Finding Freedom From Inner Critics

“Definition: An inner criticizing part is any part of you that believes that you or another part of you has to change in order for you to be OK.”

― Ann Weiser Cornell, Radical Gentleness

Would you like some peace from the negative, shaming voice in your head?

Inner critics can be crushing, right? From paralyzing you with perfectionism to hurling shame-inducing words your way, they know how to hurt you.

Being kind to yourself takes practice. Self-compassion is not a skill that’s given much attention in our pressure cooker of a society. But it’s oh-so-important to living a happy, peaceful life. And I’m here to show you how to treat yourself with more kindness.

It might surprise you to hear that inner critics actually have good intentions. They’re really just trying to save your life (I promise!). They mean well. But they’re afraid of what might happen if you ____ . And the only way those voices know how to defend you leaves you feeling terrible.

I know how easy it is to get hijacked by a mean inner voice. And how impossible it can feel to move forward when that happens. I’d love to show you what else is possible.

Does your inner critic:

  • Tell you, “You’re not good enough”?
  • Second-guess most everything you say or do?
  • Rehash your bad decisions and make you relive past mistakes?
  • Compare you to other people and point out your short-comings?
  • Hover in the background, constantly worrying about what might go wrong, even when things are going well?


These are just some of the ways the inner critic shows up. Some are subtle while some have all the grace of a rhinoceros in a grocery store. But they all have the same results: You feel bad about yourself and your life.

It can feel inescapable. And if you’ve ever tried to banish, silence, or control your inner critic ― the ‘Anything to Make It Stop Strategy’ – you’ve probably found it actually gets bigger (like Empire State building big).

Thankfully, there’s another way.

I’d like to help you feel better about yourself and your life.

So I created something that teaches you a radical, loving, life-enhancing way to change the way you experience the parts that criticize you.

Let me introduce you to the Finding Freedom From Inner Critics course

I created the Finding Freedom From Inner Critics course to give you the skills and support you need to treat yourself with more kindness.

You’ll learn how to easily recognize when inner critics are afoot and one powerful way to settle them down right away. You’ll get practical, step-by-step processes to help you move beyond feeling hijacked, frozen, or drained by the voices that speak harshly to you. And you’ll develop a regular practice of being kinder to yourself.

Every day, for 21 days, you’ll get brand-new material designed to support you in releasing old habits of self-criticism while developing self-compassion skills. If self-acceptance seems challenging, don’t worry — every day you’ll get real-world examples of what it sounds/looks/feels like to treat yourself with compassion.

The structure and guidance you get in the Finding Freedom From Inner Critics course makes it easier to change the way you experience inner critics. Plus, you’re not alone. The moment you join, you become part of a community of people working on the same issues and concerns who can help you stay on track.

Daily practices begin June 10th.


I’m Ready to Find Freedom


“When I accept what is here right now, and give it space to be exactly as it is, it is more likely to change.”

― Ann Weiser Cornell

Finding Freedom From Inner Critics at a Glance

Daily Practices

Every day for 21 days you get one new practice to explore

Online Video Trainings

Daily videos to help you put the practices to work. Easy-to-use online course you can access from anywhere.

Live Q&A

Join Ann by phone/online for 3 live webinars.Get your questions about the course answered live plus hear what other students are curious about. And they’re recorded if you can’t be there live.

Supportive Community

A forum where you and other people in the course can share and connect

Discover Helpful Ways to Address Inner Critics

Some of the Course Topics We’ll Cover

  • Being Gentle with Yourself
  • Is It Possible to be Okay with Making Mistakes?
  • The Three Secrets of the Inner Critic
  • Imposter Syndrome – “If They Only Knew What a Fake I Am”
  • Negative Labelling – “I am bad, a failure, stupid, worthless, etc.”
  • What Inner ‘Should’s’ Do to Your Ability to Take Action
  • Freezing — And Why You Do It
  • Not Feeling Good Enough As You Are & The Need to Be Perfect
  • Why Not Just Tell the Critic to Get Lost?
  • The Most Tragic Love Story on Earth – Your Inner Critic and You
  • Living a Critic-Free Life – Radical Self-Acceptance
  • And ten more!

About Your Teacher

Ann Weiser Cornell struggled with painful inner critics that contributed to her experience of addiction, social anxiety, and inability to do the things she most wanted to do.

Ann created Inner Relationship Focusing with her long-time colleague, Barbara McGavin, to help people learn to listen compassionately to all the inner voices. Along the way, Ann and Barbara developed a radical new process for relating to the self-blaming voices inside them. It changed their lives, and it became their mission to help others transform as well.

For over 35 years now, Ann’s been teaching this practical, revolutionary process to people all over the world. With the Finding Freedom From Inner Critics course, you get the benefit of Ann’s expertise and the chance to practice the simple, yet revolutionary process of Focusing with her gentle, compassionate guidance.

Ann is the author of 21 Days to Healthier Boundaries, Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change, The Power of Focusing, and The Radical Acceptance of Everything. Today she is internationally recognized as one of the leading innovators and theoreticians of Focusing.

“Our relationship with the inner critic is the most tragic love story on earth. That there’s something inside you that wants only for you to be safe, and it’s doomed to talk to you in a voice that makes you sure it hates you.”

― Ann Weiser Cornell

Are you ready to transform a tragic love story
into a healing one?

 Learn how to:

Recognize when a critical part is activated and why this happens

Develop skills to respond to inner critics with presence and empathy

Move forward with more confidence, inner peace, and self-compassion

Register Here

Finding Freedom From Inner Critics

Finding Freedom From Inner Critics


21-day, on-demand video course

Three Live Q&A Calls: June 16, 23 & 30 from 10 AM to 11 AM Pacific Time

Don’t Miss Out: Class begins June 10th!

On-Demand Learning, Lifelong Access: Your course materials are online so you get them no matter where in the world you might be… Plus, you have them for life (or as long as Focusing Resources exists).


“All inner critics have a powerful secret. They’re really just trying to save your life.” ― Ann Weiser Cornell & Barbara McGavin

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The classroom is virtual and taught in a learning platform called Ruzuku. Materials are provided via a combination of video, audio slideshows, and written content to cover a variety of learning styles. There is a forum so you can connect with other program participants and be part of a dynamic learning community. And you get lifetime access to all of it. Go through it once and come back anytime you need some extra support to handle life!

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