May 24 2005

May 24 2005
October 26, 2005 Ann Weiser Cornell

I want to send out a special appreciation to all of you who came to my Book Launch Party last Saturday night. It was so great to see so many people interested in Focusing and community — and The Radical Acceptance of Everything!

Tips for Focusing Alone

One of the wonderful things about Focusing alone is that you have the Focusing process with you whenever you need it. Here’s a little exercise. After you read your mail… or your email… or listen to your voicemail messages… pause for a few minutes and bring your awareness to your body sense. Sometimes there’s an uneasy sense that somewhere in that string of communications, something was off. Follow your feeling until it leads you to what bothered you. Ah, that’s it! When she said…. And then notice how that feels in your body, when you find what it was. You can also go further if you want, and have the time, sensing more deeply into what bothered (something in) you about that.

Tips for Focusing with a Partner

Q: When I’m the Companion, I’m not sure what to do when my partner is silent. Should I help?

A: This is a question that has different answers depending on what Level workshop you’ve taken.

Levels One and Two: The silence belongs to the Focuser. Trust that they are taking the time they need, and your job is to hold the space with Presence.

If your mind wanders during silence, perhaps you have been thinking that your job only starts when the Focuser speaks. But actually, you are offering Presence all the time–and there is a process going on for the Focuser all the time. Whether or not they speak is only a small part of it.

Tip: Imagine with empathy what they might be doing inside in the sile


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