Getting Free: A Year of Untangling

Getting Free

Join Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin for A Year of Untangling®

“Inside a Tangle, no road leads to freedom. There are dead ends everywhere. Resolution is literally impossible at that level. Everything you try just keeps you even more stuck.”

– Barbara McGavin

Barbara McGavin

Do you feel like the life you know you should be living is frustratingly out of reach?

It’s not uncommon to feel like there’s an unbridgeable gap between how you want your life to be and how it is now. Despite your determination and all the hard work you’ve put in to change your life, there are places where you’re still impossibly stuck.

Perhaps you’ve tried everything you can think of to get free. Being logical. Getting help. Working really hard. Even just giving up and settling for how things are. But none of that works. You feel as “up against it” and hopeless as ever. And you probably also feel inadequate, defective, and worthless… at least some of the time.

But there’s hope…

You might be surprised to hear that there isn’t anything wrong with you. You aren’t defective or inadequate. Something is keeping you stuck.

You have a Tangle.

Oddly, your Tangle actually makes sense. It’s created by the life-saving attempts by different Parts of you to deal with an impossible situation. Unfortunately, their efforts are mutually self-defeating.

No wonder you have confusing inner conflicts (such as feeling both “I want to and I don’t want to…” at the same time) and undermining beliefs (such as “I’m not the kind of person who can…”).

Everything your Parts have tried to get free from your Tangle have probably just made it worse.

When you’re inside a Tangle, all your thoughts and ideas, all your actions come from Parts. Parts can’t get us free from Tangles. They create and maintain Tangles! All the strategies of Parts just dig us in deeper.

No wonder this all feels so impossible!

We get it and we're here to help you.

We (Barbara and Ann) developed the Untangling® method over more than 25 years of research into what really does work.

We created Untangling® when we were facing impossibly tough life issues that were holding us back and resisted all attempts at change. We both desperately needed something that would get us free.

What we learned from our experience, first with ourselves and then with our clients, made us rethink everything we knew about trauma and change… and Focusing. Combined with our deep study of Gendlin’s ground-breaking Philosophy of the Implicit, the result was Untangling® – a powerful set of processes to untangle any Tangle.

We’d like to give you our guidance through the impossibly tough issues you’re facing so you can live the life you long to live.

What is Getting Free: A Year of Untangling® all about?

Getting Free is our first program to support you through a whole year of Untangling®.

Tangles are tough. Untangling® needs time. Time for learning new powers, trying them out in your life, and getting help with your questions and challenges as you practice your new skills. It’s really important to have steady, ongoing support so that these new ways of living can take root.

In this program, you’ll be with the two of us AND with a community of other Untanglers for inspiration and encouragement. We’ve carefully designed it that way. You’ll learn our whole method (and our cutting-edge theory), but most importantly, you’ll have personalized support for your ongoing journey with your Tangles.

What’s amazing: when your Tangle shifts, everything shifts.

Your life opens up in surprising ways. Delightful. Unpredictable. Easeful. Satisfying. Ways that were impossible to imagine from inside your Tangle.

You feel more at ease being yourself. You free your abilities and gifts so that you are effortlessly more authentic, creative, emotionally available, playful, loving, compassionate…

Best of all, you have what you need to meet new Tangles as you encounter them. More fully and freely yourself and confident in your ability to meet new Tangles. What could be better than that?

quotation mark

“I used to feel lost, frustrated, and hopeless at times because it was hard for me to be in touch with my inner life to the degree and with the quality I wanted. I now have hope and confidence that I can find resolutions – ones I never could’ve imagined – to the issues in my life and how I hold them.”

– Annie F.

3 Steps to Getting Free


Strengthen Your Powers

As you master the five Powers of Presence, you become the environment of transformation.


Your Tangle Transforms

Within that environment, your Tangle spontaneously transforms in ways that set your life free.


Confidently Embrace Your Life

Find yourself living in ways you couldn’t even imagine from inside your Tangle.

This is advanced training: You’ll need four Levels of Focusing (now taught under the name Path to Lasting Change, Parts One and Two), or a 6-day Treasure Maps retreat, in order to join us.

