May 17 2005

May 17 2005
October 26, 2005 Ann Weiser Cornell

With Focusing, you are with yourself, aligned with how you are, in touch and in the moment. Where truth is.

Tips for Focusing Alone

At the beginning of the Focusing process, it is valuable to acknowledge everything that calls for your attention. Especially acknowledge whatever seems to be a distraction. If you’re Focusing in a noisy spot, struggling not to be distracted by traffic or construction or someone’s voice, acknowledge the distraction, as well as something in you that’s annoyed, irritated… by the noise. My own experience with this is that the noise seems to melt away!

Tips for Focusing with a Partner

Q: If you’re Focusing, how much do you need to say to your partner?

A: No more or less than what you need to say for your own process. Remember: you are not Focusing to entertain your partner! You don’t need to explain or orient them to the issue, or bring them along. If you’re doing that now, you may not be getting as deep as you could into your own inner contact. You COULD be silent for the whole session, if that’s what your process needs. OR you could talk for a while about an issue… but if you do, remember to slow down and check inside after a few sentences, to allow a felt sense to form… and then stay with it.


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