Already Know Focusing? Options for Advanced Focusers

Already Know Focusing? Options for Advanced Focusers

If you’ve already got the basics of Focusing down, we have a number of options just for you. Check out some of our more advanced courses below.  

  • Getting Free: A Year of Untangling
    Getting Free

    Getting Free: A Year of Untangling

    Live Online Course

    In-depth, supportive training in the Untangling method of getting free from impossibly stuck life issues. Join Ann and Barbara to deepen and strengthen your ability to live life with more freedom and courage.

  • Focusing: The Second Year

    Focusing: The Second Year

    Live Online Course

    Discover more about working with partial selves as a way to go deeper with Focusing. The second year of training includes action blocks, decisions and more.

    SHIFT course


    On-demand course

    For anyone who wants to be better able to deal with what life throws at you. This program will teach you the Focusing process and how to apply it to your daily life.

  • Your Path to Lasting Change
    Your path to lasting change

    Your Path to Lasting Change

    Live Online Course

    Powerful skills for life change based on self-acceptance and being present in the moment. Guidance and encouragement from skilled teachers with many years of experience.

  • Focusing and Daily Life
    Focusing in Daily Life

    Focusing and Daily Life

    On-Demand Webinars

    Join Ann for brief, one-time seminars to help you with your daily life. Topics include healing your relationship with money, the busy trap, regret, and many more!

    Treasure Maps to the Soul

    In-Person Retreats

    Could what feels impossible become possible? Learn powerful methods to awaken possibility in the places where life feels most stuck, in our in-person retreats.

Want to Become a Focusing Professional?

Would you like to help other people learn and practice the empowering skill of Focusing?

Would you like to build a profession teaching Focusing one-to-one and to groups, or bring Focusing into your professional setting, or to your family and community?

With our two year program, you’ll develop the skills you need to start your professional Focusing practice. Whether you’re looking to provide one-to-one sessions, create and teach Focusing workshops, or offer groups guided exercises where Focusing could be beneficial, this program will leave you with the ability to move forward on an exciting career path.

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