“Being healthy isn’t having no problems, it’s having new problems.”
– Gene Gendlin

Seasons of Change

Base Camp

Tangles are tough. They tie you up in knots. They are mystifying, frustrating and confusing. No wonder you end up feeling desperate and discouraged. To engage with your Tangle at the level that brings real change, you need to radically strengthen your Powers of Presence. By the end of Base Camp, you will be well equipped to move to the next level of Untangling®.

March 16 – Taking up the Challenge
March 23 – Showing Up as Your Biggest Self
April 6 – As Big as Montana
April 20 – Deeply Listening
May 4 -Deeply Understanding
May 18 – Deeply Loving

Into the Maze

In a Tangle, things are not what they seem. Tangles can fool you. Being entangled is like being lost in a maze. You think you’ve finally found the way out and then realize you’re actually going around in circles. There are dead ends everywhere. During this season, you learn the keys to unlocking the secrets of the maze. You gain the clarity and spaciousness to be able to spend time with the deep places that really need attention. You discover that every dead end is actually a doorway to transformation.

June 1 – Lost in the Maze
June 15 – “Did I just do that?”
June 29 – “Who’s pulling my strings?”
July 13 – “Who’s that hiding in the bushes?”
July 27 – “This is never going to work!”
August 10 – Widening the Horizon of Possibility

Diving Beneath the Surface

For a Tangle to untangle, you need to dive deep, to the heart of the Tangle. At these depths, you find wounded and struggling parts of you clustered around a frozen core. You become the compassionate healing environment that these wounded parts need. You’re able to bear what has been unbearable. As you sense the frozen core of the Tangle directly, it melts, and the life within is released. Profound change follows spontaneously.

August 31 – Diving Deep
September 14 – Desperately Evading the Abyss
September 28 – True Love
October 12 – Touching the Frozen Core
October 26 – Dancing with the Dragon of Despair
November 9 – Life Emerging

Into the World

As your Tangles untangle, every area of your life starts to open in unexpected ways. Whether it’s in your work, or your relationships or your creative endeavors, you are freer and you encounter new challenges. You can embrace your new challenges as precious opportunities for even more growth. Living with greater freedom and greater scope, you feel strong and confident in your powers, able to go out into the world — and deep into yourself — to meet what life will bring.

November 30 – Easier – and Harder
December 14 – It Takes Two to Tangle
January 11 – Dancing with the Mystery
January 25 – Life Beyond Tangles?
February 8 – Bring It On, World!
February 22– Getting Free

Want to see the full detailed curriculum? Click here

Base Camp

Taking up the Challenge
As you begin “base camp” you take up the challenge of strengthening your Powers of Presence and begin engaging with your Tangles. You meet fellow “Untanglers” who share your journey through the rocky and steep roads ahead, and you begin to get to know your Tangle.

Showing Up as Your Biggest Self
Tangles need you to be larger than they are. You develop your ability to stay grounded in Self-in-Presence as you interact with your Tangle. You cultivate inner and outer resources that strengthen your ability to engage with your Tangle as your largest Self. You learn what to do when embodying Self-in-Presence is hard.

As Big as Montana
Tangles are always multi-parted. This week, you develop your ability to become the space that the Parts in your Tangle need. This enables multiple Parts to be welcomed and equally valued… so that the next steps can happen.

Deeply Listening
The Parts in your Tangle need empathy and relationship. During the next three meetings we will be exploring the Power of Deep Empathy. With this Power, you’re able to relate to the Parts that you find in your Tangle in the way that each Part needs so that something radically new can happen.
This week, we focus on how to enable Parts to express their deepest fears and hopes for you.

Deeply Understanding
Different kinds of Parts present different kinds of challenges to you as Self-in-Presence. Those Parts are faced with different kinds of challenges themselves. This week we explore what Protector and Defender-type Parts are like, how they behave, and how to respond to the different kinds of challenges they present.

Deeply Loving
This week, you go even deeper. You learn about the qualities and needs of a third type of Part, the Small One. You explore the transformational power of developing a relationship with any Part, especially with Small Ones. And you get ready to transition into the next season, which is about the tough things Parts in a Tangle put you through, and how to meet those challenges.

