March 15 2005

March 15 2005
October 26, 2005 Ann Weiser Cornell

This weekly email newsletter is offered to support your Focusing process. At this very moment… here at your computer… you may want to take a deeper breath, feel your seat on the chair, sense how you are right now. Here and now… that what it’s all about…

Tips for Focusing Alone
This week’s tip for Focusing alone is a reminder that you can remember the support you receive from a Focusing partner, and invite that same energy in when you Focus alone. Take some time to remember your last great session with a partner. Notice how that feels… what you received from that partner… what made it work…

Then ask yourself, how can I bring that same energy into my Focusing alone?

Next week, some specific ideas about how to do that.

Tips for Focusing with a Partner
When you’re the companion with a Focusing partner, don’t forget that it’s not the same as a conversation. One way to help yourself remember this is to never ever ask a question. You are trusting your partner’s process, and you are there to support that. Questions are about YOUR agenda, not theirs!

We have a lot of habits to un-learn… but it’s worth it!


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