Demonstrations of Facilitating Focusing

Demonstrations of Facilitating Focusing

Want to listen in as Ann Weiser Cornell guides someone through their very first Focusing session?

If you want to learn about Focusing and how to facilitate it, there’s nothing like being there when a Focusing session happens. Be present in the virtual room as Ann, one of the leading innovators and theoreticians of Focusing, facilitates Focusing, and then discusses afterward what happened.

What People Are Saying…


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“In a world where so many bad things are happening and it seems like I have no power to influence any of it, there is a course that introduces people to the transformative process of Inner Relationship Focusing. In the Demonstrations of Facilitating Focusing course, Ann Weiser Cornell is the master facilitator who gives people their first experience of their own reset capability for a problem in their lives. And she willingly shares everything she knows and how she does what she does in the before and after talks surrounding the session. There IS something worthwhile that can be done to ease people’s suffering. Something that transforms the very fabric where people are stuck in their lives. I use these classes for inspiration and learning. They give me practical hope for a better world.”

– Taj

At A Glance


For anyone, from beginner to advanced, who wants to learn more about Focusing by observing an expert.


Hear a guided Focusing session happening live and then have a chance to comment and ask questions about what you heard…. three times. Full Course Description


Live Online Course – join us from anywhere in the world!


Online courses: We use an online video conferencing system to connect you to other students and the teacher. You can use a computer, tablet, or phone to call in. Students receive access to a private webpage where materials can be found.


For beginners, because sometimes observation is the best way to grasp a new process. For advanced Focusers and healing professionals, because you will hear Ann meeting the challenges of working with first-time Focusers in ways you can immediately bring into your own practice.

Course Information

About the Course

No descriptions about the process of facilitating a Focuser can match actually being there when an experienced guide is working with someone new to Focusing. This is a class for those who want to watch Ann Weiser Cornell facilitate Focusing.

You will listen in as Ann guides a guest Focuser through a session. The guest Focusers are volunteers who understand that their session will be witnessed by a safe and respectful group of people. This will be the first Focusing session for the guest.

What We’ll Be Doing

Each Demonstrations class is 90 minutes. At the start Ann gives a short talk on some aspect of offering first-time Focusing sessions. Then our guest Focuser will join us, and have a guided Focusing session of about 45 minutes, and then leave the line.

This will allow about 30 minutes at the end of the class meeting for a discussion of the issues raised by the process, including: the specific language used, this person’s type of Focusing process, and responses to special circumstances (e.g. working with a meditator).

Participants can also raise questions about people you are working with using Focusing. Every class meeting can be downloaded (by registered participants only) for 30 days after class ends.

All registered participants need to be on the conference line within 5 minutes of the start of the class, in order to create a safe atmosphere for the guest.

About the Teacher

Ann Weiser Cornell:

Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann Weiser Cornell, author of Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change, The Power of Focusing, and The Radical Acceptance of Everything, has devoted her life to helping people learn Focusing easily. Ann learned Focusing from its originator, Eugene Gendlin, in 1972, and worked closely with him for years. Today Ann is internationally recognized as one of the leading innovators and theoreticians of Focusing. She has taught Focusing in twenty countries, and her Focusing books and manuals have been translated into eleven other languages.

Would you or someone you know like to be a guest Focuser?

If you or someone you know might like to volunteer to be the guest Focuser for one of our Demo classes, we’d love to have you join us. (We typically need someone who hasn’t had a guided Focusing session before.) Just click here to submit your information.

Upcoming Courses and Registration

Register early to save money and ensure your spot! Tuition goes up three weeks prior to the start of class. To help us provide an excellent experience for everyone, registration closes one week before every class.

Can’t make this time? You can register and participate by listening to recordings of the course each week at a time that works with your schedule. But you won’t be eligible for CE units.

To allow more people to participate, dates and times will change with each new Demonstrations group. If the current groups are at an inconvenient time for you, check this page again in a month for new dates.