Into the Maze

Lost in the Maze
When you are inside a Tangle, “hijacks” and “takeovers” by Parts are everywhere. It’s confusing to know where you are, what is happening, and what can be trusted. You’ll learn to recognize these patterns so you grow in your ability to respond when you find yourself entangled in them.

“Did I just do that?”
Sometimes you become identified with a Defender or Small One so quickly that you find yourself acting before there is any reflective awareness as Self-in-Presence. We call that being “hijacked.” You’ll learn how to recognize when that’s happening and how to cultivate Self-in-Presence so that you are in the driver’s seat instead of being driven by a Part. You’ll develop your ability to create a relationship with hijacking Parts so that hijack happens less and less often.

“Who’s pulling my strings?”
When a Protector takes over, its beliefs and feelings can seem to be our own. Protectors can hide in plain sight by masquerading as Self-in-Presence. You learn how to recognize and respond to these “takeovers” so that worried Protector Parts get the kind of relationship they truly need in order to transform.

“Who’s that hiding in the bushes?”
Many things that are mysterious about our Tangles become clear when we realize that some Parts are operating invisibly. In a Tangle, Parts can have impacts and effects without our being able to perceive them directly. You learn how to detect invisible Parts and how to develop relationships with them so they can transform.

“This is never going to work!”
Many Parts are scared of what might happen if you get close to the core of the Tangle. They have lots of strategies to stop you in your tracks, including saying, “This is never going to work.” You learn to recognize their strategies and cultivate relationships with these worried Parts so that they trust you to be OK as you get near the core of the Tangle.

Widening the Horizon of Possibility
You further develop your capacity to be a wide open space, a welcoming environment where your whole Tangle can be just as it is. You learn how to get a felt sense of your whole Tangle. A fresh experience of how the whole thing is now forms. You are, in this new moment, already living beyond the Tangle in ways that couldn’t happen before.

Diving Beneath the Surface

Diving Deep
As you find your way to the core of a Tangle, you encounter Parts that have been frozen in time, unable to live forward. In this season, you’ll strengthen your capacity to be the Transformational Environment of Self-in-Presence for what feels impossibly stuck. You learn how to take each of the Powers of Presence to a deeper level so that you can provide what these Parts need and fill in what they are missing.

Desperately Evading the Abyss
When a desperate Small One gets loose in the world, and sees a chance to get what it longs for, it can behave in ways that disregard both reality and other people. You’ll learn why trying to give a desperate Small One what it believes it needs keeps you trapped in the Tangle… and how to be what the Small One really needs instead.

True Love
Trauma is at the heart of every Tangle. A key element of Untangling is becoming the healing environment for what has been traumatized. Discover how to create a trustworthy relationship with Parts that are frozen, still living in the time of the trauma. And learn a way of responding to them that enables them to live forward again.

Touching the Frozen Core
As you dive deep to the core of the Tangle, you come to an experience we call the Point of Stoppage. You’ll learn about the nature of the Point of Stoppage and why treating it as a Part will be ineffective – and what to do instead. When you can bring awareness to what has not yet been formed, and stand how uncomfortable that is, whole system shifts become possible.

Dancing with the Dragon of Despair
When Parts have been struggling for what seems like forever to get out of a Tangle, they can become deeply discouraged and despairing. They are afraid the reality is this is never going to change. That you are essentially broken and can never heal. That you don’t have what it takes to live fully and freely. As you learn to dance with these Dragons, they begin to hope again.

Life Emerging
Your unlived life has always been ready to live forward again. It’s just been waiting for the right conditions. The good news is that you can create those conditions. Using the Powers of Presence, you meet the needs of your entangled Parts. You hold a space for new life to emerge. As you begin to live beyond the Tangle, you sense what is possible now that was not possible before.

Into the World

Easier – and Harder
As your Tangle loosens, some things will get easier, allowing you to welcome bigger challenges in your life. As you develop your ability to meet the new challenges that arise when life starts to get more free, your confidence in your ability to encounter new problems grows. You now know that what seems to be a setback is a precious opportunity for further growth.

