Healing Trauma: Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past

Whether You’ve…

Never taken a course on healing trauma,  but you know past hurts are affecting your life and you’d like to learn why and what you can do…

Learned a bit about healing trauma, but haven’t yet found a process that’s helped you release past hurts so you can live more fully…

Got a lot of experience working with the pain of your past and you know there’s still more you could do to feel better every day…

The Healing Trauma Course helps you change the way that past hurts impact your energy, your mood, and your ability to receive good things.



No matter your experience level, you’ll learn how to gently transform painful cycles like:

  • overreacting to present events because they remind you of past hurts
  • repeating painful patterns in your relationships at home or work
  • sometimes feeling like a hurt little child is living your life

Join us for the Healing Trauma course and learn how to give yourself the kind of compassion you’ve always needed to live a fuller life.

Course Information

About the Healing Trauma Course

In this class, you’ll:

  • Gently contact the ways that earlier hurts still limit your life
  • Explore safe and empowering exercises for shifting and healing the grip of the past
  • Cultivate your inner strength and your compassion for your hurting younger self
  • Receive the support of other people who are going through similar issues
  • Reclaim your body as a safe space for happiness

Does this course work?

Hear from a past student about her experience:

quotation markBefore Focusing, I’d stopped having hope for feeling better. I don’t feel like that anymore. If you feel like you’ve tried just about everything and you’ve made no progress or you feel worse, try Focusing. Focusing shows you how to be with the parts that hurt the most. It changed my relationship with anxiety and my relationship with myself.” — Dorine B.

Click here to read about more people who’ve experienced healing through this course.

What We’ll Be Doing Together:

In this six-module interactive video course, we’ll explore healing trauma, the everyday early traumas that most of us still carry with us… so that life can open up more fully in the present.

You’ll Learn:

  • Ways to communicate safely with “protector” parts that make you go blank when old hurts begin to surface
  • How to start with puzzling current overreactions and trace them back earlier times
  • A gentle self-healing process that you can bring to yourself any time you need it
  • What might be possible for you if you live without the limitation of past traumas

Every module has two powerful exercises that Ann guides you through, plus life-changing information about what is really possible for you. And you’ll get plenty of opportunities to share your experiences and ask questions – if you want to.

This Might Be Right For You If:

  • You know or suspect that hard times in the past are limiting your possibilities now
  • You’ve tried to think your way out of your current limitations and that is not working
  • You wonder if it will ever be possible for you to live freely, as if you had never been hurt

This Might Not Be Right For People Who:

  • are suffering from severe trauma symptoms such as frequent dissociation
  • are having trouble functioning in daily life
  • need the support of a healing professional to do trauma release

About Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann created Inner Relationship Focusing with her long-time colleague, Barbara McGavin, to help people learn to listen compassionately to all the inner voices. Along the way, Ann and Barbara developed a radical new process for relating to the self-blaming voices inside them. It changed their lives, and it became their mission to help others transform as well.

For over 35 years now, Ann’s been teaching this practical, revolutionary process to people all over the world. With The Healing Trauma course, you get the benefit of Ann’s expertise and the chance to practice the simple, yet revolutionary process of Focusing with her gentle, compassionate guidance.

Ann is the author of Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change, The Power of Focusing, and The Radical Acceptance of Everything. Today she is internationally recognized as one of the leading innovators and theoreticians of Focusing.

Why I Created this Course (click here to read)

I remember when I was first drawn to emotional healing. I thought I had had a great childhood. The problems were that I kept being drawn to men who weren’t available and ignoring the available ones. And I had an inner critic ready to crush me for the smallest mistake. And I often felt odd, out of place, and lonely. But I didn’t connect any of that with my early family life. I absolutely believed our “family story” – that we were a happy, close family and Dad’s drinking was never a problem.

Then something interesting happened. As I did Focusing with my current life issues, I kept getting taken back to my childhood. When I explored why I had so much ambivalent longing for male company, I kept seeing memories of my father turning away from me when I was small. When I spent time with my feelings of being odd and left out in social situations, I kept seeing memories of my mother holding my baby brother and ignoring me.

Patterns in my current life made so much more sense when I connected them with painful emotional events in my early life. And more importantly, the present got lighter and freer when I acknowledged the feelings of that younger me.

Most of you are probably not as clueless as I was. You probably know that a lot of the limitations in your current life are connected to early life traumas. (I am defining “trauma” as any event or set of circumstances that was persistently painful and led to limiting beliefs about the self.)

