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内在关系聚焦 - (Inner Relationship Focusing)

(Inner Relationship Focusing)
This article appeared in the Focusing Folio: Volume 21, Number 1, 2008
Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin
translated by Xu Jun

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生命自覺操練者貼士 (Ann Weiser Cornell: Tips and Support for Focusers)

編/譯者話 (From the editors and translators)

  1. 生命自覺是甚麼? (What is Focusing?)
  2. 「跟自己某些東西說“哈囉”(Hello),總感到怪怪的」(“I feel awkward saying Hello to something I know is me.” )
  3. “接觸” 的力量 (The Power of Contact)
  4. 做甚麼,只是陪伴,可以帶來轉變 (How Change Happens from “Just” Being with It)
  5. 既是顯而易見,確認它,有作用嗎? (The Power of Acknowledging the Obvious.)
  6. 溫柔就是力量 (Gentleness is Powerful.)
  7. 改變只能發生於此時此地 (Here and Now)
  8. 一字萬金 (The Power of Something)
  9. 「我陪著我」 (Self-in-Presence)
  10. 主導的自覺者,從容自在的同行者 (Empowered Focuser, Relaxed Companion)