It Takes Two to Tangle
Tangles always involve other people. Everybody has Parts. In our closest relationships, our Parts often mutually entangle. You learn to recognize when things in a relationship are getting “Parts-y.” You learn how to stay grounded or return to Self-in-Presence when Parts get triggered.

Dancing with the Mystery
Every interaction you have is a fabulous opportunity for relating from Self-in-Presence to the other person’s largest Self. As you live more and more from Self-in-Presence, you experience the difference between Parts-y reactions and being responsive. You’ll know from your core that taking responsibility for your actions includes taking responsibility for the actions of your Parts.

Life Beyond Tangles?
Is there such a thing as life beyond Tangles? Well, it’s not “everything is easy now.” It is not being all done and finished. It’s not Nirvana, or Heaven. It doesn’t mean getting everything you want. Perhaps life beyond Tangles is really two things: Living your whole life more and more from Self-in-Presence, and having the capacity to respond to stoppages as they occur so that interaction becomes freely available again.

Bring It On, World!
As you live from Self-in-Presence more and more, you can be comfortable with being uncomfortable. When Parts arise (and they will), you recognize they are there and are able to turn toward them. Your capacity to enter into and engage with life – whatever happens – deepens and strengthens.

Getting Free
Profound transformation happens in magical and paradoxical ways, unpredictably yet always in the direction of living freely. Doing this work in community is deeply nourishing. During this year you have created connections that can sustain and support you as you go forward. When your Tangle shifts, your life opens up in surprising ways. You free your abilities and gifts so that you are effortlessly more authentic, creative, emotionally available, playful, loving, compassionate…

24 Live Meetings (Online)

Ann and Barbara both plan to be present at all meetings. We meet with the group and offer supportive guidance with your Tangles. As you share and listen and know you’re not alone in what you’re facing, our community grows. You benefit from listening along with other participants’ processes and feel other people’s encouragement for your own.


Meeting in Focusing partnership with other Getting Free participants is a key part of the program. We give you a specific partnership practice theme each time the group meets. You can choose to have a different partner each time or stay with the same partner for longer.

In-Depth Manual/Workbook with Video Support

A new Untangling® Manual by Ann and Barbara lays out the whole theory and method, supported by audio and video. This means class time can be used almost entirely for coaching you in how to apply the process to your Tangle.

Online Community

Stay connected to other group members and Barbara and Ann. Experience group support whenever you need it on a private, password-protected online community space where you can share your process, your insights and your questions.


“In every tough situation I can be curious. Even in the hardest times, I know I’m OK.”

– Ann Weiser Cornell

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Getting Free: A Year of Untangling

Getting Free: A Year of Untangling

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Dates: March 16, 2021 to February 22, 2022
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This is advanced training: You’ll need Your Path to Lasting Change, Part Two, Focusing Level Four, or a 6-day Treasure Maps retreat, in order to join us.


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You will learn:

  • Why some areas of our lives resist change and stay stuck no matter what we try
  • How to create an environment of change instead of trying to change
  • A view of stages and layers: Why working with deeply entrenched Tangles takes time

We will also talk about the Getting Free: A Year of Untangling™ program and answer your questions about whether it is right for you.

The 5 Powers of Untangling

What People Are Saying…

The testimonials below are about our Untangling work, which we offer in six-day retreats and in the Getting Free course.