But you may have thought you had to “accept” the ways that your current life is impacted by the past. You may not have known that it’s possible to heal those old hurts enough to really see the difference in the present. To help people like you experience greater possibilities in your life I decided to create Healing Trauma: Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past.

For this course, I’ve created safe and empowering exercises to help you cultivate your strength and self-compassion, so you can invite your hurting younger self into a healing relationship with you. I think you’ll be amazed at how quickly this kind of inner relationship can bring relief and greater spaciousness and lightness.

A Healing Moment for Your Traumatized Inner Child - If You Have One (click here to access free exercise)

  • For a moment, pause and bring awareness to your body.
  • Allow yourself to feel the support of your contact with what you are sitting on… and also to feel your breathing.
  • Now become aware of the inner area of your body… that includes your throat, your chest, your stomach.
  • Somewhere in you, there might be a traumatized inner child. She or he might be frozen or numb, or hiding.
  • Allow a gentle hand to move to your heart, and say to the little one inside, “I am here.”
    Just that much. “I am here.”
  • And wait a little while. Nothing else needs to happen. That’s a healing moment.

Six weekly modules – Each introduces one or two new skills to help you move beyond the hurt of the past.


The Long Shadow of the Past

Trauma is the ongoing impact of the lack of something that we needed, when there was no repair or healing at the time. There is a way of being present to yourself that heals trauma.


What “Should” Have Happened

Our living bodies carry a kind of “blueprint” of what needs to happen at every step as we grow. When what “should” have happened doesn’t happen it creates stoppages that can block our way forward.


The Healing Inner Relationship

We can give presence and empathy to the hurt one inside, and we can also give presence and empathy to the anxious Protector parts that arrive to try to stop us from getting near the hurt.


Reclaiming Your Right to be Whole

Being in the body in the present moment is the place where healing can happen. With compassionate awareness, we can reclaim the right to feel safe and to be present with our feelings.


Dealing with Anger, Resentment & Grief

Anger, resentment and grief feelings are natural responses to being hurt… but with trauma, they get shut down. When we allow these feelings, the next steps of life can come forward.


On the Other Side of Trauma

Healing trauma is a process. After healing begins, what happened starts to move into the past. It becomes part of our wisdom instead of something that stops us. And life can go on.

How The Hurts of the Past Show Up In the Present

One morning I found a heartfelt note from my partner on the kitchen table. He had been up late sleepless with remorse over the way he had treated me the day before.

“I realize it’s because on this date in 1956 I had the worst day of my life. I tried to put those memories aside but I guess they came out anyway in the crabby and mean way I talked to you. I’m so sorry.”

I knew what he was talking about. He’d told me before about the anguish of a conscientious Catholic boy convinced he would be condemned to Hell forever on the day of his first communion. And of course, I could forgive him… but I was so sad for him.

The pain and torment of that day are as fresh for him now as the day that it happened. And they affect – obviously – his current relationships.

That’s what happens with trauma. There is a place in us where time has not passed, where the little one who went through the terrible experience is still in it, frozen in time and unable to move forward.

That woundedness can over-shadow and affect all of our current life… until it can be healed.

The key that helps heal the ordinary traumas we all carry is our relationship with the hurt parts inside of us. That inner relationship is the healing environment that they have always needed. Do join me and the others on this journey. I’d love to support you in giving yourself the kind of compassion you have always needed… to live a fuller life.

Are the Hurts of Your Past Holding You Back?

Learn 3 Powerful Ways You Can Help Yourself Heal…

Find Out How to Give Presence + Empathy to Whatever You’re Feeling

Identify What ‘Should Have Happened’ So You Can Move Forward

Reclaim Your Right to Feel Safe and Whole and Live More Fully

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Healing Trauma: Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past On-Demand Course

Healing Trauma: Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past On-Demand Course


Six-Module Video Course to explore healing the everyday early traumas that most of us still carry with us, so that life can open up more fully in the present.


Additional Details:

Unlimited, lifetime access to The Healing Trauma online course
Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell

How this Course is Changing Lives…

quotation mark“Here’s what special and different about this course… It provides very specific language for how to be compassionate. Everyone says “treat yourself with compassion,” but I’ve had very few real-world examples of what that looks like. Even saying and acknowledging, “Yeah, that was really hard,” was/is a phrase that has been missing from my life. Learning how to do that for myself has been so transformative.” M.T.


quotation mark“What made a big difference for me were the questions: What should have happened? What didn’t happen at the time or immediately after the trauma? I’d never been present to myself in the ways these questions invited me to be. Now that I’ve completed the course, I’m able to bring self-compassion to my younger self who’s still hiding in the shame of a childhood trauma that led to severe stoppage in my life. I came to the course looking for a way to relieve that trauma without inviting more shame. I found it!” J.L.

