Learn Focusing. Quiet Your Mind. Calm Your Emotions. Move Forward More Effectively.

...in Your Path to Lasting Change, Part One

Your Path to Lasting Change, Part One, February

Your Path to Lasting Change, Part One, February


Dates: February 19 to April 15, 2020
Time: 9 Wednesdays; 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific
Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell and Lucinda Hayden


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Thousands of Students Are Learning Focusing.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join us:

Lifetime Access to the Course

Keep learning long after class is over. Revisit lessons and practices as often as you like.

Freedom From 'Fixing' Yourself

We work from the radical assumption there’s nothing to “fix” so you get to embrace your whole self as you are right now.

Skills You Can Use Anywhere

A compassionate process you can use to quiet your mind and calm your emotions so you can move forward effectively.

Payment and Additional Course Details

Cost: $847, option to pay in installments displays on last page of checkout and includes a $79 processing fee
Add the Healing Professionals Track: $100
Don’t Miss Out: The last day to register is February 12, 2020

Includes: 50-minute Focusing session with course instructor, Lucinda Hayden
Plan for: 2 hours in class each week and 1.5 hours additional practice partnership and homework outside of class

More information about this course here

Hear From More Happy Focusers

“Inner Relationship Focusing is the juiciest, most no-nonsense, boots-on-the-ground, beautiful butt kicking program ever. I’m so thrilled to have found it.” 
~Vanessa North

“What’s special about Focusing is this radical belief that we already have the next right step within us. Focusing helped me trust my process more and achieve the hoped-for results that always seemed out of reach with other programs.”
~Darryl Commings

““For the first time, with Focusing, I feel like I’m safe enough inside to feel all of my emotions. It’s so empowering for me to be able to learn how to hold myself with compassion and patience. In most practices, you need a therapist in order to get to this depth. I think one of the true strengths of Focusing is that after just a couple of courses, you have access to the process for yourself.”
~Emma Gran