  • Annie F.
    "I used to feel lost, frustrated, and hopeless at times because it was hard for me to be in touch with my inner life to the degree and with the quality I wanted. I now have hope and confidence that I can find resolutions - ones I never could've imagined - to the issues in my life and how I hold them."
  • Stéphanie RS
    "All my life, I've suffered from low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and impostor syndrome. Focusing already helped me tremendously, but I still felt stuck. I love the Treasure Maps framework of Untangling a Tangle. For a long time, I felt like I bumped into the same invisible wall, without the ability to really see it. Now, I feel changed. It's subtle, but I definitely made a step forward. After Treasure Maps, I feel more compassion toward myself, more patience, more ability to hold it all. And I have a clear process/map to keep working on my Tangle."
  • Gaye B.
    "Treasure Maps gave me the tools to bring about transformative, sustainable change. When I returned home and found I wasn't irritable (like I used to be) and didn't even have to try to be open and loving, I felt free. It's been a dynamic and effective transformation."
  • Marie Sherry McDonald
    "For me, Treasure Maps is a spiritual adventure. When I cultivate unconditional presence for all that arises in me, I feel peaceful and I can be myself. As a result, I have better relationships, feel longer periods of calm, and appreciate most of my life experiences."
  • Terri Thayer Micene
    Terri Thayer Micene photo"My life has changed since Treasure Maps. I no longer spend several hours a day playing games on my phone. What was once an irresistible siren call was shut off just like a water tap. My eating habits (my main tangle) are no longer a problem. My stomach is behaving as it should and I don’t fight off cravings or the desire to eat foods that don’t agree with me. Eating has become an easeful process for me, for the first time in my life."
  • Heather Rogers
    "I gained a profound sense of transformation and healing from my childhood. There were things there, in the past, that felt like a dark shadow with deep longings. They needed compassionate, nurturing attention and they found it in Treasure Maps. I now know how to be aware of and present with two conflicting aspects of myself without taking sides. I have tools to work with states of depression, shame and despair, procrastination, addictive behaviors, and obsession in my work with others. This workshop - the immediacy, depth of respect for one another, and profound wisdom of the body - is an experience I will always treasure."
  • K.B.
    "For a long time, I knew my fitness was declining. Returning home from Treasure Maps, I was able to take the next step. I found a personal trainer and started working out. I've noticed the benefits to my health and stamina. Now, I get off the bus a couple of stops earlier and walk farther to get to my office. I'm not dragging my heels around working out with my trainer or working out at home between appointments. There's just this natural 'doingness' about this seemingly small action. Focusing every day at the retreat helped me bring it more into everyday life and start a regular practice."
  • Mariko M.
    "Before discovering Focusing, my biggest challenge was that I always seemed to need to do something to justify who I was. I was the biggest judge and critic of myself and it made me feel like I had to justify my existence by always being and doing good. Through Focusing and the Treasure Maps work, I discovered there are different parts of me that have developed different perspectives. I've found it's important to listen to those different experiences because they represent and make up the whole me."
  • Sandy Prashama
    "I came into this course desperate for help to be able to move forward. I was physically getting sicker and sicker, had left my job, and could barely function. I ended up in bed sleeping or playing games into the wee hours trying to cope. Parts of me had totally taken over, a battle was raging inside that left me non-functional except basics. The worse it got, the worse I felt. At the Treasure Maps retreat, I got support being Self-in-Presence (a kind of gentle self-accepting state) and I noticed that I'd become deeply identified with some of my parts. Ann and Barbara gave me amazingly clear and 'count-on-able' tools that helped me have many deeply healing and often spiritual experiences. Now, I'm much more functional. When parts come up (which they have), I recognize them and use the skills I learned so I can be with them. I recommend this course to anyone dealing with something inside that feels confusing and beyond reach or if they're in a situation that makes it feel hard to move forward. It really works. The tools are simple, yet powerful. And they're easy to use on your own so you can keep experiencing changes after the course too."
  • Jennifer Edwards
    "Treasure Maps was absolutely amazing in content, the way it was organized, the experiential work we did. Even down to the way the course was delivered. It's clear that Ann and Barbara have developed this work over many years and are teaching from their personal experience. Halfway through the retreat, I was confident that whatever happens in my life from now on, I have a way of being with that in a compassionate, nonjudgmental way. My inner world feels more friendly now. I have more "space" inside - more peace. I discovered I really can be the environment for change. It's like being given a priceless gift. I am so grateful to Ann and Barbara for their work."
  • Bie D.
    "Before Treasure Maps, I was always trying to understand and change my relationship with the world in order to find a better place for me "out there." Now, I often spend more time with myself. It's easier to be alone. I'm more in the here and now, so I enjoy life more."
  • F.C.S.
