Focusing Tip #648 – “I’m practicing saying Hello to what I feel but it doesn’t work

Focusing Tip #648 – “I’m practicing saying Hello to what I feel but it doesn’t work
March 13, 2019 Ann Weiser Cornell
when saying hello doesn't work

Focusing Tip #648 – “I’m practicing saying Hello to what I feel but it doesn’t work”

What do you do if sensing into your body and saying Hello to what you feel doesn’t work? Read on…

A Reader writes:

I’ve been practicing feeling into the body and saying Hello to what I feel. I do not notice a rapport building with me and my internal self. And I feel like as long as 14 years ago I was saying the same thing. This makes me wonder if I need to show up with a different attitude. What do you think? I feel so resistant and angry and scared much of the time.

Dear Reader:

Yes! I think you are exactly right. It’s not so much the saying Hello that makes this powerful process work, it’s the attitude with which one says it!

So when “you” feel resistant and angry and scared… If it is the “resistant and angry and scared one” who is saying Hello… then it doesn’t feel like a Hello to the other one.

You might try saying, “I am sensing something in me feels resistant… angry… and scared…” If you say it slowly and awarely, you will probably start to feel a connection with the “something in you” that you are talking about.

You might need to repeat this a number of times before your feeling about it starts to change. Just go slowly and keep noticing.

The words alone are not what works. It is the practice of Getting Bigger… of becoming the bigger YOU who is not scared because she is able to BE WITH the scared, resistant one inside with gentle compassion.

This is a practice to build up over time. Even little steps —like “I could do it a little bit” — are to be celebrated. Yay!

Just noticing that it’s hard to do can also be a step! After all, at least you are noticing.

Keep it up… patiently… and yes I totally agree that it is the “place where the Hello comes from” that makes all the difference.


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