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Anastasia Brencick

Langley, Washington

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As a massage therapist, I see people at varying degrees of dissatisfaction with their bodies. Whether it be signs of aging, issues with chronic pain or living with auto-immune illnesses, there can be a disembodied, unrelating quality to what a client experiences with his or her body. What would it be like to help these clients know the innate wisdom that can come from making space to listen…to all there is to know from the body? When using a touch based modality such as massage, the touch invites the space for being in presence, also offering a touchstone for the client to turn inward. It is a dynamic way … of listening that I teach to Focusing partnerships, and I teach bodyworkers to integrate Focusing in their practices.

I teach Focusing Levels 1-4 by phone and by weekend workshops, and am beginning to offer weekend intensives for bodyworkers and other touch based practitioners, who have finished all the levels and want to begin integrating the nuances of Focusing with touch. Can we do treatment work and Focusing? Yes! Are we in our scope of practice? Yes! If you are wanting support in integrating Focusing in this way, I would be honored to be your co-mentor!

Besides offering Focusing to clients and teaching, I am a lover of all things outdoors. I love to garden, paddle board, run barefoot and surf. I sing in a band and am currently learning how to play guitar and write songs. (I wrote my first song through using Focusing!) I am owned by a mini-Dachshund named Ruby, who also likes to sing and garden. To learn more about me, read my blogs and check out my recent video using touch and Focusing, visit my website.


Arno Katz

Hamm, Germany

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The most rewarding moments in my life are when I help people to discover and to trust the wisdom of their bodies. I enjoy supporting people to get in touch with their bodily felt experience and to listen to it in a gentle and accepting way. For me it is true magic when a painful experience shifts and transforms into something completely new that couldn’t have been predicted before. That is why I love Focusing so much.

I am also a teacher at a high school here in Germany. My main aim as a teacher is to facilitate the personal growth of my students and their trust in their own sense of rightness. In a system that is based on reward and punishment this is often a real challenge. I teach Focusing to other teachers too. My dream would be a school system that is based on what is alive in people instead of evaluations and grades.

In my free time I enjoy walking, cycling, working out in the gym, and reading a good book. I am married and I have two children.

As your co-mentor I will support you to find ways of teaching Focusing that really work for you and I will help you to strengthen your own relationship with Focusing. However, if you choose me as your co-mentor, you need to speak fluent German because I only teach Focusing and do sessions in German.

If you have any questions, please write to me. You might also want to visit my website for more information.

Barbara McGavin

Bath, England

Phone (UK): 011-44-(0)1225-311 062
Phone (CA): 916-745-8424



Each person is unique. Your journey is your own – no other can follow that path.

No one has to take that journey all alone. That’s what we are here for.

For me mentoring is about helping you on your journey, to find your unique path, to find what brings you alive to find what it is about Focusing in your life that furthers your largest self – your unique contribution.

I want to encourage you to ask yourself hard questions, “Why am I doing this? What do I want to enable in the world? How can I be the most helpful Focusing Companion or Teacher or Coach that I can be? What is my contribution – the one that only I can make?”

I want to encourage you to be willing to embrace the messiness of learning, the fumbling and confusion and downright embarrassment and anxiety that comes when you are on the edge of your skills and knowledge. I want to help you to dance on the edge, to play there, to fall on your face and pick yourself up and be able to say, “I love a challenge!”

I want to encourage you to think and sense deeply about your experiences and what you have learned. Out of your lived, felt, personally known experiences comes the depth and intricacy of embodied knowledge and wisdom.

I want to encourage you to trust your curiosity. It is the compass that will lead you on your unique path.

For me, I never stop learning. There is always something more that I can learn so that I can be a better Focusing practitioner, a better teacher, a better mentor. It never ends. Yeah!

EmilyAgnew TeacherBio

Emily Agnew

Rochester, NY

Phone: 595-500-9530

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Do you come to the certification program wanting to integrate Focusing into work you already do—or with a vision of contributing in a new way? If so, I’m just a bit further down that path, so the details of the terrain are still fresh for sharing. My intent is to help you connect to the galvanizing energy of your life vision and to the role you’d like Focusing to play in that vision.

