell

An Invitation to Presence by Ann Weiser Cornell (PDF 987KB) Focusing helps clients embrace their most feared emotions. From Psychotherapy Networker Nov/Dec 2005

An Earlier and (Perhaps) More Searching Focusing by Rob Foxcroft

Presence Meets Ego by Ann Weiser Cornell

Doubtful Mind, Wise Body by Ann Weiser Cornell

The Philosophy of the Implicit: An Introduction to the Work of Gene Gendlin by Rob Parker An articulate and exciting presentation of the fundamental philosophy behind how Focusing works.

Book Review: I Know I’m in There Somewhere: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice and Living a Life of Authenticity, by Helene Brenner with Laurence Letich NY: Gotham Books, Division of the Penguin Group, 2003. Reviewed by Ann Weiser Cornell

Book Review: The Radical Acceptance of Everything, by Ann Weiser Cornell and featuring Barbara McGavin: Calluna Press, 2005. Reviewed by John Keane

Completed Certification Projects

Embodied Growth: Inner Relationship Focusing and Human Development by Anders B. Asphaug (link opens in new tab). An article about how personal growth occurs and the ways Focusing can facilitate personal development.

Distant Process Focusers by Anne-Marie Lafortune (PDF). The main objective of the project is to explore the characteristics of distancing process and find the language and the gateways that can allow Distant Process focusers to be with felt senses and taste the gifts of life forward movements.

Being a Focusing Schoolteacher – The Role of the Implicit at School by Arno Katz (PDF) A high school teacher who is now a Focusing practitioner as well writes about how he brings a Focusing way of being into his classroom, and the implications of that for dealing with student complaints, evaluating and grading, solving conflicts, etc. He also tells about teaching Focusing to the other teachers at the school. And finally, how Focusing supports his self-care in a stressful environment. Written in a way that is personal, readable, and grounded in the body.

Inner Relationship Focusing and Embodied Awakening by Cielle Backstrom (PDF) A look at how Focusing integrates with a number of spiritual growth processes including: Waking Down in Mutuality; John Welwood’s Love and Awakening; shamanic energy healing; and the work of the Heart Math Institute.

Distinguishing Between Form and Function in the Focusing Process by Jill Drummond (PDF) A look at the essential functions of the Focusing process and the various forms of instruction used to teach them.

Tools for Teaching Disidentification: Some Exercises, Games, Metaphors, Humor by Marcella Calabi (PDF) This paper offers a collection of exercises and tools to help take a step back from the experience at hand and tap into a larger sense of self and the curiosity and empathy that self inhabits so that responses to emotional challenges can come from more grounded, present states.

Bringing Focusing to a Counselling Supervision Group by Paula Newman (PDF) Follow the experiences of a counselling supervision group as they integrate Focusing and bodily felt senses into the clinical aspects of group supervision over the course of an academic year.

A collection of great articles about Focusing from the British Focusing Teachers’ Association

An Introduction to Focusing by Susan Jordan
Touching the Source by Rob Foxcroft
Focusing and Buddhism by Margaret Hannah
Solo Focusing by Kay Hoffmann
Focusing is a way of Being-with by Greg Madison
Focusing with one ‘S’ by Jenny Brickett
How Strong is your Sense of Presence? by Jenny Brickett
Caring Feeling Presence by Kate Brightwell
Focusing as a Doorway for Spiritual Growth by Lesley Wilson and Addie van der Kooy
Focusing in Gaza by Jerry Conway
Practising Presence: Focusing, Buddhist Understanding and Core Process psychotherapy by Susan Jordan
Reflections on Being (Some Sort of) a ‘Focusing-Oriented’ Therapist by Peter Afford
Transforming our Inner Critics: the Power of Presence by Barbara McGavin
How To Think Like A Poet – And Make Better Decisions by Steve Silverton
Wholebody Focusing by Fiona Parr
The Ladybird Guide to Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning by Campbell Purton
The Ladybird Guide to A Process Model by Campbell Purton
Focusing in India by Campbell Purton


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