SHIFT is a 6-module program to help you find your way to a calm, clear place, even when life seems to have other plans!  

It’s easy to feel frozen or reactive when your world is full of uncertainty. In SHIFT, you’ll learn a research-based process called Inner Relationship Focusing. IRF gives you practical, revolutionary skills to help you be calmer, have more clarity, and take the steps needed to move your life in the right direction for you.

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you learn to embrace calm even in the most challenging situations. And when you’re calm, you’re clear. You communicate well, feel better, and you know what to do next… We think that’s priceless.

We would love to help you, too.


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“After taking the SHIFT course, there was a noticeable change in how I respond to people and things which would have set me off. I obsess less over past wrongs; some of them have disappeared completely from the library of unfair and hurtful stuff I stew over. And, in the present, not only am I more prepared to pause and prevent knee-jerk reactions from escalating things to soap opera drama levels, but people/things are behaving and responding in ways in which I am not diminished or dismissed as an individual.”

~ Daniel Noel

A Personal Message From Ann…

I remember when I first learned the Focusing process. I was 22 years old, confused, full of longing and anxiety, and very out of touch with myself. I came from a family background where I was supposed to put the needs and feelings of other people above my own. Learning Focusing from Eugene Gendlin saved my life… and I’m grateful every day.

Maybe you’re on a path like mine. Maybe you want to reclaim your right to know what you feel, get past your blocks, make decisions from your whole self, and stop feeling ashamed and bad about yourself. Maybe you want to live a much larger life than the one you’re currently living!

I created the SHIFT course for people just like you. In SHIFT, you step into my video classroom and I take you through learning Focusing in simple steps. I’ll help you learn how to pause and get a larger sense of what’s happening in the moment (in Focusing we call that a felt sense), bring acceptance to the things you experience throughout your day (feelings, thoughts, etc) , and apply the process of Focusing to decisions, releasing blocks, inner critics, and more.

The videos are pre-recorded… but I will be there live as you take the course, reading and responding to you every day!

Could you use more calm and more joy in your life? Join me for SHIFT.

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Ann Weiser Cornell

Everything is Online – No Travel Required

This course is accessible by computer, tablet, or smart phone. If you can connect to the internet, you can connect to this course!

All course materials, including streaming videos, MP3s, a beautiful PDF workbook, and additional resources can be found through our online member portal.

Available at Your Convenience

Course materials are released every three days in your student portal. You can move through them in as little as 3 weeks or you can go as slowly as you like. You’ll also have lifetime access to the material, so you can revisit it anytime.

You won’t be going it alone! You’ll have access to a forum to chat with other students, plus access to Ann for parts where you might feel stuck.

The Core Curriculum.

Each of the six learning modules introduces new skills, as well as a clear practical way that you can use that skill in your life.

Moving from Stress and Overwhelm to Calm Presence

Anger, Anxiety, Shame and Sadness – How to Shift (and Learn From) Your Strong Emotions

