Ann Weiser Cornell’s Intro On-Demand Course

Are you ready to shift from being reactive to feeling calm?

Ann Weiser Cornell’s Introductory On-Demand Course

Are you ready to shift from being reactive to feeling calm?


SHIFT is a 6-module program to help you find your way to a calm, clear place, even when life seems to have other plans!  

It’s easy to feel frozen or reactive when your world is full of uncertainty. In SHIFT, you’ll learn a research-based process called Inner Relationship Focusing. IRF gives you practical, revolutionary skills to help you be calmer, have more clarity, and take the steps needed to move your life in the right direction for you.

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you learn to embrace calm even in the most challenging situations. And when you’re calm, you’re clear. You communicate well, feel better, and you know what to do next… We think that’s priceless.

We would love to help you, too.

Is SHIFT Right for You?

SHIFT is for people who want to transform their lives for the better.

  • Shift strong emotional states like anger, overwhelm, and shame
  • Make big (and small) decisions with more ease
  • Transform self-blame and inner criticism
  • Release blocks to action so you can move forward with your life

Is SHIFT Right for You?

SHIFT is for people who want to transform their lives for the better.

  • Transform self-blame and inner criticism
  • Make big (and small) decisions with more ease
  • Shift strong emotional states like anger, overwhelm, and shame
  • Release blocks to action so you can move forward with your life
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“After taking the SHIFT course, there was a noticeable change in how I respond to people and things which would have set me off. I obsess less over past wrongs; some of them have disappeared completely from the library of unfair and hurtful stuff I stew over. And, in the present, not only am I more prepared to pause and prevent knee-jerk reactions from escalating things to soap opera drama levels, but people/things are behaving and responding in ways in which I am not diminished or dismissed as an individual.”

– Daniel Noel

A Personal Message From Ann…

I remember when I first learned the Focusing process. I was 22 years old, confused, full of longing and anxiety, and very out of touch with myself. I came from a family background where I was supposed to put the needs and feelings of other people above my own. Learning Focusing from Eugene Gendlin saved my life… and I’m grateful every day.

Maybe you’re on a path like mine. Maybe you want to reclaim your right to know what you feel, get past your blocks, make decisions from your whole self, and stop feeling ashamed and bad about yourself. Maybe you want to live a much larger life than the one you’re currently living!

I created the SHIFT course for people just like you. In SHIFT, you step into my video classroom and I take you through learning Focusing in simple steps. I’ll help you learn how to pause and get a larger sense of what’s happening in the moment (in Focusing we call that a felt sense), bring acceptance to the things you experience throughout your day (feelings, thoughts, etc) , and apply the process of Focusing to decisions, releasing blocks, inner critics, and more.

The videos are prerecorded… but I will be there live as you take the course, reading and responding to you every day!

Could you use more calm and more joy in your life? Join me for SHIFT.

Ann Weiser Cornell

Everything is Online – No Travel Required

This course is accessible by computer, tablet, or smart phone. If you can connect to the internet, you can connect to this course!

All course materials, including streaming videos, MP3s, a beautiful PDF workbook, and additional resources can be found through our online member portal.

Available at Your Convenience

Course materials are released every three days in your student portal. You can move through them in as little as 3 weeks or you can go as slowly as you like. You’ll also have lifetime access to the material, so you can revisit it anytime.

You won’t be going it alone! You’ll have access to a forum to chat with other students, plus access to Ann for parts where you might feel stuck.

The Core Curriculum

Each of the six learning modules introduces new skills, as well as a clear practical way that you can use that skill in your life.

Moving from Stress & Overwhelm to Calm Presence
Anger, Anxiety, Shame and Sadness – How to Shift (and Learn From) Your Strong Emotions
Making Decisions with the Wisdom of Your Whole Self
Moving from Beating Yourself Up to Loving and Appreciating Yourself
Releasing Your Blocks to Moving Forward with Your Life
Calm, Clear, Alert, Effective: Bringing It All Together

How SHIFT is Changing Lives.

Here’s what you’ll do in SHIFT

Learn How to Pause & Be Compassionate to Yourself

Engage in Practices that Help Transform Old, Stuck Patterns
Become a Calmer Version of You & See Your Life Change for the Better

Are You Ready to SHIFT?

The SHIFT Interactive Video Course Includes:

Unlimited, lifetime access to the SHIFT online course  |  Downloadable workbook  | Access to our online forum where you can chat with the teacher and other students

We are happy to offer this course on a sliding-scale basis.

Please use the tier descriptions below to choose your sliding scale price point.

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I’m comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs.

I may have some debt, but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs.

I have expendable income.

$237.00 $118.50

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I may sometimes stress about meeting my basic needs, but still regularly meet them.

I may have some debt, but it does not often prohibit meeting my basic needs.

I have some expendable income.


tier 3

I often stress about meeting basic needs; I may qualify for government assistance.

I have debt and it sometimes prohibits me from meeting basic needs.

I have limited expendable income.

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Got Questions? We’ve Got Your Answers…

Yes, it is. With SHIFT, you’ll learn how to do Focusing for yourself. It’s a great place to get started, refresh your skills if you’ve been away for a while, or learn how to apply Focusing to specific areas of your life.

Focusing works. Time and again, I’ve watched people transform their lives with this simple process that you can access whenever and wherever you need it. You’ll find the steps are really clear and straightforward. We’ll give you everything you need to get started. If you do the practice part, then you’ll watch your relationship to life SHIFT towards more ease, joy, and contentment.

The great news is that you can take this course whenever it works for you. You get content when you want it, plus lifetime access. No stressing out about being somewhere on time. Way less pressure to move through the material at a pace that might not fit for you. The lessons are compact and set up so that you can do them in small bites or big chunks depending on your learning style and your availability.

There are six lessons. Each lesson has an intro, some teaching content, and exercises you can work through to practice, practice, practice. You can expect to spend about 1 to 1½ hours a week working through the content and making time to use the skills in your day-to-day life.

No. You’ll have access to the first Module of the course as soon as you sign up. Every 3 days, you’ll get a new module released to you. We provide the content in ‘small bites’ like this because we really want you to get the SHIFT that’s possible each week. Taking time to practice the material and move forward in small, consistent steps supports you in making the kinds of SHIFTs you really want to make.

Of course, “get it all now” or “get it done” are kind of natural human impulses and as an experienced teacher, I also know that learning on the fast track rarely works out the way we think it will (especially with trainings where we’re trying to learn a new way of being). You could wait out the six weeks of paced content and zip through it all at once. Though, I’d encourage you not to because I want you to get all that you can from SHIFT.

Sure. The classroom is virtual and taught through our online learning platform (called Ruzuku). Each week you’ll receive an email letting you know a new module is available. Materials are provided via a combination of video, audio slideshows, and written content to cover a variety of learning styles. There is a forum so you can connect with other program participants and be part of a dynamic learning community. And you get lifetime access to all of it. Go through it once and come back anytime you need some extra support to handle life!

Thanks for asking. Each course is licensed to a single user – you! While we can’t authorize you to share the materials, you’re welcome to let your friend know about the course and invite them to join you.

Yes! Although we designed this course to start from knowing nothing about Focusing, many experienced Focusers have told us they found it valuable.  One of them called it “…an excellent beginning for the newbie, and an excellent refresher for the more experienced.” We think you will enjoy the weekly structure, the guided exercises, and the applications of Focusing to: releasing blocks to action, working with inner critics, and facilitating decision-making.

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