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Stress Less 

Ways to live a calmer life for a brighter future.

If life’s feeling like a bit too much — too much stress, too much uncertainty, too much trying to hold it all together — there is help.

Stress shows up in so many ways. Sleep issues, memory gaps, irritability. Getting swamped by emotions you used to handle well. Falling into addictive behaviors you thought you were done with. And then getting down on yourself for not doing a better job of doing well.

And all of that makes life a whole lot harder to get through, doesn’t it?

You can shift your relationship with stressful feelings — and what causes them.

That’s why we created this three-part webinar series. With it, you can begin to experience the three major ways the Focusing process helps you live a calmer, more resourced and emotionally resilient life.


What You’ll Learn When You Join Us:

Webinar One: Calm – Your New Superpower (45 minutes)

  • A simple process to help you Get Bigger than your stressful emotions – fast!
  • Ways to take care of yourself throughout the day so you can be more present (and more presence = less opportunity for overwhelm)
  • Tips for creating a compassionate relationship with your feelings — and how this helps you feel calm

Webinar Two: When the Past Hijacks the Present (45 minutes)

  • What to do when what you carry from the past creates stress in your present
  • Why current events trigger unhealed wounds and how you can help yourself when that happens
  • How you can begin to experience the power of inner relationship and give yourself what you’ve always needed

Webinar Three: I wish I’d listened to myself… (45 minutes)

  • Why we sometimes know what’s right for us and do the opposite…
  • How the felt sense gives you inner guidance that’s in better alignment with what’s truly right for you — wiser than your emotions and more holistic than your logic
  • Ways you can start to access your inner wisdom so you no longer have to say, “I wish I’d listened to myself…”

Here’s one of the most important things we want you to know:

It’s not enough to just put a band-aid on stress. You need something that lets you permanently shift your relationship with stressful feelings — and what causes them. This webinar series is a great first step. We hope you’ll join us so you can stress less and enjoy a calmer, brighter future.

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