Treasure Maps Untangling Retreat: Colorado 2024


Treasure Maps:
An Untangling® Retreat

JULY 24 – 30, 2024



The Program

The retreats are advanced in-person programs led by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin. The first retreat is our “regular” retreat suitable for Focusers who have completed both Part One and Part Two of our Path to Lasting Change course or all 4 Levels.

Our Advanced Retreat requires previous attendance at a Treasure Maps retreat. 

The group gathers on the first night to connect with each other and share our hopes and intentions. Over the next five days, we go on a journey of inner exploration that begins with Getting to Know Your Tangle… and then one by one we show you the Five Powers and how to apply each one to your own Tangle. On the last morning, we have three more hours together before journeying home.

There will be breaks, movement, and Focusing partnerships within each of those three-hour sessions. We want to offer you an intensive, immersive experience that supports you in going deep into the process.

We teach through stories from our own lives and demonstrations of each of the Powers. There are specially designed paired exercises to do with each other. After your practice partnership time, you’ll come back to the group to share your experiences and receive support.

The spirit of the retreat is respect and safety for every part of yourself. Expect to feel deeply understood and accepted… even those parts of yourself that you don’t accept (yet).

What Happens in Advanced Treasure Maps?

We start with a quick review of the Treasure Maps method – the five Powers, and the three Parts. If you’ve been away for a while, you’ll get up to speed and be ready to go deep.

You’ll encounter your Tangle in a new way, from the perspective of what is impossible… to do, to say, to think, to believe.

  • We will go deeply into the Territories, which we didn’t have time to do in the regular retreat. That would be the Swamp of Action Blocks, the Wilderness of Addictions, the Pit of Depression, and the Mountain Top of Unfulfilled Desire.
  • We learn about internal wars over actions, and over emotions like depression and longing… and how they can shift and untangle. You know that every part in those wars is trying to save you!
  • And we explore a new Territory: The Edge of the Cliff. That’s the place where the only way forward is for something really new to come. We’ll show you how to recognize the Edge of the Cliff in your Tangle and what to do when you get there.

In the Advanced retreat, we teach you our method for working with a tough Tangle over time, by writing after every session and then reading those notes before the next one. (We’ll give you a Workbook formatted for just this kind of support.)

Can your Tangle shift when you are the Companion to someone else’s process? You bet! In the Advanced retreat you’ll be taking notes after every session as Companion as well… on how the Focuser’s work applies also to your Tangle. We’re all in a shared field!

Are you interested in becoming a more skilled Untangling® Companion? In the Advanced week, we do demonstrations with participants so you can see the subtleties of how we work with people. You’ll be able to bring more of those skills into your own partnerships and your practice.

People ask if we recommend taking the regular Treasure Maps and the advanced Treasure Maps right afterward. Yes, we do recommend it. Taking both workshops back to back is an amazing experience, a deep dive into your process and a chance to make the method your own. There are two days off in between so you can have a breathing space!

And this is true even if you’ve already taken the regular retreat. People tell us that it’s very relaxing to take the regular retreat a second time, because you don’t have to worry so much about getting the method… you can sit back and take it all it at a deeper level. (There is a discount for repeating the first retreat — just ask — and another discount for signing up for both at the same time.)

Where You’ll Be Staying

About the Location

Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat Center is located on a 400-acre ranch in foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The first buildings were built in the 1945, and the center has grown over the decades with a focus on harmony with nature and sustainability. All of the rooms were remodeled in the spring of 2016 and are uniquely decorated to give you a sense of being in a family home, not a chain hotel.  Sunrise Ranch provides a beautiful and friendly atmosphere centered around health, relaxation, and the creative life. Sunrise Ranch is located about 90 minutes from the Denver International airport. For more information on Sunrise Ranch, please visit their website:

Note: Sunrise Ranch will collect payment directly for room and board. You’ll be redirected to their website after registering for the retreat in order to reserve and pay for your room.

For reference, room and board fees per retreat can be found below.

If you are planning on attending both retreats, double those fees (plus a little extra to cover the days between retreats).

You can also contact Allison by email here if you have additional questions.

people gathered outside

Important Information

“When you are merged with a Part, you see the world through its eyes. You can’t see the larger picture or another person’s point of view. You can’t get a sense of the whole situation.”

-Barbara McGavin & Ann Weiser Cornell


Register Here

Registration is limited to 20 students per retreat. Sign up for the Regular retreat, the Advanced retreat, or both!

Treasure Maps: Colorado

Treasure Maps: Colorado


Workshop Cost:

  • Regular retreat only: July 24 – 30, 2024; $1250 or 6 payments of $233.33
  • Advanced retreat only: August 1 – 7, 2024; $1450 or 6 payments of $270.67
  • Both retreats: $2500 or 6 payments of $466.67

Installment option displays during checkout (see more below)

Plus Room and Board. Room and Board will be paid directly to the venue after paying retreat fees.  

Last Day to Register:
June 5, 2024

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Installment plan options:

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What is the schedule?

We meet as a group for three hours each morning and three hours each afternoon. Paired practice is included in those three hours. In the evenings, participants are free to take quiet time or join others for shared activities like singing, dancing, storytelling, improv games. The days normally run from 8am – 6pm, beginning with breakfast. Dinner is at 6:30pm.

The workshop starts on the evening of the first day, after dinner, and ends just before lunch on the last day. Dinner on the first day and lunch on the last day are included.

Is there Focusing time every day?

Yes, you’ll be Focusing in partnership each day, for longer times each day, as you gain the resources you’ll need to be with your Tangles.

How much Focusing experience do I really need as a prerequisite?

We’d like you to have a fair amount of experience as a Focusing partner, able to direct your own Focusing process and accompany someone else. We’d like you to feel sufficiently relaxed and confident with Focusing so that you can concentrate on the subtleties of the Untangling® work. If you’re not sure about your previous Focusing experience please check with Ann.

We have found that people need to have attended Your Path to Lasting Change Parts One AND Two (or four Levels of Focusing training or the equivalent) to feel sufficiently relaxed and confident with Focusing so that they can concentrate on the subtleties of the Treasure Maps work.

NOTE: Experience with other self-development or therapy methods such as EFT or IFS or SE or Mindfulness is not a substitute.

How much English do participants need to understand and speak in order to be able to follow the workshop?

The language of the workshop is slow English. Ann and Barbara are very experienced with international groups and always take care to speak slowly. We always pause if someone needs a translation of a word or concept. You will be able to do partnership sessions in your own language. If you want to speak in the group in your own language, someone will translate for you.

Additional Information


You have completed a Focusing training program either Path to Lasting Change One and Two, or four Levels.

Continuing Education Credit & Course Completion Certificate

Each retreat meets the qualifications for 35 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Focusing Resources, CAMFT Approved CE Provider #62524

Focusing Resources is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs. Focusing Resources maintains responsibility for this course and its content.

There is a $25 administrative fee for CE Credits. Course completion certificates are awarded at the end of the course upon completion of all requirements and the course evaluation. (If you don’t want CE Credits but would like a completion certificate, the $25 fee does still apply.)

Eligibility for CE Credits requires 100% live attendance. If you miss any hours of instruction, you are ineligible for CE Credits.

Cancellations, Changes & Refunds

Treasure Maps payments are non-refundable except in the event of unavoidable emergency.

When Something Doesn't Go As You'd Hoped...

We are always open to discussing experiences with our courses that didn’t work for you or didn’t go the way you expected. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to email your course instructor, the staff member in charge of your course, or Ann Weiser Cornell. Email addresses for all these people will be supplied on registration. We will work with you to find a way to meet your needs.



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