Healing Trauma: Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past On-Demand Course

Healing Trauma: Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past On-Demand Course

Healing Trauma: Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past On-Demand Course


Six-Week On-Demand Video Course
Unlimited, lifetime access to The Healing Trauma online course
Plus 4 live Q&A Sessions: June 10 & 24, July 8 & 15 – 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM Pacific
Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell

Installment Plan: Option to pay in 2 installments displays on last page of checkout, processing fees apply.
Don’t Miss Out: The last day to register is June 2, 2020

Course Add-On

In addition to the on-demand course, you can add ten additional MP3 guided exercises on Healing the Younger You. In 2019, I taught a course called Healing Trauma Intensive. The exercises in the course were so powerful, I made them available for you so that you can receive even more support, including topics like:

  • Saying Hello to Two Parts
  • Being with the Shamer and the Shamed
  • The Other People Who Were and Are Involved
  • and many more

To choose this option: Select “Healing Trauma Course with 10 Additional Exercises” from the drop-down menu below. 2-pay installment plan still applies.

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Want More Information About the 10 Additional Audio Exercises Option? (click here)

Additional Audio Exercises (see product options)

If you add the 10 additional exercises to your course, you’ll also receive:

Day One: Going Slowly and Cultivating Self-in-Presence

Day Two: Gentle Contact with the Younger Self

Day Three: Saying Hello to Two Parts

Day Four: Being Present with What is Here Now

Day Five: When Something in You Feels “Disgusting”

Day Six: Being with the Shamer and the Shamed

Day Seven: The Younger You Knows What Should Have Happened

Day Eight: Having Sorrow or Anger for What Happened, Without Blaming

Day Nine: Being the Healing Environment that Was Missing

Day Ten: The Other People Who Were and Are Involved

Additional audio exercises are provided as a download link. This will appear on your receipt.

Hear from Past Participants…

quotation mark“Here’s what special and different about this course… It provides very specific language for how to be compassionate. Everyone says “treat yourself with compassion,” but I’ve had very few real-world examples of what that looks like. Even saying and acknowledging, “Yeah, that was really hard,” was/is a phrase that has been missing from my life. Learning how to do that for myself has been so transformative.” M.T.


quotation mark“What made a big difference for me were the questions: What should have happened? What didn’t happen at the time or immediately after the trauma? I’d never been present to myself in the ways these questions invited me to be. Now that I’ve completed the course, I’m able to bring self-compassion to my younger self who’s still hiding in the shame of a childhood trauma that led to severe stoppage in my life. I came to the course looking for a way to relieve that trauma without inviting more shame. I found it!” J.L.