Carol Nickerson

Carol Nickerson


Carol is a committed, empathic teacher whose priority is to meet her students/clients where they are and to facilitate a relationship with those she works with which is respectful, open and attuned. Carol’s students, many of whom are helping professionals themselves, have described her as “down to earth,” “easy to be with,” and “intuitive.” Carol loves to share practical and transformative tools for personal growth and healing.

Carol came to Inner Relationship Focusing with a background in Clinical Social Work. Carol has always been drawn to models that are grounded in attachment theory and she has a special interest in the current neuroscience that supports her work. When Carol found Inner Relationship Focusing she realized she’d found what she been looking for years – a flexible, user-friendly process that was natural, accessible and body oriented.

Carol enjoys working with people in helping fields, holding a strong philosophy that those in helping roles must make their own self care a priority. Her own regular practice of Inner Relationship Focusing for herself has transformed her personal and professional relationships. As a parent herself, Carol also loves working with parents.

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