Does Your Pain Have a Message for You

Shifting Your Relationship with Pain, Part Three

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  1. Julie 6 years ago

    My pain seemed very angry and told me it didn’t want to be bending and stretching and when I really heard that and let it know that I really heard that I had a body reaction in that all the pressure in my ears changed and popped and I felt quite spaced out. It then went on to tell me that what it really wants is kindness, lots and lots of kindness.

    Thank you Ann, I haven’t come across any other method that has helped me be with myself in the way that Focusing does.

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      Julie, how interesting! It sounds like your pain welcomed the chance to communicate with you. Well done! It really wants lots and lots of kindness… how beautiful!

  2. Norma Silver 6 years ago

    Thanks so much, Ann, Your video came along at the very time I’m experiencing severe headaches for the first time in my long life. You were like a miracle sent to me. I had many insights as I followed you. I now have new strategies to use when the headaches appear. Of course, I’m also checking with my MD. How generous and kind of you to help us. You are so appreciated. Norma S.

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      Norma, it is an honor and a pleasure to be a miracle for you. But YOU are the miracle, really… your commitment to doing everything you can and being with your pain in the most compassionate way. Hurray!

  3. Michelle 6 years ago

    The message was that it wanted me to learn how to work with anyone, including “difficult” people when I need to in a way that I maintain my integrity. (Typically I either judge and/or walk away from difficult people. But I’m finding some “difficult people” in my life have certain talents that are needed in some big goals that I have in my life)

  4. elisabeth kettler 6 years ago

    I became a feeling, that the present pain had started, when I was fourteen, my parents got divorced and I became a really bad pupil. The year before I was pretty good in school and nearly from one day to the other I lost my ability to concentrate and I couldn`t learn any more. I felt very alone and helpless in that time and wasn`t supported by anyone. Asking my pain, this old and nearly forgotten feeling answered. Today (nearly 50 years later) I´m in a situation, where I have to take up a challenge, which frightens me so much, that I just don`t feel able to face it and which makes me feel so helpless and blocked. That pain-point just asked me to stay with it and I felt a little bit of relief. I promised to stay with that point from now on and it made me feel a little more confident. I want to thank you from my heart!

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      Elisabeth, I am so glad it helped! And this shows it is never too late.

  5. elisabeth kettler 6 years ago

    Ann, I stood with that pain for some time and finally it let me know, that it is shame and it needs forgiveness. I have been suffering from that feeling for such a long time and it just needs to be forgiven for not being strong enough to handle a difficult emotional situation with coolness! I would never have thought of it myself and it really surprised me a lot!
    Now I´m trying to get contact with the part, that refuses forgiveness – it remains exiting, but at least I got my humor back 🙂

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      Well done! I love it when what comes surprises us. That shows we couldn’t have made it up. However, I think the concept of “forgiveness” is already tangled. It means there is more there that is hidden in assumptions. For example, the assumption that the part SHOULD have been strong enough to handle that difficult emotional situation. Really? Who says so? Maybe it never did anything wrong, so it doesn’t actually need “forgiveness” — it just needs empathy and love. Yes I agree there must be another part… the one who thinks that forgiveness is needed… and good luck in inviting it. And having your humor back means you are Self-in-Presence now! Yay!

  6. elisabeth kettler 6 years ago

    Thank you for making me aware of what is only an assumption. You´re so right, it just needs empathy and love!

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