Self-in-Presence… and Parts

Do you get pulled off-center by stress and negativity? Or get triggered and then overreact? Join me for…

Self-in-Presence…and Parts

An on-demand course with Ann Weiser Cornell for living from your calm, steady center no matter what.

“Cultivating Self-in-Presence is perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep you safe when dealing with inner and outer conflict. It will keep you strong and it will keep you on track.”
-Barbara McGavin & Ann Weiser Cornell

Do you find yourself reacting – and over-reacting – to the daily stresses of life?

There’s so much that is stressful these days! Social media, extreme weather, job worries… it can easily start feeling like “just too much.”

Other people are stressed out as well… so you can find yourself embroiled in conflicts that you didn’t start but don’t know how to get out of.

It’s easy to feel at the mercy of the tough things in life.

Losses and challenges can land on you one after another until it feels like you’ll never get out from under. Ashleigh Brilliant wrote: “I can handle one day at a time, but sometimes several days pile up on me at once.” Once you start to lose your perspective, even small stresses can feel like big disasters.

The trouble comes when you lose your capacity to roll with the punches and come back to center.

Hard things happen to everyone and it’s natural to need some time to recover. But when you’ve lost your resilience, even taking time doesn’t seem to help. You rest – but you don’t feel rested. Your stress levels remain high… and that takes a big toll, physically and emotionally. It’s like your reserves are being drained and they don’t fill up again.

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Yes, there is a way to recover your inner resources and face life with “a full tank.”

It’s called cultivating Self-in-Presence.

Self-in-Presence is quite simply the ability to be bigger than what life throws at you.

Maybe you remember a time when you were in such a good mood that the usual stresses couldn’t trigger you. Or you can think of some people you know who can remain calm when others would get defensive. That’s Self-in-Presence.

When you cultivate Self-in-Presence, you can handle even the toughest things in life from a calm, strong center.

The concept of Self-in-Presence comes from the Untangling® method that Barbara McGavin and I created to meet the challenges of suicidal depression and alcohol addiction. Yes, even for challenges that tough, the first step is to cultivate Self-in-Presence.

Rather than being in denial, Self-in-Presence is a state where you see with clear eyes.

You can make good choices. You can gather the best information. You can discern between situations and behaviors that don’t serve you, and those that nourish you and others. When you’re reactive and overwhelmed, it’s hard to do these things. But as Self-in-Presence, you have the resources you need to respond to life as your whole self.

Rather than being taken over by feelings like anxiety or anger, when you’re Self-in-Presence you create a relationship with your feelings. There’s no need to fight with how you feel.

You can make wise choices, taking the whole picture into account. You’re much less likely to react to other people in a way that triggers them too. Life is calmer, more productive, more relaxing.

Cultivating Self-in-Presence is the single most important thing you can do to change your life for the better.

And I want to help you get better at doing it.

“Who you really are in your deepest self is not your trouble, not your hurt, not your distress. Who you really are is calm, strong, compassionate Presence.”
-Ann Weiser Cornell

Join me in this course where I’ll show you how to:

  • Create a daily practice that will nourish and grow your ability to be calm and steady in the midst of stress.
  • Understand the difference between using good feelings as a way to skip over negatives, and being genuinely positive despite the negatives.
  • More easily move from being taken over by your feelings to having a compassionate relationship with your feelings.
  • Understand the difference between shaming yourself for impulsive behaviors and calmly choosing to behave in a healthier way.
  • Bring generous curiosity to yourself and others… and experience the huge difference this makes!

This course could be right for you if:

  • You  get knocked over by emotional states, triggered by events or other people.
  • Daily life feels difficult because of stressful emotions.
  • You know that having more calm and balance is possible, you just don’t always manage to do it.

Seven weekly modules – Each introduces you to one or two new skills you can use to strengthen your experience of Self-in-Presence so you can be calm and steady no matter what


Gathering Your Resources

You can cultivate your ability to be Self-in-Presence by doing resourcing activities like walking in nature, doing yoga or dancing… and you can also cultivate your ability to be Self-in-Presence by the way you create relationship with your more challenging feelings.


Recognizing Your Triggers

Being able to recognize when you are triggered is actually a key skill you can develop. You can also learn to relate as Self-in-Presence to your stressful thoughts.


Relating as Your Bigger Self

You can draw on images and metaphors to help you find Self-in-Presence when you need it the most. You can start experiencing Self-in-Presence as a way of living, not just something you do at special times.


Having a Self-in-Presence Practice

The simple practices you do each day can make all the difference in whether you get taken over by your stressed, emotional parts, or whether you are calm and able to act with flow.


Stepping Between the Parts

When you have Parts that react to each other in repetitive patterns (and have done so for a long time), what they need from you is a kind of Presence where you provide them space but don’t get caught in the battle.


Reactions to Other People

The biggest challenge to being Self-in-Presence is other people! The closer they are to us, the more other people tend to bring up our Parts. Let’s learn some ways to cultivate Self-in-Presence even when around other people.


Self-in-Presence is the Environment Parts Need

Cultivating Self-in-Presence strengthens your ability to face the world with calm and wisdom AND be with parts that need your attention. Self-in-Presence is also the ideal environment to receive the wisdom of your felt senses. You can practice living from Self-in-Presence more and more of the time.

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“Before the course, it was a challenge to be present in the everyday moments of life as a wife, mother, friend, and daughter. I suffered from little triggers that set me off, especially with family. That all left me feeling inadequate. I longed to be present to my life without the painful triggered explosions or feelings of emptiness in the more ‘mundane’ moments.

