Demonstrations Of Inner Relationship Focusing: Working with a Storytelling Client


by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD

DVD: $47.00


This DVD is a rare opportunity to witness an actual Focusing session guided by a world-renowned master teacher, with commentary both before and after the session. Ann Weiser Cornell facilitates Patrick, a man working with issues of anger, through a Focusing process in which he moves from recounting events in his life (telling stories) into a deeper contact with himself, a place from which life-forward movement becomes possible.

Today, more and more clinicians are discovering the need to work in a body-oriented way in order to facilitate real change. The Focusing process, developed by Eugene Gendlin from research into successful psychotherapy, is the ultimate in body-oriented, non-touch therapeutic work. Yet incorporating Focusing smoothly into therapy sessions is not simple, especially with some kinds of clients.

In this DVD, Ann Weiser Cornell demonstrates her signature approach to facilitating Focusing, combining gentle empathic respect with highly supportive invitations that point the way to deeper process at every stage. Specific points illustrated include: acknowledging both parts in an inner conflict without taking sides, using invitations instead of questions, respecting “resistance,” facilitating Presence, and responding positively to an inner “critic.”

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1. Introduction (6 minutes)
2. Patrick’s session (55 minutes)
3. Commentary afterwards (20 minutes)


81 Minutes. 1 Region 0 DVD (plays in dvd players in all regions).
Produced by Second Sight Video and Multimedia.

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