6 benefits of self acceptance

Six benefits of increased self-acceptance include:

  1. more confidence
  2. less vulnerability to criticism
  3. making better choices
  4. less emotional reactivity
  5. more self-forgiveness
  6. more capacity to be fully yourself with others

But what is self-acceptance, really? And how do you get more of it?

A lack of self-acceptance can keep you stuck in nearly every area of your life. It impacts your confidence and can prevent you from living a life you love.

When you have high self-acceptance, you’re more resilient. You can accept how you are now which makes it easier to work towards changing the things you want to change (without feeling like you’re broken and need to fix yourself).

Self-acceptance is the act of accepting yourself and all your traits, emotions, and thoughts precisely as they are — whether they are positive or negative.

Accepting yourself is empowering. When you cultivate self-acceptance, you no longer need outside sources of validation. You become confident in who you are and begin to own your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

Inner Relationship Focusing can help you develop the skills and practices that create greater self-acceptance in your life. Students call it “gentle”, “life-changing,” and “powerful.”

If you’d like to bring more self-acceptance into your life, start with our free e-course. Get Bigger Than What’s Bugging You and discover a kinder, more compassionate way to relate to yourself.

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