I love writing, teaching, and thinking about Focusing. I’m lucky to have been offered so many ways of integrating it into my work and personal life. I was certified in 2013 and I teach several courses in Ann Weiser Cornell’s certification program. I’ve also assisted with Ann’s “Guiding New People” course and with a Treasure Maps retreat. I’ve taught Focusing Levels One to Four online, and published articles about Focusing. And I work with clients full-time, using Focusing as my primary tool.

My first passion was music and I studied to become a classical oboist. I started doing inner work during a five-year stint with the Honolulu Symphony, looking for a “fix” for the crippling anxiety I experienced taking orchestra job auditions.

Everything I tried—from therapy to yoga to Zen meditation—led me to my second passion and profession: working with clients who thrive when they are connected to themselves and to their spiritual intuition, but get overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed when they lose that connection. I had experienced both extremes as an oboe player. I had felt the joy of becoming completely one with the instrument, and the anxiety of tightening up and losing that flow.

Searching for a way out of this cycle, I found some relief during many hours of training in Nonviolent Communication©. But in two other processes I finally found lasting change. The first one, Inner Bonding®, is a six-step process that provides an elegant conceptual framework for the causes and healing of depression, anxiety, addictions, and relationship problems.

The second process was Inner Relationship Focusing. By now I was working with clients, and I was thrilled to discover that using Focusing with an Inner Bonding framework, I found I could help my clients find a deeply personal sense of spiritual connection that flowed effortlessly into right action. For my Focusing certification project, I explored the synergy between these two processes. And I went on to create unique client offerings incorporating both, with a special emphasis on the trait of high sensitivity. I love deep one-on-one work, which I do primarily by phone, Zoom, and Skype. To read more, please visit my website (link above).

As a mentor, I’m committed to support you in any way I can. Together we can hold with kindness and deep acceptance any challenges that arise for you. I can provide you with a perspective adjustment, a good laugh, some advice, or even a kick in the pants if called for. I can also offer you business-oriented support if needed: I maintain a regular blog, I’ve studied marketing in depth, and I manage my own website. And I’m intimately familiar with the fears and false beliefs that can come up around starting a new business and how to work past them.

If you’d like to talk more, please email me and we’ll find a time to connect. I’m on East Coast time in Rochester, New York.


Fiona Parr

Newton Abbott, England

Phone: (44)1626 821110

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I work full time teaching Focusing to small groups and individually. I work in Exeter and Bristol as well as my own home, and I occasionally travel to other areas to teach. I teach Focusing as a certificated course in 5 weekends, usually over about 7 months. I also use Skype to teach small groups as a weekly class, with monthly breaks for practise and integration.

I am a certifying Co-ordinator and I have a professional training programme mentoring people individually and in groups over a period of a couple of years. I offer Focusing sessions alongside my therapy practice, and I have long-term Focusing people, as well as people who come for ad hoc Focusing sessions. I also offer occasional workshops in my areas of special interest: Focusing and dreams, Wholebody Focusing, and Focusing with creativity and dance.

As well as teaching Focusing, I also work as a counselor and therapist.

My interests include gardening, walking and being in nature, dancing and meditation.

I enjoy mentoring because I love Focusing and I love seeing people grow and deepen into this wonderful process; making changes and becoming more of who they really are; more loving, more accepting and more courageous. It’s a joint venture, collaborating together, experientially exploring, tentatively experimenting, meeting difficulties and opening into creativity and greater wholeness. And even more; seeing how trainees then offer the gift of Focusing to others and supporting them in that.

I feel that I offer a safe, trusting place where trainees can explore their growing edge.


Gina Cenciose

Eastman, PQ, Canada

Phone: 450-297-3766

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I have been a full time teacher for mostly groups and some individuals for 15 years. I love Focusing and teach it every week to different populations such as: in prisons, with scientists and the Cdn Space agency, with families and children in family camps and regular parenting classes, and the general public. I teach focusing in English and in French and have 17 day a year programs for people to go through all 4 levels in person, in Montréal, in both languages. I am a trainer of new trainers (www.trainingnvctrainers.com) in the other process I teach, in which I combine Focusing with Nonviolent Communication. I have been offering 4 yearlong programs (17 days a year for 4 consecutive years) for new trainers in NVC for 12 years now. I love training new trainers in both methods, and giving people back to themselves through Focusing and NVC.