The Self-in-Presence & Parts course has been life-changing. The ability to step back into that presence and see the ‘somethings in me’ has completely shifted my perspective of life. It’s the greatest gift I’ve given myself. The gratitude I feel to Ann and Barbara for Inner Relationship Focusing is beyond words.”

~ Mia Rose P.

About Ann

Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD, is the co-developer (with Barbara McGavin) of Inner Relationship Focusing. Ann learned Focusing in 1972 from its developer, Eugene Gendlin, and was his close friend and colleague to the end of his life.

Ann has written several definitive books on Focusing, including The Power of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing, and Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change.

She has taught Inner Relationship Focusing around the world since 1980, and is a past president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology.

Ann Weiser Cornell

“When you are merged with a Part, you see the world through its eyes. You can’t see the larger picture or another person’s point of view. You can’t get a sense of the whole situation.”
-Barbara McGavin & Ann Weiser Cornell

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Self-in-Presence…and Parts

Self-in-Presence…and Parts


7-Module On-Demand Course
Unlimited, lifetime access
Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell


Additional details

This is a recorded on-demand course that includes two of our popular courses: Self-in-Presence and Presence & Partiality. There were some microphone issues during the course and some of the sound may be scratchy.

Self-in-Presence and Partiality are concepts from the Untangling® method created by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin. This isn’t a course in the full Untangling® method. Specifically, we will not be working with Parts after they’re identified. But just finding your Parts and unmerging from them is already a powerful thing to do!

How This Course Works

Learn Wherever You Like

This course is accessible by computer, tablet, or smart phone. If you can connect to the internet, you can connect to this course!

Be Supported In Your Process!

You won’t be going it alone! You’ll have access to a forum to chat with other students, plus access to Ann for parts where you might feel stuck.

Available at Your Convenience!

You can access new content (delivered weekly) whenever it works for you. You get lifetime access, so you can revisit the material anytime.

Interactive Materials

This course includes a beautiful PDF workbook to help you integrate your learning. There will also be checkpoints during the course to check-in on your progress.

“When you are Presence, your Parts will melt and dissolve; your Self will remain and grow. You will absorb all the life energy, learnings, skills, and abilities that have been held in your Parts. That energy will then be free to be lived and expressed throughout your life. ”
– Ann Weiser Cornell & Barbara McGavin

What People Are Saying

  • Mia Rose P.
    "Before the course, it was a challenge to be present in the everyday moments of life as a wife, mother, friend, and daughter. I suffered from little triggers that set me off, especially with family. That all left me feeling inadequate. I longed to be present to my life without the painful triggered explosions or feelings of emptiness in the more 'mundane' moments. The Self-in-Presence & Parts course has been life-changing. The ability to step back into that presence and see the 'somethings in me' has completely shifted my perspective of life. It's the greatest gift I've given myself. The gratitude I feel to Ann and Barbara for Inner Relationship Focusing is beyond words."
  • D.G.
    "My biggest challenge was being comfortable working with parts and that left me feeling muddled and incompetent. Now, I'm more at home with the concept of parts and more willing to engage them. Ann has a very calm, relaxed, accepting approach to working with students. Parts work now feels doable."
  • L.R.
    "Before the course, I'd get identified with younger parts of me and that often left me feeling confused, trapped, and stuck. The more I cultivate Self-in-Presence, the more I can turn toward these parts and listen to them rather than being taken over by them and saying or doing things I regret later. I now have growing confidence and a secure feeling that I don't have to be afraid of what is within me. I can listen with understanding and empathy. The ability to be with my parts with compassion is precious and this course helps cultivate that ability. It's priceless!"
  • Micheline G.
    "This course was exactly what I needed. I learned to pause before reacting or saying things I'd regret later. By being present to what was happening inside me, I was able to be there with myself in total acceptance. This is a way of being that creates a place of welcoming and acceptance... It's so life-giving."
  • L.R.
    "Before the Self-in-Presence course, I felt frightened of my own feelings and didn't understand what they meant. Now, I'm less afraid of my inner life and what might show up. I'm learning how to welcome it all. Practicing Self-in-Presence has actually delivered what it promised - more inner peace! My life has changed so much since I began taking your courses - they are giving me back myself."

Money Back Guarantee

Your course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you let us know within one year after you purchase the course that we didn’t deliver what we said we would, just ask and we’ll cheerfully refund the full course fee.

Do I get access to the course all at once?

No. You’ll have access to the first Module of the course as soon as you sign up. Every 7 days, you’ll get a new module released to you. We provide the content in ‘small bites’ like this because taking time to practice the material and move forward in small, consistent steps supports you in making the kinds of changes you really want to make.

Tell me more about the classroom environment and how course content is provided?

Sure. The classroom is virtual and taught in a learning platform called Ruzuku. Materials are provided via a combination of video, audio slideshows, and written content to cover a variety of learning styles. There is a forum so you can connect with other program participants and be part of a dynamic learning community. And you get lifetime access to all of it. Go through it once and come back anytime you need some extra support to handle life!

Can my friend and I share the course?

Thanks for asking. Each course is licensed to a single user – you! While we can’t authorize you to share the materials, we’d love to have your friend participate too. Please feel free to invite them to sign up too!

Are CE Credits available?

No, we’re sorry. Continuing Education Units (CE Credits) are not available for this course. If you need CE Credits, please check out our upcoming live online courses here.



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