    "What's different about Focusing? I found, and still find, something new and curious every time I venture into the Focusing space. That surprises me and I love it. After Treasure Maps, I know there's something undeniably important about Focusing that I must and deeply want to pursue. I now have a connection to the wider community of Focusers, including some I hope I can continue the journey with."
  • Lynette T.
    "Treasure Maps offers a comprehensive process that enables one to really do deeper work in a continuous way so you don't lose the thread of the issues you're working through. You really have the space to get to the heart of all that's needed to make lasting change. After the retreat, I feel freer to just be me and go with my own flow. I don't feel the same pressure to be something I'm not or to perform to the standards of others. What really matters now is that I feel satisfied and fulfilled by my actions. I keep learning and growing, experiencing life in whatever way feels right for me at the time."
  • D.B.
    "Before Treasure Maps, I couldn't shake the feeling of being 'lost.' I'd write things out so I'd do them, but it was hard work getting through my list. I was tired and nothing helped (at least not for long). Now, I've dropped some of the heavy weight dragging me down and I've even found a more playful energy to move with as I go about my day. There's nothing like a room full of people who can hold a space of openness and non-judgment to help me become a more complete version of myself."
  • Vicki Thomas
    "Before Treasure Maps I was dealing with some very painful tangled stuff that left me feeling a lot of despair and hopelessness. Treasure Maps gave me a lot more understanding. I feel more patience and empathy for myself and this Tangle inside. And I learned so many great tools to help me with my process. I can now start anywhere in my Tangle and it leads me where I need to go. I found Treasure Maps to be one of the richest, deepest retreats I've ever done. "
  • Paul Fitzgerald, DMin
    "I'd done a great deal of work before taking Treasure Maps. I knew how my tangle limited me...cutting me off from deep feelings, needing to be so overly-responsible and taking everything so seriously. Knowing and analyzing these details was informative, but not transformative. The Treasure Maps experience was like a dissolving of an old way of seeing life and having new eyes to engage life with more freedom. I'd highly encourage anyone interested in deepening their Focusing to take this course. The information offered by Ann and Barbara, their real-live and vulnerable demonstrations, their very perceptive and empathic support of participants created a rich learning environment. The structure of the Focusing/Companioning sessions was invaluable as well as the connections to continue Focusing with participants after the class ended."
  • S.S.
    "I came to Treasure Maps with an intention to find a method to help me be with difficult feelings in intimate relationships, and as a tool to facilitate deeper connections for my patients. Other methods I'd tried before left me feeling like I needed to be fixed or changed, but Focusing wasn't like that. Instead of "managing" myself, I developed an appreciation of my experiences that allowed acceptance and compassion. As a result, my relationships (with myself and others) feel more connected, loving and warm. I knew this course was making a difference when I noticed that I felt more settled when difficult feelings came. I began to "be with" them and give them space instead of resisting the experiences that activated them. It made all the difference. Now, I have a more solid sense of trust in myself (and others). I know I will move forward, confident that I can and will take good care of myself (and others) as a result."
  • Georgia Simone
    "I came to Treasure Maps hoping to untangle a life-long, debilitating self-doubt and fear of public speaking. No one (as in not one single person) has been able to support me in overcoming the intense nervous energy I sometimes experience when speaking in public or sharing in groups. This left me feeling confused and like there was something wrong with me. Treasure Maps handed me the keys to not only begin to untangle this nervous knot but also to gain great insight into what has prevented me from fulfilling my potential. After Treasure Maps, I feel different in ways that are difficult to articulate - as if the very foundation that has been holding this whole tangle together has been weakened beyond repair. I've spoken twice in public since the retreat and both times felt so different. There was some nervous energy, but unlike other times, it did not take over. I was able to stay in presence without being consumed by it, and I was able to speak from my heart authentically and powerfully. This is huge! Furthermore, I simply feel more confident - in a natural and quiet kind of way, like I don't need to prove or defend myself. I feel more myself. And it feels good. Really good."
  • C.W.
    "Before Treasure Maps, my biggest challenge was being anxious and panicked around other people. During the retreat, I realized it's not about other people. It's about turning toward the conflict in myself that I've chose to ignore, suppress or run away from - out of fear or pain. The retreat was invaluable. Watching Ann and Barbara Focus twice a day was extremely useful. After the retreat and all that I learned, I feel more grounded and hopeful about my future."
  • Sylvie M.
    "Before Treasure Maps, I was often merged with parts of me and there was a feeling of being blocked...always at the same place. During the workshop, I started to notice a lot of what I was experiencing in my body and was shown a bigger picture of the situation. I found I could understand more deeply, without judging. I learned a lot about my issues. I'm now more able to welcome my inner critics. And sometimes it's like there's silence inside. I feel like I'm better able to show up to the process of Focusing, especially as a companion."