I offer many many years of deep transformational focusing with myself and my husband, focusing with trauma, chronic pain conditions, and everything life can throw at you. All of my close friends are now devoted focusers and my husband also, I enjoy living, breathing, and sharing these life giving processes, as well as nature, music and dance are a big part of our lives.

Jo Kennedy

Jo Kennedy

Melbourne, Australia

Phone: 0418141870

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I live and work in Australia. I teach IR and Wholebody Focusing. I am currently training as a co-ordinator. As a co–mentor, I walk beside you and share what has come from my own personal journey with Focusing. Traveling with and articulating from ones own unfolding is for me at the heart of teaching Focusing.

I have been practicing for 13 years and have spent the last 5 years developing a Focusing community in Australia. If you are starting a community from scratch, if you are setting out on a journey to build a Focusing world where you are I can share my experience of the complexities that come with that.

The core of my formal teaching practice is Inner Relationship levels 1 to 4. I combine the IR teaching with my Wholebody understanding and practice. This is for me a natural opening to a deeper connection to one’s own embodiment and connection to the natural world.

If you are interested in using Focusing creatively I can offer my experience there. I come from a film/Arts background and combine Focusing with the arts, directing, working with actors, movement, singing, art, writing and poetry.

Focusing for me is a creative act and the exploration of the creative edge of being is central to my work. Learning to live and work from this evolving source of richness is what I share with others.

I have an ongoing passion to bring Focusing to children and their parents.

My Focusing process is greatly enhanced by ongoing study of the Process Model and encourage Focusers to explore the philosophy.

I encourage my trainees to listen in and follow their Felt sense of what they need and where to take their teaching of focusing.

JocelynKahn - Small

Jocelyn Kahn

Hawthorne, NJ

Phone: 201- 790-5604 (cell/office)

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My View of Inner Relationship Focusing. Each Focusing pathway has its own genius. The genius of IRF is its insight that even if we are doing everything else right in our Focusing process, an unconscious identification with certain emotions or points of view will short-circuit the inner sense of safety required to allow the felt sense of our situation to fully develop and find its way forward. This brings a powerful clarity to the Focusing process that I have experienced in no other type of Focusing.

My Experience as a Focusing Trainer and Guide. Since my certification in 2010, I have taught three full series of IRF Levels 1-4 classes and numerous other Level 1 and Level 2 classes. I have guided individuals in several hundred Focusing sessions.

I have also taught a number of “Taste of Focusing” classes introducing groups to Inner Relationship Focusing.

In my teaching, I share not only my skills and strengths, but my own missteps and what I’m still exploring in order to encourage the people I work with to stay open to the same within themselves. I feel one of my greatest strengths as a teacher is my ability to listen carefully to students and stay with them until I grasp what they are communicating, which in turn allows me to respond in a clear and articulate way.

Other training and experience. Because I primarily teach Focusing at a Zen Center, one of my pleasures has been witnessing how IRF acts as a course-correct when students’ spiritual ideals subtly shift from guideposts to whipping posts. IRF returns them to the ability to rest into the spaciousness of the compassionate awareness that they are.

My original background is in energy healing.

My life was brought full circle when I began a 2-1/2 year Wholebody Focusing Advanced Training with Kevin McEvenue and Karen Whalen and I discovered its explicit recognition of a subtle energy aspect to Focusing.

An energetic flow happens naturally in any Focusing session where two or more people are able to rest into the Focusing/Companion field allowing “what wants to come now” within and through that field (or “larger Self”). And in fact, I first experienced this through IRF.

But I have found that this eludes some people. Through WBF I have learned to explicitly teach anyone how to enhance, rest into and draw upon this larger Self.

I feel this makes WBF a great complement to IRF – and I feel the facilitative language and profound clarity of IRF is a great complement to WBF.

It gives me great satisfaction to introduce others to the power and clarity of Inner Relationship Focusing. What a privilege to co-mentor others who also wish to spread this healing pathway throughout the world!

Lee Miller

Quakertown, PA

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What makes me most passionate about Focusing is that it belongs to everyone; it’s our natural capacity as mammals and humans.  Once we can reconnect to our body’s felt sense and discover the storehouse of wisdom that resides within, a whole new way of experiencing life opens up.  For me, the sense of inner authority, creativity, self-confidence and the discovery of my body’s natural capacity to heal trauma, made Inner Relationship Focusing seem like nothing short of a miracle.  I only wish I’d discovered it decades sooner.  This process is akin to reuniting with my true self.

