Treasure Maps: Colorado, August 2021

Treasure Maps: Colorado, August 2021

Treasure Maps: Colorado, August 2021


Workshop fees:

  • Regular retreat only: August 12 – 18, 2021 $1400 or  6 payments of $261.33
  • Advanced retreat only: August 20 – 26, 2021 $1600 or 6 payments of $298.67
  • Both retreats*: $2750 or 6 payments of $513.33

Installment option displays during checkout (see more below)

Plus Room and Board. Room and Board will be paid directly to the venue after you register for the retreat. Prices range from $390 – $1098 per retreat. Detail below.

Last Day to Register:
June 30, 2021

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Additional information

You’ll be prompted to reserve and pay for your room and board payments directly to Sunrise Ranch following your retreat registration. Room and board pricing per retreat:

  • Apartment Single: $1098
  • Apartment Double: $828
  • Single: $900
  • Double: $732
  • Triple: $654
  • Dorm: $594
  • Camping: $474
  • Commuter: $390

Prices include meals.

If you’re attending both retreats: double the prices above. You have the option to stay at the retreat center for the days between retreats. The retreat center will let you know what the fees for staying those additional days between retreats.

*There are no activities planned for the days between the retreats. If you sign up for both, you’ll be free to explore as you like from the afternoon of the 18th – the afternoon of the 20th.

Installment plan options:

If you prefer to pay in installments, you can make that selection during checkout.

See the screenshot for where you’ll see the option to choose the Installment Option.