Making Decisions with the Wisdom of Your Whole Self

Moving from Beating Yourself Up to Loving and Appreciating Yourself

Releasing Your Blocks to Moving Forward with Your Life

Calm, Clear, Alert, Effective: Bringing It All Together

How SHIFT is Changing Lives

  • Stefanie S.
    "Before SHIFT, I used to worry about failing so much I couldn't even begin. Parts were worried about talking in front of people or even talking about my ideas. It blocked my writing. With SHIFT, I learned to put my attention on the parts that are worried. Being with the worry and shame I felt gave me freedom. Now, I've grown more confident about sharing my point of view. A big thank you for the course. I got closer to myself and my ideas about what life can become..."
  • Hanno Eigenbrod
    "Before SHIFT I found it challenging to sit with unpleasant feelings which left me feeling too emotional and reactive. Before SHIFT, I'd avoid writing difficult emails or answering the phone, dreading what others might want from me or tell me. Now, I'm ready to tackle difficult situations head-on. The course helped me shift my confidence."
  • Richard B.
    "Before SHIFT my mind would wander off when I tried to Focus and five minutes later I'd realize I was a hundred thoughts away from where I started. I felt discouraged and like this would never work for me. Practicing with Ann's guided exercises in the course really helped me keep 'on task.' Before the course, I was also worried about feeling like everything I did was wrong. Now, I feel more open to the possibility that most of the time I do the right thing. Having tried many, many modalities for healing, this is the one I've found that offers change — shifts that your own body has prescribed for you. That is priceless and so empowering."
  • Sabrina Castillo-Gallusser
    "I usually try not to show my emotions, especially anger. I believe this brings me anxiety and depression. With SHIFT, I could feel a difference whenever I said, "Something in me feels..." I also very much enjoyed the idea of being in the 'shoes' of the sensation. Seeing from ITS point of view. It's brought me comfort and makes me feel as if my whole self is not taken over by the emotion."
  • Tamara B.I.
    "Now that I've completed SHIFT, I'm more willing to make the U-turn from thoughts to my body — feeling it, sensing it, staying with it in an open, receptive, compassionate way. Coming into my body and being less reactive shifted my relationship with myself. It's not that the triggers are gone; the crucial shift is that they no longer carry me away. As long as I am aware of triggers and strong feelings, CHOICE arises and that's where freedom lies. Ann's kindness and tone of voice are a big part of the course. Her empathy is a model we all need to access our own. What a journey!"
  • Daniel Noel
    "After taking the SHIFT course, there was a noticeable change in how I respond to people and things which would have set me off. I obsess less over past wrongs; some of them have disappeared completely from the library of unfair and hurtful stuff I stew over. And, in the present, not only am I more prepared to pause and prevent kneejerk reactions from escalating things to soap opera drama levels, but people/things are behaving and responding in ways in which I am not diminished or dismissed as an individual."
  • C.F.
    "After the SHIFT course, I'm more aware of consciously bringing in compassion and curiosity when something feels off. Ann creates these beautifully simplistic steps which make the process available to everyone. Sometimes language can be off-putting or unclear, but the simplicity of this offers a way in. You don't need to be in any special place, just embrace what's arising in any moment wherever you are. That is very powerful!"
  • Elizabeth H., Counsellor UK
    "I knew SHIFT made a difference for me when I realized how much it helped me with something that seemed small but intractable: my rather cramped and untidy desk space! I hadn't even noticed how much this irritated me and hindered me from working until my Focusing session about it. The sense of it came to me like an unruly dog bouncing around out of control. Further Focusing showed me how this was connected to my past and something shifted inside. It really made a difference to how I feel about sitting down at my desk to work!Thanks, Ann."
  • Renee D.
    "Now that I've completed the SHIFT course, I've become more aware of how to listen deeply to the ways in which my body communicates - ways that are much more holistic than simply trying to "figure out" my next steps. There is so much more wisdom and guidance accessible through Focusing than through our usual ways of approaching life."
  • Mary Baker
    "Since completing SHIFT, I'm getting so much more done because of the sections on decision making and blocks to action!"
  • Julie Masters
    "I've taken many courses over the years, including multiple online courses, and nothing has come close to the clear and inspiring guidance and consistent support that I've received from SHIFT. Ann's teaching style is so very warm and approachable. Her videos are like a live individual version of Self in Presence. I know that I'll continue to receive value with every listening--this definitely isn't the kind of course that you complete and then you're done with it!"
  • Rebecca
    "I am continually astounded by, and grateful for, the incredibly high-quality learning experiences everyone at Focusing Resources provides. I appreciated the well-broken down, actionable building blocks that make up the SHIFT course. Ann’s warm, compassionate, authentic presence and her accessibility to students helped make SHIFT a really great course."
  • Cassandra
    "Even though I've done the levels and attended a Treasure Maps retreat, I still got so much out of SHIFT.  It was much more than a refresher course, although it was that, but it was also a wonderful learning experience in itself."
  • Susan Kent
    "I've been attempting to Focus on my own for many years but it wasn't until now, with SHIFT, that I've really been able to do it and feel like it really is part of my life and will be from now on. I have all of your books, most of your newsletters, and several of your CD's but this was what brought it all together for me. Thank you for your wonderful work, Ann."
  • Julie C.
    "I am enjoying SHIFT. It comes in nice bite size pieces, which I really like. I can go through each module throughout the week and then go back and repeat as many times as I like. I'm happy that you use ordinary words, and don't over complicate with jargon or scary technical terms so that all of me gets what you're talking about. I've also noticed a desire to work out more often and have tried out boot camp style classes, which before I always claimed to hate but recently have found that they might actually be tolerable. So I put that down to something shifting in me since starting the course. I definitely feel more energized and perhaps more supported. I'm very glad you created this course, Ann. It feels good to have you there and if feels good to know there's a whole community of like minded people there as well."

Here’s What You’ll Get In SHIFT

1. Learn How to Pause & Be Compassionate to Yourself

2. Engage in Practices that Help Transform Old, Stuck Patterns

3. Become a Calmer Version of You & See Your Life Change for the Better

Are You Ready to SHIFT?

