5 Days of Deals – Happy Holidays From Focusing Resources!

This Year’s Deals

$50 off Focusing & The More
live, online course

$50 off One-to-One Sessions
with Ann Weiser Cornell

$200 off The Year of the Big Shift
year-long on-demand course + live calls

$50 off Self-in-Presence…and Parts
7 module on-demand course

50% off Focusing in Daily Life
on-demand webinars

$20 off Finding Freedom from Inner Critics
21-day on-demand course

$20 off Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Life
21-day on-demand course

Save $50 on Ann’s live, online course, Focusing & The More


Focusing & The More

A 4-week live, online course with Ann Weiser Cornell and Peter Gill to explore how inner awareness can connect you to the spiritual dimension.

Course meets January 24 to February 21, 2022
4 Mondays: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific Time


November 29 – December 3: $150
Save $50 on Full Price: $200


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When life gets hard, you need your sense of something larger even more…

There are times when life can feel impossible. Too many challenges, too much struggle. In those moments, trusting you can lean into the larger system becomes even more precious. Knowing you’re supported by a vast web of interconnection helps you survive some of the hardest times in life.

Gene Gendlin said, “Your physically felt body is in fact part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people–in fact, the whole universe.” He was pointing to that sense of feeling supported by something much more vast than just yourself.

There is a way to consistently tune into a vast presence in your life.

It starts with learning to trust the deep inner knowing in your body, the “inner sense of rightness” that’s built into all living beings from before birth. By trusting and following the knowing within, you can open up to experiences of being held and cared about by what is larger than yourself. These experiences have a universal quality and yet they are also unique to you.

If you’d like to discover how the larger system supports you, join me for Focusing & The More and develop an embodied process for tapping into resources that support you in creating more presence, empowerment, and confidence in your life.


Save $50 on Each Session with Ann


One-to-One Focusing Sessions

Guided Sessions with Ann Weiser Cornell

November 29 – December 3 Only: $175 each
Regular Price: $225

Option to buy will appear here November 29th

Stock up on 50-minute guided Focusing sessions with Ann Weiser Cornell (available for anyone, as many as you like).

Would you like a guided Focusing session with Ann? Or two or three…or more? In a one-to-one session, Ann will guide you through Focusing. You don’t have to know how to do the process – she’ll take you through it, with respectful and compassionate suggestions.
You can use your sessions to work on releasing a block, sift through a decision, or change your relationship with an inner critic… or any of the other emotional explorations that Focusing is good for.

You don’t have to schedule your sessions today, just pay for them. And your payments are refundable later if you don’t use your sessions.


Ann's Favorite

$200 off The Year of the Big Shift On-Demand Course with 12 Live Calls


The Year of the Big Shift

Video Based, on-Demand Course + 12 Live Calls
with Ann Weiser Cornell


November 29 – December 3 Only: $547 or 4 payments of $150.50
Regular Price: $747


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Do you long to reinvent yourself in this changed world?

Has life thrown you some big curves so you’re not sure of your direction any more? Or you still know your direction—but you’re not sure how to get there?

You can find your inner sense of what’s right for you and forge a new way forward – one that fits both who you are and the changes you’re facing.

It might feel like your life dreams are on hold indefinitely. But actually, what you want to create for your life could be closer than you think.

That’s because times of change and uncertainty also hold opportunity…and that often doesn’t mean following a conventional road of achievement and goals, but rather finding a unique way to express who you are.

The Year of the Big Shift isn’t about a big goal. It’s about a big shift. A big shift in your inner sense of who you are and how you show up in the world. This could be exactly the right time to reinvent yourself and step into the life you were born for.

You can create real and lasting change when you discover true clarity about what you really want, learn how to move forward beyond your previous limits, develop the capacity to ask for and receive help, tap into your energy and momentum by turning fears and anxieties into skills and strengths, recognize your own rhythms of rest and regeneration, and discover how to stay in touch with your larger vision for your life.

We’ll cover all that and more in The Year of the Big Shift.

$50 off the Self-in-Presence…and Parts On-Demand Course  


Self-in-Presence…and Parts

A 7-week on-demand course with Ann Weiser Cornell
for being calm and steady no matter what.


November 29 – December 3: $197
Save $50 on Full Price: $247


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Do you find yourself reacting – and over-reacting – to the daily stresses of life?

