How to Release a Block to Receiving Inner Guidance

How to Release a Block to Receiving Inner Guidance
August 5, 2015 Ann Weiser Cornell

Focusing Tip #474

“I feel that the main problem is a flat refusal to hear and obey my inner voice.”

Maria writes:
Some weeks ago I listened to your audio recording about blocks in action. My question is regarding my special block on inner guidance. I got a lot of relief with a serious long-lasting block about writing, but I feel that the main problem is a flat refusal to hear and obey my inner voice. I don’t know what can I do to transform that, as I’m sure that affects many aspects of my life, generating sadness and pain. I have accepted it, invited it to show itself… so far that hasn’t helped.

Dear Maria:
So let’s start by saying that “something in you” refuses to hear and obey your inner voice. Does that sound right?

And now let’s pause and see if we can feel the presence of another part. The word “obey” is our clue… something wants to be obeyed.

In the inner world, like the outer world, the demand for obedience is usually met with resistance. We don’t want to be forced… and neither do our parts!

My friend Helene Brenner has written a great book about listening to the inner voice. Not once in that book does she talk about “obeying” it.

Helene says: “Your inner voice is the wisdom of your entire self as it makes itself known to you. It expresses itself in many ways; as impulses, as urges, as body feelings, as a sense of knowing what you need and what to do, as a deep desire, and sometimes as a wisdom that can seem to come from beyond your physical body. Your inner voice directs you toward greater fulfillment in your life the way a flower turns toward the sun.”

That doesn’t sound like “obeying” to me!

If you have a voice in you that insists on being obeyed, I suspect it may be our old friend the inner critic, terrified that you won’t do something that it believes will help you. And you can turn toward it… and invite it to let you know what it’s so worried about.

When there’s no longer a part of you anxious to be obeyed, I doubt if there will be something resisting any longer.



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