You’ll Also Get Three Great Program Bonuses

Creating Safety Inside... So You Can Do This Work

Because, before you begin to work with the traumas in your past, you have to feel safe enough to “go there.” This video bonus helps you prepare so that when we officially begin, you’ll have more resources to support you.

When You'll Do Anything to Avoid Working on Trauma

There are so many things that keep us from giving ourselves the attention we need to heal. So many ways we can go into “resistance” and avoid addressing what has hurt us in the past. Of course, this is a part – a part of you that doesn’t want to and there are helpful ways to work with such parts so you can continue to move forward without violating an inner sense of safety. In fact, resistance is actually a very good sign…and I”ll tell you all about why in this bonus.

10 Additional Audio Exercises (MP3)

Healing the Younger You — Ann previously taught a course called the Healing Trauma Intensive. The exercises in the course were so powerful, we’ve made them available here so you can receive even more support. The topics are:

1. Going Slowly and Cultivating Self-in-Presence
2. Gentle Contact with the Younger Self
3. Saying Hello to Two Parts
4. Being Present with What is Here Now
5. When Something in You Feels “Disgusting”
6. Being with the Shamer and the Shamed
7. The Younger You Knows What Should Have Happened
8. Having Sorrow or Anger for What Happened, Without Blaming
9. Being the Healing Environment that Was Missing
10. The Other People Who Were and Are Involved

How This Course Works

Learn Wherever You Like

This course is accessible by computer, tablet, or smart phone. If you can connect to the internet, you can connect to this course!

Be Supported In Your Process!

You won’t be going it alone! You’ll have access to a forum to chat with other students, plus access to Ann for parts where you might feel stuck

Available at Your Convenience!

Lessons are provided weekly. You’ll also have lifetime access to the material, so you can revisit it anytime

Interactive Materials

This course includes a beautiful PDF workbook to help you integrate your learning. There will also be checkpoints during the course to check-in on your progress.

