March 29 2005

March 29 2005
October 26, 2005 Ann Weiser Cornell

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Tips for Focusing Alone

We talked last week about enhancing the Quality of Containment in your Focusing alone. One method that I like is to do something that defines the space you’re sitting in, like you’re telling yourself, in a very physical way, “Here I am.” Remember how the presence of a partner, sitting across from you, helps to keep your awareness and your energy directed inward. That’s the effect you’re after. You can put a chair across from your chair, and then put something on the chair that reminds you of Focusing. Or if you’re sitting on the floor, you can place a scarf in a semi-circle in front of you, and place stones, shells, and other special objects in the circle. Lighting a candle is nice too!

Tips for Focusing with a Partner

Last week we mentioned the three questions that a partner asks before the Focusing session. What about that second question: “How much time signal would you like before the end of your session?” If you’re the Focuser, how do you know how much time to ask for?

People differ, but obviously you want to ask for enough time so that your ending process doesn’t feel rushed. That might also depend on the length of the whole session. A longer session might need a longer ending.

Barbara McGavin got me hooked on asking for TWO signals: “A five and a two.” When I hear the five minute signal, I can begin to be aware of stopping, and when I hear the two minute signal, I can actually start wrapping up.


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