Overwhelming Emotions | How to Feel Uncomfortable Feelings

Overwhelming Emotions | How to Feel Uncomfortable Feelings
October 17, 2023 Ann Weiser Cornell

The most powerful thing you can do for yourself when it’s hard to be with what you feel is to acknowledge how hard it really is…

Some feelings that are harder to be with than others.

Current events might be stirring up extreme fear, for example, or overwhelming sadness.

You already know one of the ways that I teach to have a calmer relationship with your emotional states: saying “Something in me feels…” Like, “Something in me feels angry… or Something in me feels upset.”

Yet, there are situations where pausing and saying, “Something in me feels…” doesn’t bring enough relief. What do you do then?

You can Practice the Power of Acknowledging:

Strong emotional states need more than just the usual way of helping. When it’s hard to be Present with something, it’s helpful to acknowledge just how hard it is.

Try saying, “I’m sensing how hard it is to be with this feeling right now…”

Acknowledging that it’s hard is a beautiful step toward self-compassion. It’s also the simplest thing you can do to help yourself come into Presence with something.

Although it might not seem like much to simply notice and acknowledge that it’s hard, it’s a surprisingly powerful thing to do. Acknowledging validates your inner experience without evaluating it. IT simply is and you are with IT.

When you do this, you’re building empathy and self-acceptance — skills make it easier to face life’s uncertainty and challenges with greater resilience and calm. That kind of inner change is priceless.

If you’d like more help working with challenging feelings, try our free e-course. Get Bigger Than What’s Bugging You and discover a kinder, more compassionate way to relate to yourself.


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