Navigating Loss & Change

Are you faced with a changed world you never planned for?

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Navigating Loss & Change

a 3-week live online course
with Ann Weiser Cornell

It’s natural to be stunned by a loss, and unable to move forward.

It could be the loss of a person, or of a job, or of a whole way of life.

It could even be the loss of your place in the world, or your sense of who you are.

Big change, as well as big loss, can leave you feeling confused and anchorless.

Do you find yourself staring into space, forgetting things more often? Are you tired, exhausted, stressed? Do you feel like even your sense of purpose and meaning has been called into question?

When more than one big loss comes at you at once, it can be even harder.

I know. When my brother and sister both died of cancer within a single month, I felt like I was being ground into powder. And when on top of that, my landlord asked me to leave my sweet little cottage…. Well, like a caterpillar I felt I had to transform or die. No other choice.

In some mysterious way, loss can open us up to change we didn’t know was possible.

Two months after my brother and sister died, I was buying my first home, something I’d thought I could never do. Yes, I felt vulnerable and scared… but I did it.

I learned that in the midst of terrible loss, I needed two things.

I needed to be present to myself — the tears, the exhaustion, the blankness, all of it — trusting the process and letting my body take me along for the ride. And I needed to listen to those inner stirrings pointing to new possibilities.

How do you find your way when you’ve lost all your familiar landmarks?

You still have a reliable guide. You have a place in you that knows your way forward, even if you’ve never been there before. 

Navigating loss and change means learning how to trust your inner sense of rightness.

Hard as it is, a time of loss can be a huge teacher about how to trust yourself. Because no one else knows what you need to get through this time… and what you’re going to find yourself creating out of what you’ve lost.

In the midst of disruption and uncertainty, you can find invincible new life.

In my 35-plus years of working with people, I’ve seen this over and over. Loss can be terrible… and it can also take us to a new place. 

Join me in this course where I’ll show you how to:

  • Become aware of and accept your unique and personal reactions to loss and change
  • Develop your ability to listen to and trust your own inner guidance about what you need and where you’re headed
  • Nurture the creative stirrings of new life growing inside of you, without judging or comparing yourself to others

This course could be right for you if:

  • You feel like you’re being hit by a lot of loss and change right now
  • You’ve lost something or someone — and you’re still dealing with it, no matter how long ago that was
  • You want to find your own sense of meaning in a time of loss and change

What You’ll Get:

A series of resource-building practices that you can go on using even when the course is over.

Support from a community of people going through something similar so you don’t have to feel so alone with it all.

The result: A deeper sense of trust in yourself and the invincible spirit at your core.

About Your Guide

Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD, is the co-developer (with Barbara McGavin) of Inner Relationship Focusing. Ann learned Focusing in 1972 from its developer, Eugene Gendlin, and was his close friend and colleague to the end of his life.

Ann has written several definitive books on Focusing, including The Power of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing, and Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change.

She has taught Inner Relationship Focusing around the world since 1980, and is a past president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology.

“Grieving is a process, not a feeling. It’s a natural process, and we can trust it… if we allow it to carry us forward.”

― Ann Weiser Cornell

Are you ready to
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Learn to Trust Your Inner Sense of Rightness

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Navigating Loss & Change

Navigating Loss & Change

$195.00 $145.00

September 14-28, 2020
3 Mondays: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time
Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell. Live Online Course


Payment and additional details

Cost: $145 through end of day August 24, $195 after
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Can’t make this time? You can register and participate by listening to recordings of the course each week at a time that works with your schedule. But you won’t be eligible for CE units.


Need a Little Help Deciding?

Want to get a first-hand experience of what this course can offer you? Join me for a one-hour webinar on August 31 from 3 PM to 4 PM Pacific Time. You’ll come away with:

  • A simple yet powerful process for accompanying your own feelings about loss, whatever they are
  • A practice for increasing your trust in your own inner knowing
  • A deeper understanding of how loss and change can open you up to more than was possible before

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

― Lao Tzu

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Do I need to attend every class meeting?

You can enroll in this course and listen to the recordings that are available 1-2 days after each class meeting. We call this remote attendance. Please Note: If you attend remotely, you are ineligible for CEUs.

Is this a course with partnership practice?

No, partnerships are not available for this course.

Tell me more about the classroom environment and how course content is provided?

Sure. This course is taught using an online video conference system called Zoom. You’ll receive all the details you need to join us via Zoom prior to the first class meeting. You’ll also receive a private class webpage where homework assignments and class recordings can be found. Participants will be able to communicate via an online forum on the private class webpage.

Tell me more about the recordings for this course

To respect the confidentiality and privacy of our participants we do not provide video recordings of our classes. All recordings are provided as audio files.



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