What People Are Saying

  • Susan Choi
    "The Focusing trainings change your relationship with yourself in such a kind, profound way. Before I learned Focusing, there was so much I wasn't able to be with. Now, I can keep company with so much more of what I feel. When worry comes, I acknowledge it, keep it company, and it passes (instead of tucking it away). Feeling more accepting of anything that emerges is a fascinating, loving journey."
  • Bob H.
    "I've always had some difficulty asserting my needs and values. It's frustrating to not stand my ground and come through for myself. Just a few days ago I 'caved' on leaving a Zoom meeting when it no longer felt worthwhile. I might have gotten down on myself about that before... But this time, I saw the pattern clearly and acknowledged my feelings, which was far more constructive. I'm pretty confident that I'll take better care of myself next time and leave when it feels right."
  • Jennifer B.
    "Before the course, I was guessing about how Focusing might be helpful to me or others. Now, I've seen the way it helps process emotions without any sort of pressure, forcing, or re-traumatizing. It's a valuable skill worth investing in."
  • Mariko M.
    "Before the Demonstrations course, I found it challenging to include a Focusing experience in a client's process. Now, I'm able to introduce Focusing into a process instead of feeling the need to explain it."
  • Ber R.
    "Witnessing Ann's facilitation was eye-opening. Like any masterful 'performance', she makes it look easy! But I realize it's not that it's easy, it's that it's presented with simplicity. It turns out, there's not a lot one has to explain in order to introduce the gift of Focusing to another, though it does take a lot more practice to develop confidence in intuiting and hearing deeply what the Focuser needs. There's so much to learn from observing these sessions - especially the immediate benefit the Focusers experience - and the Q&A with Ann afterwards. I'll be back for another round!"
  • Rebecca W.
    "Before the Demonstrations of Facilitating Focusing course, I had a hard time slowing down and allowing the process to unfold. As a result, I'd sometimes feel lost in a session, wondering where it was going, wanting to control it...but knowing that wasn't the point at all. Now, I feel much more comfortable going S-L-O-W-L-Y and staying present to what is unfolding in the moment without feeling like I have to "connect the dots" somehow. Every single demonstration is a wonderful way to gain and reinforce Focusing skills. You can download them, listen again later, and really study what happened in depth. They're a very affordable and enjoyable way to get CEUs, if you need them."
  • Paul Fitzgerald, DMin
    "Before the Demonstrations of Facilitating Focusing course, I was often uncertain about how to begin being a companion with someone interested in Focusing who had no previous experience. It left me feeling anxious and a bit floundering as to how to move a new Focuser into the experience. Now, I have a demonstrated model to begin effectively. Watching the different paths each Focuser took and Ann's creative application of the Focusing model was a very effective teaching tool to translate the Focusing "structure" into the flow of a session."
  • Arnold Zeman
    "As a life coach, I wanted to learn more about facilitating Focusing for someone unfamiliar with the practice or its underlying philosophy. Clients come to coaching because they're interested in effecting changes. While personal fit with a coach is crucial for them, they aren't particularly interested in how the coach does what she does. They just want results. As we know, in Focusing, the "results" usually take care of themselves! On the other hand, guiding a Focusing session with someone who's new to it raises a number of challenges for the practitioner. How to introduce the process; what is the most effective facilitative diction; what is helpful and unhelpful for someone new to focusing; and the like. This course not only showed how to meet these challenges but a very rich discussion between the teacher and observers followed all the demonstrations. So we got the opportunity to watch a real-life session in real-time while also being aware of what we were experiencing as observers. Such valuable learning!"
  • Charles Herr
    "Spellbinding. Learning how Ann introduces people to the process before she begins and seeing how she helps them stay with their body sense was powerful. It helped me not only with guiding first time Focusing sessions, but also to stay with felt senses in psychotherapy sessions. I am eager to watch more and learn more!"
  • Renee Dewhurst, hospital chaplain
    "Over the past three or four years, Inner Relationship Focusing has been the 'golden key' that allowed me to lean into, rather than 'leave' my felt experience. Leaning in with presence led me to a sense of connection, compassion, and coherence – a very huge shift from my old 'from-the-head-down life.' I used to leave my direct experience in favor of ‘explanations,’ projections, and ideas about what was occurring. As I type the word ‘leaving’ above, it dawns on me that this default approach has long left something small in my felt experience all alone, and chronically feeling ‘cut-off,’ ‘discounted,’ and ‘unwanted.’ For learning the wisdom to lean in and sit close with this small 'something,' and for knowing these distinctions from the inside-out, I will always be so very grateful."
  • Corinne C.
    "I came to Demonstrations of Facilitating Focusing to see in practice what I'd read in Ann's book, The Radical Acceptance of Everything. I wasn't disappointed. All is truly allowed to be here and that is such a relief! I realized the Demonstrations course really made a difference for me as I was Focusing with a friend recently. I felt so confident. I was so relaxed. It was a wonderful session. I didn't feel stressed, even when our Skype connection broke down twice. It was easy and as I'm writing this, I notice there is something in me that feels astonished about this. Now, when I'm Focusing, I am calmer. I have more possibilities to respond in different situations. I'm more courageous. The image of Ann being so accepting while facilitating sessions lives on in me as I move forward with this work."
  • Becky W.
    "When I signed up for Demonstrations of Facilitating Focusing, I wanted to learn to be a more effective Focusing Companion. In the second class, Ann had the opportunity to demonstrate almost all the things we've learned in the Levels courses and I saw Focusing come together in a whole new way. It made sense on an even deeper level somehow. Now, after witnessing Ann guide three new-to-Focusing people through sessions, I feel more patient with the process of Focusing. I've slowed down significantly both as a Focuser and as a Companion. I am better able to start a session with someone who's never Focused before. And while I continue to strive for excellence, I am more compassionate with myself in those times when I go in a particular direction and then wonder whether something else might have been more useful to the Focuser. From the pre and post-session discussions, I feel like I better understand why Ann makes certain decisions and not others in a session. Now, I am able to listen on an even deeper level without imposing my hypotheses about what might be going on onto the Focuser."

