Shifting the Suffering Around Pain

Shifting Your Relationship with Pain, Part One

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  1. Fran 6 years ago

    You video helps me to focus on the fear of never getting rid the ache in my right thigh muscle. It’s a small step, but a positive one. Thank you

  2. Author
    Ann 6 years ago

    That’s great, Fran! So glad to hear it helped. So often the fears surrounding pain makes the pain itself worse.

  3. Jane Cohen 6 years ago

    The sentences (fears) that came up for me were: “What if this pain is damaging my body and causing a serious illness…” This video showed me how to use the “something in me” tool for thoughts, which I didn’t know before. It was a relief to realize that this thought is just a thought floating by…thankyou!

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      Jane, I’m so happy to hear that you could get relief from that stressful thought! Yes, “something in me fears that…” helps us understand that we are hearing a fear from our worried part, not the truth! Wonderful to hear that that helped.

  4. Mary Ann Nickerson 6 years ago

    Thanks Ann, something in me was afraid of the dysfunction of my nervous system when I take a drug prescribed to me for Parkinson’s ,it causes side effects that are painful and it helps other symptoms,too so that part says mylife is over because these symtoms keep me from living a normal life,That part feels emotionally saddened.because I need the drug to help me have more fluid movement.

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      Mary Ann, I’m sad too about the limitations in your life, the compromises you have to make between the drug for you nervous system and the side-effects of that. And I am so glad you have a way to give empathy and compassion to those parts, especially the one that says, “My life is over.” It’s worried that that is true. But it doesn’t know. And you can be with it. Thank you so much for sharing, my heart is with you.

  5. Joan 6 years ago

    Taking your shift course. But right now I am travelling, and something in me is so homesick! It just wants to take the next flight home!

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      And I hope you can give that homesick part of you a big hug!

  6. elisabeth 6 years ago

    This video helps me getting clearer and closer with this “something in me”, that is so afraid of the sort of pain, which frightens me for so long. Thank you so much!

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      Hi Elisabeth – Thanks for commenting! I’m so glad it helped.

  7. Bhavani 6 years ago

    For me, not much physical pain but I feel lot of emotional discomfort physically in the body, And during the exercise I heard the other part say, “what is the point, why get better” accompanied by pictures from life about how things are messed up.

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      How good that you heard that part, Bhavani… and I’m sure you let it know you heard it… and what it was worried about… Maybe that this will go on?

  8. Aviva Disler 6 years ago

    Dear Ann,
    The news for me here, is not being the pain but rather the pain is a part in me, a completely different attitude that brings relief.
    Thank you,

    • Author
      Ann 6 years ago

      Aviva, that does sound like good news! I’m so glad you got relief, that’s so great.

  9. Dimitri 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot, Ann. This is very helpful. I’m having some new symptoms and my doctor sends me to a neurologist for further examination. I’m sensing something in me says things may get a lot worse and this may be only the beginning of some aweful disease. I’m acknowledging the something in me that says things may get a lot worse and that I am not that idea… I will work with that tool the coming hours and days…

  10. Author
    Ann 6 years ago

    Dmitri, I’m sad that you’re going through this challenging time… and also really glad that you now have a way to be with the scared and worried parts of you that can make it all feel much more challenging than it has to. My very best wishes for a good outcome.

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