As a Focusing mentor I look forward to giving you the support and guidance you need as you go through this IRF certification training and figure out how you want to integrate Focusing into your life and work.  I am here to facilitate your learning journey and empower you along the way.

My strengths as a mentor are generosity, intuition, empathy, deep listening, authenticity and a fierce respect for each person’s unique Focusing process.  I love doing one-on-one guided sessions with people, attuning to each person’s process in a way that feels both supportive and transformational.

In my former life I worked as a middle school English teacher and drama coach.  Then I left that career to become an ICF certified leadership/communication coach in 2012.   I like to call myself an empathic change agent.  In 2016 I completed my Focusing certification.  Since then I’ve integrated Inner Relationship Focusing into all aspects of my life and work.  It has become a way of being for me and meshes well with mindfulness meditation and coaching.    I’ve taught levels one and two of IRF in workshop format and will be teaching all four levels this fall both in-person and online.

As for my personal life, I live on an old dairy farm in Bucks County Pennsylvania where my partner and I have been planting a small arboretum of rare and not-so-rare trees for a few decades now.  It’s our labor of love and a daily connection to nature.  We share our life on the farm with six animals and two grandchildren.

Lucinda Hayden

Lucinda Hayden

San Francisco, CA

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I’m in love with Focusing. I have taught Levels 1 & 2 for Focusing Resources since Ann first began to expand her team to include other teachers.

I have a Masters in Teaching and have taught various things all of my life: English and ESL, yoga and Pilates, the ‘mental game’ aspect of golf and other sports.

I have also had a full-time private practice since 1988, first as a hypnotherapist, then as a Focusing practitioner.

As much as I enjoy teaching groups, my favorite thing is doing private sessions because I love to connect deeply and personally, especially with people who resonate with Focusing enough to commit themselves to the Certification Program. I find it thrilling to watch people grow through Focusing.

My Mentees say that they find me warm, approachable and welcoming and feel supported and empowered by me to develop their own unique vision and gifts.

As a Seven on the Enneagram, I am fun-loving, enthusiastic and adventurous yet being an INFP in Meyers-Briggs balances this and explains my affinity for working deeply on that intimate one-toone level.

I love to travel, learn other languages and experience different cultures. Earlier in my life, I lived in Europe for two years and in Asia for one. In 2012, I spent four months in Argentina, improving my Spanish and tango.

I enjoy movement practices like yoga, Pilates and especially partner dance because they really bring me alive in my whole body. I also love to combine Focusing with other things and my current passion is combining Focusing with Argentine tango in my new workshop “Embracing Your Inner Dance” which brings the whole-body-in-movement component into our IRF practice.

I would rather connect by talking than email but you are welcome to email me to set up a time for a conversation or to tell me a little about yourself if you prefer writing.

Maureen Gallagher

Montclair, NJ

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Certification as an Inner Relationship Focusing Professional is a big step!  There are many layers of support to help you along the way, and mentorship is one of them.

I came to IRF as an important part of a long professional and personal journey.  I am a licensed psychologist and have been in private practice for over 25 years. I have learned, and now teach, several traditions…among them Somatic Experiencing, Inner Relationship Focusing, Attachment Theory, and Relational Analysis.  Each tradition brings something so important…IRF brings guidance to be with our inner life in a transformative way, and one that brings true healing in the form of compassionate relationship.

As a trauma therapist, healer, and educator, I am very aware that a missing element, one that makes us vulnerable to a difficult experience becoming a traumatic event is lack of support.  We often assume this support must be outside of us, but IRF shows us how important and often missing are the inner relationships and support that aid us to integrate and heal from events we live through, protecting us from long-standing trauma, or helping us to heal from that which was overwhelming and traumatic.

IRF provides a clear road map to the development of inner relationships that become the basis of a reliable relationship to self; which ultimately informs our ability to form secure bonds with others. Our ability to be in healthy, compassionate relationship with ourselves informs how we move through the world.

IRF mentorship is one part of the process of becoming a Focusing professional, and is a support on the journey of integrating focusing into your personal growth and professional life.