It’s hard to move forward when you lose your capacity to roll with the punches and come back to center. Yet, there is a way to recover your inner resources and face life with “a full tank.”

Cultivating Self-in-Presence is perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep you safe, strong, and on track when dealing with inner and outer conflict. Self-in-Presence is quite simply the ability to be bigger than what life throws at you

When you cultivate Self-in-Presence, you have a way to handle and feel at ease with:
the big and little stresses of life; your emotional states like anxiety or anger; other people… no matter what state of stress they’re in; your own needs for rest, self-care, creativity, and more.

Join me and learn a series of resource-building practices you can use to feel more resilient no matter what comes your way.


$20 off our 21-day on-demand course, Finding Freedom from Inner Critics  


Finding Freedom from Inner Critics

A 21-day on-demand course with Ann Weiser Cornell
to help you move forward with more confidence, peace, and self-compassion.


November 29 – December 3: $77
Save $20 on Full Price: $97


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Being kind to yourself might not come easy for you…

Learn a loving, life-enhancing way to change how you experience Parts that criticize you. Join me for Finding Freedom From Your Inner Critics. Every day, for 21 days, you’ll get practices designed to support you in releasing old habits of self-criticism while developing self-compassion skills.


$20 off our 21 Days to Healthier Boundaries On-Demand Course  


21 Days to Healthier Boundaries

An on-demand course with Ann Weiser Cornell
to help you finally set boundaries you can feel good about.
Also available: ebook version of the course
Same content as the on-demand course provided as a beautiful/downloadable PDF


November 29 – December 3: $77 – $88
Save $20 on Full Price: $97 – $108

Do you find it hard to set healthy boundaries?

I’ve seen so many people (including myself) have difficulty setting good, clear boundaries. And I’ve seen lives transform when people are finally able to state their needs with clarity and compassion.

Having good boundaries is a practice. No matter how challenging healthy boundaries might feel today… you can get practical help that brings immediate relief.

Join me for Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Life and every day, for 21 days, you’ll get practices designed to help you identify healthy boundaries and develop the skills to set them with kindness and clarity.


50% off any (and all!) Focusing in Daily Life webinars


Focusing in Daily Life

A series of 90 minute brief seminars
with Ann Weiser Cornell

November 29 – December 3: $19.50 each
Save 50% Full Price: $39

Are there areas of your life that could work better?

The Focusing in Daily Life series was designed to help you make small shifts that make a big difference. In just 90 minutes, we’ll cover a lot of ground — emotionally, intellectually, and in awareness (bringing attention to how you experience life). From anger to anxiety, from loneliness to perfectionism, get tips and insights to help you change your relationship with yourself for the better… shop the full list of of webinars below.

Click Here to Shop All of the Focusing in Daily Life Webinars

Got Questions? We’ve Got Your Answers…

Are there payment plan options?

Our Year of the Big Shift program offers the option to pay the full course fee or pay in four installments (includes $55 processing fee).

Our Self-in-Presence… and Parts course offers the option to pay in full or in two installments (includes $5 processing fee).

There are not payment plan options for the other sale items.

What's the refund/return policy?

Courses: Our courses come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you let us know within one year after you purchase the course that we didn’t deliver what we said we would, just ask and we’ll cheerfully refund the full course fee.

Sessions: Unused sessions are fully refundable, just email Allison.

Products: If you are not satisfied that our products offers what we said they would, just let us know, and you’ll receive a full refund.

What happens after I make a purchase?

When you purchase a course with us, you’ll be redirected to an online course platform called Ruzuku. You’ll be prompted to create an account in Ruzuku (if you don’t already have one) so that you have access to your course materials and information.

When you purchase a Session with Ann, After purchasing your session(s), you’ll receive a receipt via email with instructions on how to schedule your session(s). The booking instructions also display on your confirmation page at checkout, in case you’d like to schedule your session(s) right away.

Your session(s) don’t expire, so feel free to schedule them anytime.

Focusing has done wonders for countless people who want to move their life forward from stuck places.

Psst. A note from Ann about another reason we’re offering this sale:

I might not have told you this before, but I have a pretty awesome team who work hard all year and this sale helps me give them the holiday bonuses they deserve!