Additional Information

How Online Courses Work

We use Zoom, an online video conference platform, to connect you to other students and the teacher. Before the class starts you will receive a Zoom link to use each time the class meets. You can join us via your camera-equipped computer, tablet, or smart phone. Prefer not to be on video? You can turn off your camera. Don’t want to call via computer? You can call in by phone. Zoom is free and easy to use. You will be able to sign on in advance to make sure you can access it, but we’ve had very few problems with it. Students also receive access to a private webpage where course materials can be found.


There is no prerequisite for participation in this group. All students are welcome.

Continuing Education Credit & Course Completion Certificate

Course meets the qualifications for 4.5 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Focusing Resources, CAMFT Approved CE Provider #62524.

Focusing Resources is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs. Focusing Resources maintains responsibility for this course and its content.

There is a $25 administrative fee for CE units. Course completion certificates are awarded at the end of the course upon completion of all requirements and the course evaluation. (If you don’t want CE units but would like a completion certificate, the $25 fee does still apply.)

Eligibility for CE units requires at least 80% live attendance. Missed classes must be made up.

Cancellations, Changes & Refunds

Up to 14 days before the first day of class: Just let us know and we'll refund your course fee. Or you can choose to apply the entire course fee towards a future class with us.

Cancellations received 13 days or fewer before class begins: No refund, sorry.

When Something Doesn't Go As You'd Hoped...

We are always open to discussing experiences with our courses that didn’t work for you or didn’t go the way you expected. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to email your course instructor, the staff member in charge of your course, or Ann Weiser Cornell. Email addresses for all these people will be supplied on registration. We will work with you to find a way to meet your needs.



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