Pat Omidian

Corvallis, OR

Phone: 925-482-7983 (leave text message)



I learned Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) from Ann, but first through Nina Joy Lawrence in 2001 as we struggled to bring a healing practice to Afghan refugees living in Pakistan, who were traumatized by more than three decades of war. Together, Nina Joy and I adapted IRF to local cultures, using Rumi’s Guesthouse poem as a gateway into the inner world. We call our work Guesthouse Focusing and as a Community Wellness practice. Because of the critical need for refugees to heal their inner wounds from lives filled with war, displacement and loss, I taught what I learned even as I was learning it. That was a time of shared discoveries, as we learned together what worked best for each of us.

I have a PhD in Medical Anthropology from the University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley joint program (1992) and thirty years experience as an applied medical anthropologist, including over twenty years working on health and mental health issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I have taught anthropology and other applied public health courses on Focusing, psychosocial support and community wellness to both graduate and undergraduate students in North America, Africa, and South and East Asia.

In 2014, my partner Melinda Darer and I opened Focusing Initiatives International, a not for profit organization that promotes positive emotional and social resilience globally. For me, Focusing is a critical piece in promoting healthy, peaceful communities. I like mentoring others in how to work in communities so that they help themselves, and how to bring a Focusing attitude to everyday life.

I offer in person and internet-based workshops in Focusing; Selfcare for Community and Humanitarian Aid Workers; Community Wellness; and Psychosocial Wellness and Resiliency.

I am now based in Corvallis, Oregon but I continue to travel to other countries to give workshops.

ManjuNewPeter Gill

Gloucestershire, UK

Phone: +44 7905 360318

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What I love most about being a mentor is encouraging and supporting people to find their own voice and way to live and express Focusing. I love seeing the small green shoots growing into unique and growing trees. Each persons journey is different and will bring joys, fears and challenges. I am here as a mentor to accompany on your journey – however it unfolds.

For me, Focusing is much more than a technique or method, it is a way of being in the world. The heart of my approach comes from Inner Relationship Focusing. I am also qualified as a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and enjoy bring these two approached together to support the exploration and healing of trauma.

I have been teaching Focusing since 2006 and teach Focusing full time. I teach around 20 workshops a year – both in the UK and internationally. I also love collaborating in leading retreats, teaching and exploring Focusing. I am Accredited with the British Focusing Association and also with The Focusing Institute.

I have a background in meditation and Buddhism. I enjoy music, art and photography. More and more, I am convinced that the world needs what Focusing has to offer and am committed to finding ways of communicating what I have found so valuable in my own life, and supporting others to do the same.


Marcella Calabi

New York, NY

Phone: 917-584-5931

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You’ve experienced the immense power of Focusing in your own life, and now you want to share it. Me too!

I find that by nature I’m dedicated to helping people reach two things: the aha! that comes when they understand something with real clarity, and the discovery of their own unique voice.

We express ourselves in the world with the literal voice in our throat, and also with the “voice” of our choices and actions, all influenced by our inner voices. Focusing accesses those inner voices – the wisdoms as well as the parts that block, help, nag or free us – more effectively than any other modality I know. That’s why becoming a certified Focusing teacher fit so perfectly with everything else I do.

I’m a consultant in such life issues as decision-making, negotiation, communication strategy, conflict resolution. I call my business Clarityworks because it’s about making complex situations clear, so that the path forward becomes clear too. I’m also a professional classical singer and teach voice as an avenue to self-actualization. “I can’t sing” and “I’m afraid to speak in public” overlap in important ways with “I want a voice – I want to be heard.” Freeing up that stuckness can transform our lives.

This all sounds very serious, and it is important. Yet what we all really want is joy and light and laughter. Learning is easier when we laugh together, and lightness comes from living with a sense of freedom and authenticity and clear life-forward-movement. Joy is how we know we’re doing the right thing.

You’ll be developing your own personal voice and achieving your own clarity, about Focusing and about your forward path as a Focusing professional. I would be happy to support you.

Nina Joy Lawrence

Nina Joy Lawrence

Corvallis, OR

Phone: 541-231-2432     |     Email


I like to help mentor new Focusing Trainers who want to live Focusing and share it in ways that can spread widely into communities of ordinary people and families, in far places and near to home. I am semi-retired and prefer to give Focusing away, trade for lessons, or offer inexpensive options to people around me who are interested. I’m interested in promoting Focusing Literacy everywhere.

