The Focusing Student’s & Companion’s Manual, Part Two

The Focusing Student’s & Companion’s Manual, Part Two

The Focusing Student’s & Companion’s Manual, Part Two


by Ann Weiser Cornell & Barbara McGavin

This extensive and in-depth manual offers support for learning Focusing and Focusing partnership. Part Two of our popular manual goes deeper into Focusing and being a Companion, exploring some of the more subtle and challenging aspects of the process, including what has traditionally been called ‘guiding,’ now renamed Reminding.

The Exercise Sheets are a set of full-size pages (in PDF format) that include exercises, useful phrases and key Focusing principles.

The Focusing Student’s and Companion’s Manual Part Two is designed to accompany intermediate Focusing courses such as Focusing Level Three, Focusing Level Four, or “Path Part Two” (IRF Part Two).

The Focusing Student’s and Companion’s Manual Part One is designed to accompany introductory Focusing courses such as Focusing Level One, Focusing Level Two, or “Path Part One” (IRF Part One).

140 pages plus Appendix & Index, spiral bound to lie flat or PDF (digital download file, 24.7 MB).

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Student Manual Content:

  • Seven: Going Deeper – Alternatives and troubleshooting tips for every stage of the process
  • Eight: The Path of the Companion – subtle and powerful additions to the Focusing partner’s repertoire
  • Nine: A Reminder or Two – How and when to offer “reminders” to the Focuser
  • Ten: Presence and Partiality – Merging and exiling aspects of the self, critical reactions, two or more parts in conflict

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Manual de Focusing Para el Estudiante y el Compañero – Parte Dos

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Handleiding bij het leren focussen en begeleiden deel 2



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