About the Teachers

Ann and Barbara

Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann Weiser Cornell struggled with painful addiction, anxiety in social situations, and an inability to do the thing she most wanted to do – write.

Ann created Inner Relationship Focusing with her long-time colleague, Barbara McGavin, to help alleviate the thinking and feeling cycles that kept her stuck in hard places. It changed her life, and it became her mission to help others create quiet miracles in their lives too.

For over 35 years now, Ann’s been teaching this practical, revolutionary process to people all over the world.

Barbara McGavin

Barbara McGavin’s greatest joy is exploring the frontiers of the Focusing process – what it is and how it can be applied in daily life.

Since 1991, she has been developing Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell. Since 1994, the two of them have been exploring Focusing in some of the most difficult areas of life. Untangling™ has grown out of this and is the core of Barbara’s own Focusing practice.

Barbara’s other great interest is in how Focusing can be used in the creative arts. She has developed a process called From Spark to Beacon to help people develop and release their creative capacities.

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This is advanced training: You’ll need four Levels of Focusing (now taught under the name Path to Lasting Change, Parts One and Two), or a 6-day Treasure Maps retreat, in order to join us.


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Course meets the qualifications for 48 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Focusing Resources, CAMFT Approved CE Provider #62524.

Focusing Resources is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs. Focusing Resources maintains responsibility for this course and its content.

There is a $25 administrative fee for CE units. Course completion certificates are awarded at the end of the course upon completion of all requirements and the course evaluation. (If you don’t want CE units but would like a completion certificate, the $25 fee does still apply.)

Eligibility for CE units requires at least 80% live attendance. Missed classes must be made up.

Cancellations, Changes & Refunds

Until end of day March 31, 2020: We will refund your course fee less the $200 non-refundable portion of your initial payment.

From April 1, 2020 onward: 100% of course fees are non-refundable.

When Something Doesn't Go As You'd Hoped...

We are always open to discussing experiences with our courses that didn’t work for you or didn’t go the way you expected. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to email your course instructor, the staff member in charge of your course, or Ann Weiser Cornell. Email addresses for all these people will be supplied on registration. We will work with you to find a way to meet your needs.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Your Answers…

Do I have to be present for every class? What about recordings?

This is a participatory partnership class and your presence at most of the classes is important, but there is no precise number of classes you need to attend — unless you want CEUs, in which case you need to attend 80% of the classes and make up any missed classes. Every class will be recorded and the recordings will be available to every registered participant.

Can I take this course remotely, by listening to recordings?

Yes, that would be possible. You would not be able to receive CEUs but you could participate in class discussions using the online forum, and you would be able to be in partnerships.

How does this compare to the Untangling™ course which was five weeks long?

Whenever we taught that 5-week Untangling™ course (or 10 weeks with Untangling™ 2 added), we wished we had the time and the structure to offer real support over time to the inner journey of the participants. Getting Free is not only longer. It also offers more support and more depth. Because it is an advanced course, requiring either four levels of Focusing training or the 6-day retreat, we are able to work at an advanced level from the start.

How does this compare to the retreats, the 6-day regular retreat, and the 6-day advanced retreat?

There is nothing like meeting in person! We love doing retreats because of the power of an in-person group in a beautiful place in the world. That said, the down-side of a retreat is that you go home in a week… and except for Focusing partnerships and emails, you are basically on your own. We’ve been longing for a way to support people over time to make the Untangling™ process a deep and enduring part of their lives.



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