The SHIFT Interactive Video Course Course Includes:

Unlimited, lifetime access to the SHIFT online course  |  Downloadable workbook  | Access to our online forum where you can chat with the teacher and other students

We are happy to offer this course on a sliding-scale basis.

Please use the tier descriptions below to choose your sliding scale price point.

Tier 1

  • I’m comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs.
  • I may have some debt, but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs.
  • I have expendable income.


Tier 2

  • I may sometimes stress about meeting my basic needs, but still regularly meet them.
  • I may have some debt, but it does not often prohibit meeting my basic needs.
  • I have some expendable income.


Tier 3

  • I often stress about meeting basic needs and/or I may qualify for government assistance.
  • I have debt and it sometimes prohibits me from meeting basic needs.
  • I have limited expendable income.


More about the sliding scale

*Our sliding scale model is inspired by and taken from the Green Bottle, a Sliding Scale model that is inclusive of different financial experiences, developed by community healing practitioner Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

We at Focusing Resources are committed to providing accessible services to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. We recognize that institutional and systemic oppression can create barriers for certain individuals and communities, making it harder for them to access the services they need.

To help address this inequality, when choosing a payment option on the sliding scale we invite you to take into account any additional factors such as your race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, disability, medical needs, nationality, and immigration status.

We appreciate your support as we strive to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. We believe that by supporting each other, we can better meet the challenges we all face together.

We recognize that there is much work to be done to address systemic oppression and inequality, and we understand that offering sliding scale pricing alone is not enough to achieve this goal. We welcome feedback from our community to better understand the ways in which we can be more inclusive and accessible.

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If you let us know within one year after you purchase the course that we didn’t deliver what we said we would, just ask and we’ll cheerfully refund the full course fee.

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Is SHIFT a Focusing course?

Yes, it is. With SHIFT, you’ll learn how to do Focusing for yourself. It’s a great place to get started, refresh your skills if you’ve been away for a while, or learn how to apply Focusing to specific areas of your life.

How do I know this will work for me?

Focusing works. Time and again, I’ve watched people transform their lives with this simple process that you can access whenever and wherever you need it. You’ll find the steps are really clear and straightforward. We’ll give you everything you need to get started. If you do the practice part, then you’ll watch your relationship to life SHIFT towards more ease, joy, and contentment.

How am I going to fit this into my life right now?

The great news is that you can take this course whenever it works for you. You get content when you want it, plus lifetime access. No stressing out about being somewhere on time. Way less pressure to move through the material at a pace that might not fit for you. The lessons are compact and set up so that you can do them in small bites or big chunks depending on your learning style and your availability.

Really, how much time is it going to take me to get through each lesson?

There are six lessons. Each lesson has an intro, some teaching content, and exercises you can work through to practice, practice, practice. You can expect to spend about 1 to 1½ hours a week working through the content and making time to use the skills in your day-to-day life.

Do I get access to the course all at once?

No. You’ll have access to the first Module of the course as soon as you sign up. Every 3 days, you’ll get a new module released to you. We provide the content in ‘small bites’ like this because we really want you to get the SHIFT that’s possible each week. Taking time to practice the material and move forward in small, consistent steps supports you in making the kinds of SHIFTs you really want to make.

But what if I want it all at once?

Of course, “get it all now” or “get it done” are kind of natural human impulses and as an experienced teacher, I also know that learning on the fast track rarely works out the way we think it will (especially with trainings where we’re trying to learn a new way of being). You could wait out the six weeks of paced content and zip through it all at once. Though, I’d encourage you not to because I want you to get all that you can from SHIFT.

Tell me more about the classroom environment and how course content is provided?

Sure. The classroom is virtual and taught in a learning platform called Ruzuku. Each week you’ll receive an email letting you know a new module is available. Materials are provided via a combination of video, audio slideshows, and written content to cover a variety of learning styles. There is a forum so you can connect with other program participants and be part of a dynamic learning community. And you get lifetime access to all of it. Go through it once and come back anytime you need some extra support to handle life!

Can my friend and I share the course?

Thanks for asking. Each course is licensed to a single user – you! While we can’t authorize you to share the materials, you’re welcome to let your friend know about the course and invite them to join you.

What if I've already completed Path to Lasting Change, Part One (or higher)? Is this still for me?

Yes! Although we designed this course to start from knowing nothing about Focusing, many experienced Focusers have told us they found it valuable.  One of them called it “…an excellent beginning for the newbie, and an excellent refresher for the more experienced.” We think you will enjoy the weekly structure, the guided exercises, and the applications of Focusing to: releasing blocks to action, working with inner critics, and facilitating decision-making.



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