April 5 2005

April 5 2005
October 26, 2005 Ann Weiser Cornell

This weekly email newsletter is offered to support your Focusing process. Being in Presence with your own whole felt experience right now… that’s what’s real, and that’s the only place from which change can happen.

Tips for Focusing Alone

When Focusing Alone, it’s great to remember the feelings and qualities of Focusing with a partner, and find ways to give yourself those feelings and qualities. One way is to imagine an “Inner Focusing Partner.” Pick the person you’d most like to have as your Focusing partner for this issue, at this moment, and have them sit across from you. Speak out loud, as you would to a partner, and feel the accepting quality that holds whatever you say in Presence.

Tips for Focusing with a Partner

Take time… go slowly… the Focusing process involves a slowing down. Why? Because a felt sense needs time to form. It isn’t instant. It gathers and takes shape AFTER we bring awareness inside.

If you need to be silent for a while in your Focusing, let that be OK. Don’t worry about entertaining your partner! This is your time, and you can use it for silent attentiveness to something inside, if that’s what’s needed. You’ll see, when YOU are the partner, how spell-binding silence can be if you can FEEL that the Focuser is contacting something real!

By the way, if you need a Focusing partner, let me know, and I’ll forward you a list of the other people who have asked for one. Or visit the website of The Focusing Institute for their worldwide partnership matching program.


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