I love to notice around me situations in which Focusing would open stuck-ness and when it feels appropriate, I invite the person to try.

I occasionally teach in person Levels classes when an already functioning group asks for Focusing training to use in their daily interactions, but more frequently I mentor others who are training people. For example I meeting weekly by Skype with the head of an aid agency in Kabul, Afghanistan, to support her as she spreads Focusing training to large numbers of Afghans, and meet daily with my work-partner, Dr. Patricia Omidian, as she teaches workshops in Pakistan, Japan, and elsewhere.

I also feel enlivened by making spaces for connections between Focusing people to happen, by hosting the monthly Community Lab phone conferences, assisting with the yearly Northwest Focusing Gathering, and co-leading phone or in-person workshops on Community Wellness Focusing. I love the excitement of creatively crossing my experience with the experiences of the person I’m mentoring, exploring new ways forward. I appreciate the feel of collaboration, enjoying similarities we find and rejoicing in the way differences can bring such fertile freshness.


Sandy Jahmi Burg

Floyd, VA

Phone: 540-552-0203

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I coordinate a movement called Floyd Focusing that has the goal of educating those in my local and online communities about Focusing and making the natural skill accessible to all those who would like to learn it. You might choose me as a co-mentor if you connect with this whole concept of building a Focusing community or maybe if you experience building community somehow challenging. As much as I feel gifted and deeply honored for every moment of ‘alive connection’ with another that I access myself through teaching Focusing as a career, I am just as enthusiastic about those I work with making these connections among each other and in the world at large.

I am also a Sustainable Landscape Designer with a background in Permaculture and I get a lot of my analogies for life and process from all of this time I’ve spent working with nature. Thus, I approach building a Focusing business much like nature spreading her seeds in fall. You might notice that what comes first after spreading seeds in nature is the stillness of winter. As you hold space for all of that, eventually comes the muddiness of spring rains. It can be late summer or fall before the first harvest and maybe even years before something like a tree seedling produces fruit. And the entire ride gifts you with rich new relationships and enough wisdom and inspiration to go at it for another season!

I have years of entrepreneurial experience including a partnership, small business, founding a 501c3, and now have very simple methods of maintaining my Focusing and Landscape businesses. I have a lot of open space for play in my daily life here in a small tourist town of the Appalachian Mountains. I offer Guided Focusing Sessions and teach Levels 1-4, both locally at my home and online via Zoom video conferencing. I manage a public group facebook page and have developed a private forum website called Floyd Focusing Resource Center. Both serve as gathering spaces for those around me interested in Focusing to connect with each other and to connect with the greater Focusing community beyond me.

I primarily teach IRF Focusing with an emphasis on embodiment practices and understanding the neuroscience of what is happening in our brains as we Focus. I love stretching the classes out so that practice becomes a habit that is easier to maintain in today’s world of people living busy ‘doing’ lives.

I really believe in Focusing as the essence of all change, the easiest way to achieve inner peace and our path to evolving humanity. I’d love to support you in establishing your niche as a trained Focusing professional and look forward to our time together.

 Shulamit Day Berlevtov

Shulamit Berlevtov

Jasper, ON, Canada

Phone: 613-868-9642   |   Email


I revel in the co-sensing, co-creating and co-learning that happens when I teach/mentor Inner Relationship Focusing trainees.

My favorite part of teaching groups is the post-experiential discussion time when the group, together, senses into and then shares answers for the questions that arise.

With individuals, as a Focusing-Oriented counselor, I “teach” IRF by doing it, using felt-sensing to guide my interactions with clients, supporting them in making inner contact and being with what’s there with self-in-presence.

My favorite aspect of IRF is one-to-one Guiding. Being in the flow of sensing with a person who is Focusing and offering felt-sensed reflections and suggestions to support their process is an honor. Witnessing inner unfolding is awe-inspiring and a privilege.

Mentoring brings all this together. In addition, for me, it is just plain fun to connect and to learn/facilitate learning in partnership with others.

I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor with an MA in Counselling and Spirituality. My passions include Nonviolent Communication and the practice of principled nonviolence in all my affairs. Focusing is my bedrock and my personal/spiritual journey has been informed by the 12 Steps, Yoga and mindfulness, as well as feminism and anarchism. Culturally and religiously, I identify as Jewish.