The One Thing Your Pain Needs Most

Shifting Your Relationship with Pain, Part Four

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  1. Peter 1 year ago

    Hi Anne,

    Thank you for your website and all your free resources. I wonder if you could help to answer my question, as I’m very bewildered at present.

    My system is constantly hyperactivated, usually buzzing and really on edge, and I have an intense contraction in my hip, which seems to be trying to protect me from something, but I just get more and more stressed the more I try and find a felt sense.

    I go into the body, and it’s like I’m simultaneously feeling deeply uncomfortable, but also nothing at all. I have a tendency to over analyse and obsess, and I just end up getting incredibly frustrated and stressed out. Then I try and ‘find’ and ‘be with’ the frustration or the stress, then I worry that I’m not doing it right. Then I try to ‘find’; the part of me which is worried that I’m not doing it right. And on and on.

    It just feels like I’m piling more and more layers on top of each other, but I feel like if I stop trying to connect with my sensations then I’m abandoning myself, which I’ve been told not to do. I’m at a total loss, and just want to find some relief without dissociating.

    Any idea what I should be doing to get unstuck?

    Many thanks


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