May 10 2005

May 10 2005
October 26, 2005 Ann Weiser Cornell

Focusing is deep listening, sinking into the present moment, how it is for you right now. There is a whole Universe in this here and now!

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Tips for Focusing Alone

When we move from the pace of daily life into a Focusing space, this is a shift in mode of attention. Usually, for most of us, daily life is fast-paced and our attention is pulled in many directions, while the Focusing process invites us to slow down and sense inwardly.

To facilitate this shift in attention, sometimes it helps to have mark off the Focusing mode in some way. Take time to find a comfortable spot, and then perhaps light a candle, while saying words like “This is my Focusing time. This is time just for me.”

Tips for Focusing with a Partner

Last week I talked about the importance of coming into Presence at the start of a session. What are some of the ways to do that when you’re Focusing with a partner?

One way is to start your session by sensing how your body is feeling good right now. I can almost always find enjoyable energy in my arms and legs, and the contact of my body on the chair, that sense of being supported. Even a little bit of feeling good in your body adds to Presence!


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