More Real Stories About How This Course Is Changing Lives

  • Micheline G.
    "I've taken other courses and while it's been great to get in touch with past hurts, I've been left wondering what do I do with these feelings? The Healing Trauma course gave me the tools I needed to be with these feelings. I discovered that by being there with myself and accepting my feelings as they are, a shift occurs inside and I carry my experience differently. It's a life-giving change. Now, I am there for me. I have resources that are nurturing. It's changed my relationship with myself and with others. I am more peaceful and starting to enjoy life at a different level."
  • Caroline Beverstock, Retired Adult Educator
    "I came to the Healing Trauma course hoping I'd find the threads of my tangled, frozen issues. In the past, I ran right into a certainty that something hidden in me repeatedly stopped me from being able to set goals and achieve them. I felt defeated, no matter how well I might begin. In contrast to other contexts for inner awareness, Ann brings an essential belief that there is a positive life force inside. This helped me see that the belief I was somehow broken was not an integral aspect of my being that I could never overcome. During the course, I accessed memories I hadn't thought of in years. I began to understand I needed those memories in order to heal traumas I'd never imagined were holding me frozen and unable to take life-forward steps. I know that this work will continue to unfold in me. Right now, I have more patience for the process. I have a new sense of possibility, and I have a stronger dedication to the journey."
  • Maria N.
    "I came to the course wanting to understand how my triggers work and how I can support myself through them. The Healing Trauma course helped me connect to a very deep place myself and that allowed me to give my past hurts empathy and acceptance, things I did not receive from my parents. One of the most powerful moments came when Ann made a gesture and shared the metaphor of a "little one" boxed up with strings and ropes tied around the box. That touched something very deep in me and brought streams of tears. In that small, simple moment, I was able to connect with a frozen place in myself in a very healing and empowering way. I love that I now have more compassion for myself and more compassion for others as well."
  • M.T.
    "Here's what special and different about this course... It provides very specific language for how to be compassionate. Everyone says "treat yourself with compassion," but I've had very few real-world examples of what that looks like. Even saying and acknowledging, "Yeah, that was really hard," was/is a phrase that has been missing from my life. Learning how to do that for myself has been so transformative."
  • Ann E.
    "I liked how deep I could go with Focusing. Other practices I've tried didn't seem to get to the point quickly enough for me or I'd fear getting overwhelmed. After the Healing Trauma course, I'm better able to see patterns happening with my family of origin. I can step out of the dynamic now, and I know that I don't have to react the same way I always have. I feel calmer and inspired to continue to practice."
  • Taj
    "There IS something worthwhile that can be done to ease people's suffering. Something that transforms the very fabric where people are stuck in their lives. It's Focusing and it gives me practical hope for a better world."
  • Iris
    "Before the Healing Trauma course, I experienced a lot of nervousness and distraction, overthinking and overworking. That left me feeling dissociated, often out of my body, and dizzy. Now, I feel much more centered, aware of myself, and cared for. I have lots more energy and have been able to finish projects I'd procrastinated on for a long time. The course was such a gentle, soft way to move toward more self-support."
  • Cecilia B.
    "I took Healing Trauma because I wanted to understand the low and high energy periods I was experiencing...and how they were related to trauma. Now that I've finished the course, I'm more connected to my vital energy and I've been able to reconnect with some projects I'd abandoned."
  • Christina M.
    "Before the Healing Trauma course, I felt limited by my past, like things would not change. I felt doomed - like I was walking through dark water instead of living. Now I feel hope. I can see shifts already happening and that change and healing are possible. Ann herself is a great model because she embodies the healthy mind and psyche that people who’ve been traumatized often feel is beyond them. Now I see new possibilities for me and for my life. I don’t have to be a victim forever. I really can heal."
  • Dorine B.
    "Before the Healing Trauma course, I struggled to patiently "be" with myself without feeling the need to force something to happen. Forcing change only increased my feelings of anxiety. Now, I have so much more compassion and understanding. I realize my anxious feelings are trying to protect me, knowing that makes it easier to welcome them. And welcoming my anxious feelings drastically reduces them. Before Focusing, I'd stopped having hope for feeling better. I don't feel like that anymore. If you feel like you've tried just about everything and you've made no progress or you feel worse, try Focusing. Focusing shows you how to be with the parts that hurt the most. It changed my relationship with anxiety and my relationship with myself."
  • Joyce L.
    "What made a big difference for me were the questions: What should have happened? What didn't happen at the time or immediately after the trauma? I'd never been present to myself in the ways these questions invited me to be. Now that I've completed Healing Trauma: Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past, I am able to bring the gift of self-compassion to my younger self who's still hiding in the shame and pain of a childhood trauma that let to severe stoppage of forward movement in my life. I came to the course looking for a way to relieve that trauma without inviting more shame. I found it!"
  • L.R.
    "Other things I've tried hoping to develop a strong, wise, loving "Adult/Parent" part have helped somewhat, but Inner Relationship Focusing seems to bring me the closest to what I'm wanting to develop - a warm and compassionate relationship with all the parts within me. After taking the Healing Trauma course, I have more hope, strength, and resilience. I also have a greater capacity for self-acceptance and self-compassion. One of the truly special things about this course is Ann's gentle, kind, compassionate presence which makes me feel safe and welcome just as I am..."

Money Back Guarantee

We believe in Focusing and we believe that if you complete the Healing Trauma course, you will experience meaningful benefits in your life. That’s why we can confidently say that if you finish the Healing Trauma course, and you don’t feel we delivered what we said we would, we’ll be happy to give you your money back.

Is there any time limit to the money-back guarantee?

Well, our accountants wouldn’t like it if we left that open forever, so let’s say within one year of purchasing the course.

How am I going to fit this into my life right now?

The great news is that you can take this course whenever it works for you. You get content when you want it, plus lifetime access. No stressing out about being somewhere on time. Way less pressure to move through the material at a pace that might not fit for you. The lessons are compact and set up so that you can do them in small bites or big chunks depending on your learning style and your availability.

Do I get access to the course all at once?

When you begin, you’ll find the first module and your three bonus lessons available immediately.

After the first lesson, new content is available on a weekly basis. We provide the content in ‘small bites’ like this because taking time to practice the material and move forward in small, consistent steps better supports the changes this course can help you make.

Tell me more about the classroom environment and how course content is provided?

Sure. The classroom is virtual and taught in a learning platform called Ruzuku. Materials are provided via a combination of video, audio slideshows, and written content to cover a variety of learning styles. There is a forum so you can connect with other program participants and be part of a dynamic learning community. And you get lifetime access to all of it. Go through it once and come back anytime you need some extra support to handle life!

Can my friend and I share the course?

Thanks for asking. Each course is licensed to a single user – you! While we can’t authorize you to share the materials, we’d love to have your friend participate too. Please feel free to invite them to sign up too!

Are CE Credits available?

No, we’re sorry. Continuing Education Units (CE Credits) are not available for this course. If you need CE Credits, please check out our upcoming live online courses here.



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