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“We often think that change has to be difficult or challenging, but Inner Relationship Focusing has taught me it can be gentle and beautiful. The secret of Focusing is realizing you don’t have to change anything–you can just be with your emotions as they are. I cannot express how much this has enriched my life at a time in which it was greatly needed.”

~ Natalie Bryant

What Is Inner Relationship Focusing? (Click Here to Find Out)

Inner Relationship Focusing is a body-oriented process of self-awareness and emotional healing. It’s as simple as noticing how you feel–and then having a conversation with your feelings in which you do most of the listening.

Focusing starts with the familiar experience of feeling something in your body that is about what is going on in your life.

When you feel jittery in your stomach as you stand up to speak, or when you feel tightness in your chest as you anticipate making a crucial phone call, you are experiencing a body sensation that is meaningful.

If you’re like most of us, you try to get rid of those uncomfortable feelings. What probably doesn’t occur to you, unless you know Focusing, is to listen to the feeling and let it speak to you.

When you let the feeling speak to you, you are allowing yourself to be open to the depth and richness of your whole self. And when you listen to the feeling, it’s much more likely to relax, release, and let you go on with what you’re doing in a clear and centered way.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, heal from past traumas, or simply live a more fulfilling life, Focusing can help. It’s easy to use and can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

For more information about Inner Relationship Focusing, click here.

How Inner Relationship Focusing Helps You Love Yourself More

Get Calmer

Experience More Self-Acceptance

Many of us struggle with a lot of self-judgment, doubt, and anxiety. If you’d like to develop more self-compassion and self-acceptance, we have a number of resources that can help…

Resources to Help You With Self-Acceptance

From Anxious, Sad, or Overwhelmed to Calm

If you get overwhelmed by strong feelings like anxiety, anger, stress, or sadness, we can help you find your way back to calm, ease, and happiness. Check out our page full of resources to help you work with your own overwhelming emotions.

Resources to Help You With Overwhelming Emotions

Shift Your Experience with Inner Critics

Many of us experience a critical inner voice that undermines us at every turn. Sometimes that voice is hostile, other times it feels subtle and still cruel. But that can change… Check out our page full of resources to help you work with your own inner critics.

Resources to Help You With Inner Critics

Start to Heal Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma can lead to a great deal of self-criticism and self-blame. IRF helps you develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself. By developing this inner relationship, you can shift from self-criticism and self-blame to self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Resources to Help You Heal from Trauma

Improve Your Relationships (with Yourself and Others)

When you learn Inner Relationship Focusing, you learn to love and accept yourself. As a result, other people aren’t so triggering. And you’ll learn to listen to people in new ways that will improve your relationships. Check out our page full of resources to help you with your relationships.

Resources to Help You With Relationships
Man enjoying alone time and healthy boundaries

Create + Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Establishing healthy boundaries is a key step toward creating a happier life, but it can be hard, right? If you’d like some support understanding how to set and maintain better boundaries, check out our page full of resources.

Resources to Help You With Boundaries

If you experience emotional stress, you can benefit from Inner Relationship Focusing.

Picture This:

Being able to take a breath when you first feel the impulse to yell so you can respond calmly instead.

Going home at the end of the workday feeling happy about how you communicated with colleagues during a difficult meeting.

Your relationships are thriving because you’ve learned how to listen in a way that fosters genuine connection.

Here’s how you can get started:

Which one are you?

The Beginner

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The Experienced

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The Professional

Are you a therapist, counselor, nurse or other helping professional?

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